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  • posted Here's my guide to Simgirls VN2, reposted from Newgrounds. I maxed Tomoko's stats on Day 15. I focus on increasing her stats first (Career, Body, Accessories, Beauty - in this order), keeping her mood just high enough to do what I want, until Day 16.
    It's important to know that there is no upper limit to Tomoko's MOOD, and no upper limit to her AP during the day. If you get more mini games than I did, you might finish earlier.

    Day 2-4
    I work on Tomoko's Breasts (since they take AP, but does not affect her MOOD), reaching Grade D on Day 3. I max Tomoko's Breasts on Day 4, and start working on Tomoko's Legs.

    Day 5
    I almost max Tomoko's Legs, reaching Grade C. Tomoko can start dating on Day 6. To keep her MOOD up, I take Tomoko to the Bathroom for -10 AP each time, increasing the chance of triggering a Mini-Game for an easy 20k, which I use to buy AP.

    Day 6-11
    I take Tomoko's CAREER dates to the Lagoon, Classroom, Gym, and SimTower Office, and max her CAREER stats (Luck, Intel, Talent, and Fame). I reach Grade A, with a score of 5026.

    Day 12
    I have Tomoko date Junta exclusively from now on.

    Day 12-14
    I start on Tomoko's Face, maxing it on Day 14. I finish Tomoko's Legs, and reach Grade AA, with a score of 6055.

    Day 15
    I start Enjo-Kosai, which pays 30,275¥ at this point. I keep Tomoko's AP and MOOD to at least 60 each, so I can finish Tomoko's BODY (Hips and Curves) while still earning money. I reach AAA with a score of 7035. Then I start accepting ALL STATS jobs (which pays 21,115¥ at this point), and Tomoko takes her first dip into Venus Lagoon (with Junta).

    Now I work on and max Tomoko's Skin, since it takes only 30 AP and 2,000¥, and only goes up to 500. Tomoko is earning 40,125¥ from each Enjo-Kosai, and 24,075¥ from ALL STATS jobs. I keep Tomoko's MOOD and AP to a minimum of 180 each, so I can keep earning money while buying ACCESSORIES.

    Before I finish buying ACCESSORIES from Grand Gorgeous 21, Tomoko shoots up to SSS, with a score of 10,025. I finish the rest of Tomoko's stats, take a trip up to the Penthouse to get the last card, and finally end Day 15 with a score of 12,494.

    Day 16 - 30
    Don't need to grind anymore. So Tomoko takes Junta to Venus Lagoon twice a day and does Enjo-Kosai once a day (which now pays 62,470¥). I had Tomoko dating Junta exclusively after filling CAREER stats, so her RELATIONSHIP with him (19,250) is easily high enough to beat her competition.
  • posted Flash is officially disabled from most web browsers. Simgirls VN1 and VN2 are the very last flash games I made.
  • posted please share passcode
  • posted playing version 6.6, can't log in the social network with the right password ;w; anybody having same issue?
  • posted I have a plan to Porting games from FLASH to grgr , abd the entire plan could take until the spring to complete。
    By the way,DOTA2 Ti9's only designated champion is LGD!!!!!
  • posted After playing the full version of SIMGirls, I really want to make a trip to memory lane and play the first version of SIMGirls I played, namely the 5.25 Beta version.

    With, I've found the 5.22 and 5.27 version of the game, but it can't seem to find the 5.25 version (although the wayback machine did find the sites hosting it, the swf file was not found).

    Does someone know if there is a possibility to get this old version? Thanks in advance!
  • posted I've tried on both versions of Simgirls (v6.6 and v7.0) in attempts to get the "Two Weeks Miss Fukoma Ending" in which I have managed to become Lovers on Day 15 and with 100 H-Points however after signing into the blackspears Social Network, I have only managed to see the "Interview Video" with Tomoko.

    Is that the intended ending for the "Two Weeks Miss Fukoma Ending" or is there something that I am missing?

