Chibi Sadako
i am just posting this because of a hilarious post i saw made by Subz so yeah what do you think cute right? ^_^

  • SimMan Now I know how to beat evil. Play that cursed video on a small screen (ideally on an mini ipad) and the bitch will get stuck trying to come out of the screen, or even if she does come out it will be a mini version.
    • Keiryu actualy i have a picture of another way you can beat her but i am unsure if i should post it because you can see her bare a** in that one. ^_^
      • SimMan just go for it haha. We do accept a certain type of nudity, nude art and sexually oriented jokes are usually okay.
        • Keiryu yeah i know but i am more worried about the other part of the pic but meh i have already posted worse so who cares i am gonna do it. ^_^
  • Keiryu [64150,Subz] what do you think she is super cute right. ^_^