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  • posted New ad banners on the right. I think somehow people don't know that there is a NEW VN game.
    This time there are a lot more Hentai content, and you don't have to do the grinding again, assuming that you've finished the first game. Just enjoy the story!

    Here's the game link:
    • SimMan Yes no worry. I won't use any of your artworks.
    • (deleted) This is unrelated, but may I please ask you to not use any of my artwork even if you credit me? I know I told you last year it's okay to use my drawings if you credit me or whatever but lately, I've been struggling a lot with anxiety and so, I want to take a break from social media. Therefor, I really don't want to become a public figure for now. Specially since I am afraid people in my day to day life will figure out I was the one who drew these pin ups. Is this okay?
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  • posted SJW never be happy AND steam gets better and better (*wipers*....screw you Epic store....)
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    • Rasheed Good seeing you too, I have been on and off in recent years due to my personal lifestyle.

      I can relate because I have actually been cheated on when I was 18. Back then, I took revenge by sleeping with another chick but this doesn't help. Trust me. And it's immature. The best thing I did was distract myself and do activities I enjoy doing and let time heal my wounded heart. Remember I said, "wounded" not, "broken", wounded things heal with time and sometimes care. Of course, this doesn't dissolve over night. Just always remember that, "If it was ruined it, it was never meant to be."
    • Ebony it depends.
      1. if its a first i say go see someone to work things out (but keep your eyes open and make sure if she calls you out on it to bring this up and tell her she would as well).
      2. if its been happening awhile then just leave and if she tries to contact you then tell her why and move one.
      3. if it was with many people, has lies to your face ,or if your about to get married. i say hire a private investigator (a MUST with this option) to get proof and annul the thing and boot her out (if the house is yours) and if she tries to sue you then you got the best silver bullet in the world.
      Now these are 3 of the things i would consider but right off the bat (that doesn't involve me going to jail)
    • Robin To me being able to forgive a person depends on the reason for cheating, but taking revenge never solves anything. If the person cheats just because he or she didn't care enough about you then he/she isn't even worth the time it costs to take revenge. Don't give that much control over your actions to another person, I'd just move on.
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  • posted Hey everyone I'm extremely new here and was just wondering what the state of the game is right now for SG 8.0. I've been looking around and saw some discussion on it along with some art. I haven't played since 4 something I think and I'd love to get back into it. information on how to play 7.0 isn't the most accurate anymore, or direct. Is it now bundled in another game or is there a standalone for it? I know (consulting this thread: that it WAS at some point (and may still be I guess) unlocked through lovemore?

    Any clarification would be fantastic.
    • SimMan Hey there it was a thank you gift to those who ordered Lovemore early. That's why it was removed from public for a long while. Having that said as long as Lovemore players ask I will send them a copy. Find the game at Pm me your email ID when you are ready.
  • posted Here's my feedback for Simgirls vn - the hentai ending. A bit of spoilers!

    Thank you for making it like a visual novel and no need for stats grinding. I would suggest adding more hidden bonuses for people who do want to play the game, maybe for the first time.

    I enjoyed the story a lot (especially the epic catfight between ahem...) it can go weird at times but I think it is done on purpose. I like how you indicate the scenes from the past with an icon, because the time travel can get a bit confusing. Of course I also want to have more sex scenes like 3P, lesbian scenes, bdsm etc. I guess those can be happened in the next chapter?

    I also found some easter eggs here and there. Long-time fans like me will definitely smile, when they talk about something like a sim-relationship, power level or the scouter etc. I also like to see more of the two new characters. I won't give out the details here but they are pretty cool IMO.

    Thank you for making the sexy H game again ^^ It is the direction I want to see.
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  • posted Play the game now:

    The first cover is not working well on small format like thumbnails. Here's the final one.
    • Robin I've just replayed Simgirls VN this weekend and I just wanted to say I actually really love this darker style and also the manga drawing style of the cutscenes :)
  • posted Ok I spent the weekend going through the latest game Simgirls Vn The hentai ending. In short, I want to say: give me more! Here's a review.


    This is said to be a visual novel and the story is picking up from the bad ending of the last game. You're still playing as Tomoko, but now the time is two months later, which is in November. You no longer need to worry about level ups this time and you just need to follow the reminder app on your phone to see almost all scenes (except one bonus that I'll talk about later), so gameplay is mostly irrelevant here.

    Now the story! You've seen most if not all of the elements before, sci-fi DNA modification and time travelling, checked; a crazy villain who wants to destroy humanity, checked; nasty catfights, checked; love affairs and school dramas, checked; porn sex, checked. I've seen everything before, but somehow SimMan managed to pull them together in one short story nicely. When it comes to time travel some plot holes are almost inevitable, but at least when I went through the game I didn't find anything alarmingly non-sense or logic defying. Great job!

    Now the sex scenes! SimMan used a lot more close ups of sex organs comparing to his previous works, both male and female! This is NOT a complain. Trust me. The scenes are hot, sexy, naughty and they are detailed. At the end my only complain is: I want more!

    I won't talk much about all the old characters. It's like talking to good old friends to me. I am happy that SimMan gave more time to the supporting cast like Mako, her brother, and Junta's friends. In some way this game almost feels like season two of a TV series. I also found the two new characters Rinta and Sumiko very interesting and would love to see more of their stories.

    Bonus scene: there is only one as far as I know. See My Goals app for details. Basically you just need to score the highest bond level with Junta before the last scene, which is on the 21st, Tomoko's birthday, not the end of month. It's pretty easy if you take advantage of the free points rewarded when you chose the "correct" answers in many scenes.

    All in all I find this highly entertaining. It's a fun ride. I am not sure if SimMan is planning to explore this series ever again, but I would definitely love to see Simgirls Vn episode three!
  • posted Getting to the Top 3 quickly. Thanks very much for playing the game!

    Again the story is just Politically Wrong on all levels so it may piss off some people. It is called The Hentai Ending for a reason.

    Play Now:
  • posted Finally here we go:

    Mainly a visual novel, picking up from the Bad Ending of the last game. No more grinding required. Have fun!

    Warning! The game is Dark, Insane and Politically Wrong. It's not made to spread the so-called right message.