Meet Spawn, on the original X-Box
As a child I owned many game consoles and hand systems. All but a few have been sold. I decided to dig the X-Box out and pop in Spawn: Armageddon. Even my TV is old, has the option to switch between VHS and DVD.

Here is a list of all the systems I own or once owned.

Original GameBoy: Owned 2. Sold both.
GameBoy Color: Sold
GameBoy Advance: Sold
GameBoy Advance SP: Sold
Nintendo DS: Sold
PSP: Sold, bought upgraded version (Still own upgrade)

SNES: Games sold, still own system
Original PlayStation: Sold
Nintendo 64: Still own, sold some games
Original X-Box: Still own, sold some games
GameCube: Sold
Nintendo Wii U: Still own
  • Rasheed Own: Xbox 360

    That's it sadly.

    Owned: GameCube, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Game Boy: Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS,
  • Spartan I own: XboX (orginal) X360 (slim), XOne (s) PSP (fat) PC (medium class)
    Played on (but don`t have now): PS1-3 Nintedo 64, Wii, PSP Vita, gameboy