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  • posted Anyone else who pre-ordered the deluxe version of Lovemore having issues, specifically with not having a Citizenship card available in your inventory, and requiring you to pay again?
  • posted its literally been almost two years since my last post on here and my probably my last login hows everyone doing :D

    but man can't believe its been so long since I first came to the freedomwall, time flies
  • posted hows the game coming
  • posted please share passcode
  • posted Quick Favor?
  • posted Thanks a lot for all the ideas sent to me about the financials. I am trying to send this remake project idea to some adult game developers (a lot of them do not have direct contacts however). If you know someone please let me know thanks!
    • SimMan Thanks a lot for all the information !!
    • IKAros you could go to the f95zone discord server or the dev hub discord server. It's a renpy porn game scene but you will find alot of developers there. especially on dev hub that place is like a hangout for renpy porn devs.
    • LegendaryPlumber You're amazing man; really an inspiration. :) I and many others appreciate your hardwork and dedication to the games and fans.

      Here's a tribute to you my art.
  • posted playing version 6.6, can't log in the social network with the right password ;w; anybody having same issue?
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  • posted I have a plan to Porting games from FLASH to grgr , abd the entire plan could take until the spring to complete。
    By the way,DOTA2 Ti9's only designated champion is LGD!!!!!
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  • posted After playing the full version of SIMGirls, I really want to make a trip to memory lane and play the first version of SIMGirls I played, namely the 5.25 Beta version.

    With, I've found the 5.22 and 5.27 version of the game, but it can't seem to find the 5.25 version (although the wayback machine did find the sites hosting it, the swf file was not found).

    Does someone know if there is a possibility to get this old version? Thanks in advance!
  • posted I've tried on both versions of Simgirls (v6.6 and v7.0) in attempts to get the "Two Weeks Miss Fukoma Ending" in which I have managed to become Lovers on Day 15 and with 100 H-Points however after signing into the blackspears Social Network, I have only managed to see the "Interview Video" with Tomoko.

    Is that the intended ending for the "Two Weeks Miss Fukoma Ending" or is there something that I am missing?

    It is to be noted that the event of Tomoko's birthday occurs on Day 17 instead of Day 16 but I've tried logging into both Day 16 and Day 17 after "Not following her" on Day 17, but all I have received was the event of a "TV Interview".

    Is there something I am missing?
    • Robin When in doubt about the possible endings, you should always talk to Ami.
      Choose "Ask" and then read both the "Hidden scenes" and "Endings". They give you all the requirements you need.

      In the versions you mentioned, there is an ending at Day 30 (Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days) and there is a hidden scene at Day 17 (for which you have to be a close friend, have 200 charm and 2000 dollars).

      The "Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days" might be the old "Get Ms. Fukoma in 2 weeks". It might have been made easier. The requirements seem very similar at least, but to be honest I don't remember the ending of "Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days" so I cannot say for sure.

      Either way, in the versions you've mentioned there is no longer an ending to "Get Ms. Fukoma in 2 weeks". I think I got the ending in v5.5 if I'm not mistaken.
    • Kai Nothing came out from logging into the social network after letting her go on Day 17 (it is supposedly Day 16 but for v6.6 and 7.0 her birthday triggers on Day 17)
      [24830,SimMan] could it be because that the v6.6 and v.7.0 do not contain the endings?

      If that is the case then its not possible to play anything between from v 5.5 onwards till v6.6 as there are no swf I can find online.
    • Kai [25669,Robin] could you please verify if I have met the conditions?
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  • posted "Steam have monopoly" yeach riiiiiiighhhht
  • posted Some said they want the PC version instead. It is now on Steam, launch discount: 40% off

    More polished and more contents than the old free version. Worth the dollar! Please help to save Rosebery.
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  • posted Hello everyone, I am very sorry to bring some bad news.

    The business is struggling and I don't have enough money to pay the team to keep the Rosebery game development going.

    I tried very hard to find some solutions, including selling College RPG on google play and soon on steam, while working on other jobs to keep up with the bills.

    Make no mistake, I still want to make this game happen so bad.

    I am contacting some adult game developers and see if they can somehow help with the project, and I am open to all kind of options.

    If all things failed at the end, I will definitely compensate all the backers of Rosebery.

    Once again, I am very sorry for the disappointment. I will try my best to find the right solution to this. If you happen to know someone in this field, please kindly send me a message. Thank you very much.

    Have a good night.