Video Games

  • "How did you treat the body?"
    Replaying a game I haven't played in years. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a cleaning simulator. I discovered a paperwork feature which lets you do more after cleaning. It lets you describe your work, how many bodies, what you think happened, etc. Each corpse has a PDA to upload and you have to fill out how they died and how you treated them. When I saw the very last box I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life.
  • 47 in Hokkaido
    The ultimate sandbox mission. The last level for Season One and possibly the best. You start with nothing, no equipment, no resources, everything must be improvised.
  • 47 in Bangkok
    It's been over a year since I've played the latest Hitman game. The remaining 3 episodes have been released and I practically forgot how to play. Started right up in the new level and I must say, atmosphere is everything.

    While IO Interactive says Season 2 is coming they are also saying that a whole new Hitman game is in the works which will be talked about next year.
  • Killing Floor 2 - Kills and Gore
    A personal play of a round from KF2.
  • Meet Spawn, on the original X-Box
    As a child I owned many game consoles and hand systems. All but a few have been sold. I decided to dig the X-Box out and pop in Spawn: Armageddon. Even my TV is old, has the option to switch between VHS and DVD.

    Here is a list of all the systems I own or once owned.

    Original GameBoy: Owned 2. Sold both.
    GameBoy Color: Sold
    GameBoy Advance: Sold
    GameBoy Advance SP: Sold
    Nintendo DS: Sold
    PSP: Sold, bought upgraded version (Still own upgrade)

    SNES: Games sold, still own system
    Original PlayStation: Sold
    Nintendo 64: Still own, sold some games
    Original X-Box: Still own, sold some games
    GameCube: Sold
    Nintendo Wii U: Still own
    • Rasheed Own: Xbox 360

      That's it sadly.

      Owned: GameCube, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Game Boy: Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS,
    • Spartan I own: XboX (orginal) X360 (slim), XOne (s) PSP (fat) PC (medium class)
      Played on (but don`t have now): PS1-3 Nintedo 64, Wii, PSP Vita, gameboy
  • Jerk Headcrab
    • Keiryu I never really understood the hype people have with Half-Life. I never really got into it. I guess the fact that i don't care much for most shooters in general does not help either. I mean. I am the type of guy that rushes with a knife drawn at a sniper in Counter Strike.
    • Robin What game is this? Looks fun :)
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  • Capture Devi- oh shit
    From Besiege, not mine.

  • A taste of Brutal Doom (Personal Gameplay)
    Personal recorded gameplay of Brutal DOOM 2: Hell on Earth. A free game that remakes Doom 2 with new maps, music, features and other things. I decided to play on Realism mode, the hardest difficulty. One blast of an Imp's fireball is an instant kill.
  • Anyone have a mop?
    Brutal DOOM 2: Hell on Earth.
    This is a free complete game that recreates Doom 2 with new user made levels. New difficulty features, new features in general and kick ass music. The best part is that you need nothing to play, everything you need is included right in the download.

  • Personal Game Favorites: Hatred
    The (fixed) Official Trailer for Hatred.

    Hatred was first announced to the internet late 2014. It exploded in a mixed shower of praise and severe criticism for its violent nature and gruesome executions. The original trailer gained over 1 million views and over 10,000 dislikes. The trailer was removed a couple of weeks later due to the NYPD not wanting their Shield in the game and Unreal wanted their name left out. The trailer was re-uploaded with NYPD and Unreal logo censored out.

    Hatred was launched on to Steam's Greenlight and made it to number one on the charts quickly before being removed. An investigation was launched by Gabe and put back onto Greenlight, Gabe also sent the company a personal apology. When going to ESRB for rating, Hatred received an AO (Adults Only) rating for the nature of the game. AO is usually reserved for games with full nudity and or sexual activities. Only 2 other games (that I know of) have received an AO rating for violence alone.
    1: Thrill Kill for the Playstation which was canceled before release but "leaked" online to play on emulators.
    2: Manhunt 2, a game based on executions. It received critical backlash by soccer moms and Rockstar "censored" the cutscenes watering the game down to an M rating. The AO version can still be bought on Amazon's digital download store.

    Hatred was released June 2015 and received mostly negative reviews by both critics and players, however it is well received on Steam. The whole idea of Hatred was built upon controversy and many players were disappointed that the game did not push the envelope far enough and felt watered down compared to what it could of been. After release it received a free update which gave players a new game
    mode, Survival, 3 new characters, new difficulties and new side missions.

    As someone who has been playing shooter games since the age of 5, I do enjoy Hatred, but not just for the game but because of what it achieved. It was not afraid to show violence, it pushed the boundaries of what people will allow in games and it was the first game with an AO rating to be released on Steam. It also has references to another controversial game, Postal.

    It also was fun to watch the development of the game unfold, from fake Facebook pages being created to look like the developers were Neo-Nazis to getting banned in countries, Germany and Australia (obviously) to the developers photoshopping themselves over news footage saying the game was on hold due to the CEO being arrested for violating their countries "peace" rules. Also a great company that listened to what people wanted and asked players for ideas, many which were implemented into the game, mainly achievement names.

    Personal Rating: 5 out of 5
    Developer: Destructive Creations

  • GTA V release on PC
  • My first game/level: The Horror in the Hills
    This was made with GameGuru, which is on Steam for $19.99. It is in Early Access and still in development. This is the first game maker I've ever used in my life, so it's going to be bad. Don't expect too much (if anything) and you should (I hope) have a bit of dumb fun. Don't forget to view the "Read Me!" file. This should last you around five minutes, give or take. Expect HEAVY lag, like 2 FPS lag if you are running any other program when running this.

    Download (239MB)

    • Robin You had me at dumb fun :)

      Personally I've never enjoyed actually playing games I created myself. It kind of takes all the surprises away.
    • Chriskris I always wanted to try to make a game. For me a RPG Game.
      If you ever want to make a RPG game and wants to recruit some ppl.
      Count me in. XD

      But I have to learn how this program gonna work too.
    • Keiryu If this is your first game why did you start with a 3D game right from the beginning. I mean don't get me wrong it seems interessting and i am going to try it out...But stil why not start with an easier game maker like RPG Maker or something similiar.
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  • Meanwhile in Sims
  • Scumbag Lee
    Seems about right.
  • Kennintine
    • Robin Haha, so that's what it would've looked like if Duck had ever got together with Clementine :p

      Awesome and pretty unique game though. One of my favourites :)
    • Keiryu this is so wrog and yet i am still laughing my a** of.