QUESTION:Should i change my picture
So i have been using my picture for quite some time(since the day i created my account.) and i was thinking should i change it to this one i like both but i am not sure which one do you think should i chose?

PS: for those of you wondering my Original picture is from "Kamidori Alchemy Meister" an Eroge/RPG game that i realy enjoy.

PPS: just for those that want to know this picture is also from an Eroge game called "Princess Waltz" i enjoy this one too.

PPPS: i have to more pictures i am thinking of using and yes both of them are from Eroge games(not my fault the art*cough*porn*cough* is so damn good.) but first i wanted to know what do you think of this one?

  • Robin I've decided to change my profile picture every year on the birthday of Blackspears, April 17th, which also happens to be my birthday :)

    So yeah, it's always fun to switch it up although when I first saw it I was like wow do we have yet another Keiryu on this site? Things are going to get insanely insane :p
    • Keiryu realy as if we don´t already have enough Keiryu´s here. ^_^

      i mean if i remember correctly there are already 2 Keiryu´s on this site the great and amazing MASTER OF INSANITY that has surpassed the boundaries of normal man and trancendet to the heavens above only to quickly decend to hell and again trancend to earth.....or in other words me.^_^

      nd that other Keiryu who is into dudes.........that guy is such a dick if you ask me.....
  • Keiryu yeah i finaly changed it was time for something new anyway. ^_^
  • Antoniosan Sure. Why not?
  • ℟angßøømeՐ ALIEN: HAHA so this your true identity, No. 6666-KEIRYU!! *aliens from all over grab their trusty "broomsticks" to dismantle you..**don't ask me why they just DID** XD *seconds past* ^YOU"VE^EVOLVE^...with your INSANE MIGHT..they INSISTENTLY turn in particles...

    ALIEN OVERLOAD: *barely escapes in his ship* DAMMM>>there can only be ONNNEEEEE!! UVE PAY FOR THIS!!! <>.<>
  • Keiryu i hope you will help me resolve my problem i am still not sure which one i should chose.....LEON HELP me solve this problem.......Resident Evil references are fun.^_^