    It is to be noted that the event of Tomoko's birthday occurs on Day 17 instead of Day 16 but I've tried logging into both Day 16 and Day 17 after "Not following her" on Day 17, but all I have received was the event of a "TV Interview".

    Is there something I am missing?
    • Robin When in doubt about the possible endings, you should always talk to Ami.
      Choose "Ask" and then read both the "Hidden scenes" and "Endings". They give you all the requirements you need.

      In the versions you mentioned, there is an ending at Day 30 (Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days) and there is a hidden scene at Day 17 (for which you have to be a close friend, have 200 charm and 2000 dollars).

      The "Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days" might be the old "Get Ms. Fukoma in 2 weeks". It might have been made easier. The requirements seem very similar at least, but to be honest I don't remember the ending of "Get Ms. Fukoma in 30 days" so I cannot say for sure.

      Either way, in the versions you've mentioned there is no longer an ending to "Get Ms. Fukoma in 2 weeks". I think I got the ending in v5.5 if I'm not mistaken.
    • Kai Nothing came out from logging into the social network after letting her go on Day 17 (it is supposedly Day 16 but for v6.6 and 7.0 her birthday triggers on Day 17)
      [24830,SimMan] could it be because that the v6.6 and v.7.0 do not contain the endings?

      If that is the case then its not possible to play anything between from v 5.5 onwards till v6.6 as there are no swf I can find online.
    • Kai [25669,Robin] could you please verify if I have met the conditions?
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  • posted I just beat Simgirls College RPG on mobile and I couldn't find the secret passcode to the painting on the wall. What's the passcode? And when is Rosebery getting released btw? Thanks.
  • posted Just played Sim Girls 7.0 for the first time and wow the game is loaded and difficult. I remember way way back when the the game was so simple and even then it was amazing. Not sure what i am really trying to convey but good job Sim man. Ps its been three days and no Lovemore code ... I need to binge.
  • posted So how do i find the link or download for simgirls gold the 7.0 versiion. I searched the site but cant find anything. The only version i can find is 6.6 on most sites.
    • kenshi92 This link worked for me
  • posted Give me SG8.0 Please!(✺ω✺)~~~~~~
  • posted Many are asking about Simgirls Dark Grey. It turns into two VN games. VN1 and VN2.

    Simgirls VN1

    Simgirls VN2: The Hentai's Ending (A lot of hardcore actions!)
  • posted Quick question: should I buy something to get the last version of SG (I mean v0.7 - GOLD)? Or even do I need to buy the game itself?
  • posted Still working on many things.

    Again Simgirls VN 2 is out. It is Chapter 2, not the first one.

    Also did a small update on the catfight scene. Extended fight.

    Game link:
  • posted when is Roseberry :/
  • posted 2 questions.
    1) whats the best way to launch the sim77 file?
    2) any estimated release on the remake? As close to accurate as you could guess right now. I would like to back it but I don't want to do it too far away from release.
  • posted what is the simgirls remak project
  • posted What's the social network password?
  • posted New ad banners on the right. I think somehow people don't know that there is a NEW VN game.
    This time there are a lot more Hentai content, and you don't have to do the grinding again, assuming that you've finished the first game. Just enjoy the story!

    Here's the game link:
    • Robin Yeah, I didn't realize there were 2 VN games at first as well. Only discovered last weekend, there was a whole VN game I hadn't played yet :)
    • SimMan Yes no worry. I won't use any of your artworks.
    • (deleted) This is unrelated, but may I please ask you to not use any of my artwork even if you credit me? I know I told you last year it's okay to use my drawings if you credit me or whatever but lately, I've been struggling a lot with anxiety and so, I want to take a break from social media. Therefor, I really don't want to become a public figure for now. Specially since I am afraid people in my day to day life will figure out I was the one who drew these pin ups. Is this okay?
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  • posted