Hole in the chest (In game effects test)
Using in game effects to see the result.
  • Robin Which game?
    • Fear57 Garry's Mod.

      Custom map. Max Payne 2 player model with Max Payne 2 Mona model. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Umbrella Mercenary model and custom Half-Life 2 citizen in suit model. Weapons are from Max Payne 2, R.E.: Operation Raccoon City and the revolver is from a custom made weapons pack.

      Muzzle flash is cut from weapon firing from R.E.: Operation Raccoon City. The blood on the shirt is from Half-Life 2, the exit wound is from Max Payne 3 and the blood pool, splatter and effects are custom made from a gore pack.

      Inspiration was from the Max Payne 2 OST.