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  • posted Primero (becoming a boss in Rosebery)
    • kotomifan So would Primero be the player's RIVAL, opponent, or obstacle in SG8/ Rosebery? Or would the player, AS Primero, become a boss and look like this, sometime during the game?
  • posted People are asking so I am trying to clarify.

    I am supposed to be working on the story of Rosebery and a visual representation working as a storyboard can be seen here:

    Usually the story just comes to me naturally. Now I am experiencing writer's block. Other than doing nothing I made Simgirls VN, a visual novel game for the fans. Play it for free here:

    And then now I am working on Simgirls Gold version 8.0. Some updates are here:

    Finally, in the last couple days I just did some random things as I think some randomness may help.Thank you so much for all your support.
    • SimMan [157018,MenXi] I am working on it. TBA. [167435,Binary_Fairy] Thank you much for support and understanding. [50409,kotomifan] I agree. Story, story, story. Absolutely more Kotomi and Sana. I am also taking this opportunity to streamline the SG Gold game system. Too many patches and add-ons all these years.
    • kotomifan What I would love to see is more story and more graphics for Kotomi (!), Sana, Akira, even Mako and the charm girl. Or the college girls, or the Lovemore ladies. I think story is the strength of the games, more so than boxing, swimming, or cycling. You may even port those to mobile or HTML5 codes someday. And you know me- if you want any half baked story ideas, I'm the guy.
    • kotomifan Personally, I like the VN format. If you're trying to build a story based on decisions, focus on the story. Build multiple challenging, but ultimately satisfying paths to glory, and some pitfalls to keep it interesting.
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