What is your Choice?
So yeah one of my kind of dumb questions again but i have been wondering if you had to make a 6 man team with 1 pokemon from each region which pokemon would you decide to have in your party?

BUTT!!! since i don´t like it if everyone just says the name of one legendary from each region i will add a two little rules to the question "NO MORE THEN ONE LEGENDARY!!!" "THE LEGENDARY CAN NOT BE PART OF YOUR SIX MAIN MEMBERS!!!" other then that everything goes.

So yeah pick 1 pokemon from each Region and then pick 1 Legendary as your 7 team member easy right. ^_^

well other then that you know how it goes COMMENT, LIKE and FOLLOW...my every command. (^_-)

Anyway KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Gonna pick my team and wait for some answers)
  • ℟angßøømeՐ Alright let's make this interesting. *an eternity passes....* GOT IT!! ^_^

    1) From Kanto, I will have Gym leader Sabrina part of my team. Why go for Alakazam while you can have the "WHOLE PACKAGE"..I mean who else can read your mind and find out your deepest urges to win all matches at any cost!

    2) Johto..hard choice but I would choose dragon master Clair. She sleeps with dragons..you'll be surprise how hard is to achieve something like that..

    3)Hoenn..easy..Gym leader Flannery. She'll have the whole team inspired with her flaming techniques..the whole field on fire..whoa my pants..!!

    4)Sinnoh..you probably guessed it. It's Bidoof!!! The only pokemon who can use...nah jk it was Cynthia all along. She's good at telling bad jokes..

    5) Unova..we're missing somebody..oh right since we lack on some brain power. We'll need to contract professor Juniper for awhile. Hopefully with our wins we can afford her..

    6)Kalos..you're going to love this one! It's gonna to be ME!:D Get on my level to understand what I'm talking about... JK wow.. Alright it'll be the Ghost Girl you meet in the tower/hotel. She's quite mysterious so little can say about her...but still Awesome!

    7)Legendary: Legend has it..there's been an individual who has been seen through all the pokemon generations till this day...they call him by the name of 'Red'..so if the legend was true that he was "very best". I will gain new knowledge from him...on managing..*taming* my dream team...**Hare* team**..!!

    Ok, before you get mad (and start destroying planets - again) cuz that I broke every rule you've mentioned. I want to say one thing. I'm Admin ℟angßøømeՐ!! *comes up with something stupid*, I CONTROLLLL THIS SITE MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *hour passes..you decide to come back and read what's after..*

    Alright, I will follow the rules on my next comment..when? *trollface* XD

    P.S Believe me senpai..I will do it in the next day or something. ^_-
  • TheFirstKen 1) Kanto: Dragonite. Still my favorite dragon type. One of the few pokemon that could learn ANY TM you threw at it. So for everyone that loved Charizards I threw rocks at them with my Dragonite.

    2) Johto: Kingdra. For whatever reason I used this instead of a Gyrados like I did in Gen 1. It was the jack of all trades pokemon. If I recall all my stats were within 10 points of each other. It gave me a really well rounded pokemon.

    3) Hoenn: Gardevoir. It was my psychic type. Honestly this was a toss up for me because the two trademark people in my team for Gen 3 were my Gardevoir and Absol. And the fact that in the new Gen its also a Fairy Type means awesome V. Dragons.

    4) Sinnoh: Roserade. I was always the odd man out and used Grass types. Many people used water types because almost everyone I knew always picked the fire starter. In Gen 3 I used to used Roselia to deal with Swamperts, so when i heard it got another evolution I was game.

    5) Unova: Mienshao. This was my fighting type. Gen 5 was the first gen I actually started playing with and using Fighting types, and my Mienshao got me through a number of battles. I picked it up out of reaction because I knew a lot of Lucario users for whateve reason.

    6) Kalos: Florges. Because its a fairy type. F**k you dragons. Pretty much have to play with the new types every time they come out, and I found that this was my 2nd favorite fairy (1st being Gardevoir)

    7) Legendary: Dialga. Heaven or Hell. Creation or Destruction. Time or Space. So many choices when it comes to picking a legendary. In the end though, I pick time. The ability to slow down, or speed up time seems like a very nifty power to have at your command, even if it is via pokemon.
    • LRUY my sister caught a shiny budew on her first few minutes on my pokemon y, and i now have a shiny roserade...... and then she caught two more shiny pokemon in pokemon x..... and i'm not sure how a girl with zero experience with gaming can run into shiny pokemon on the first walk-into-the-grass..... fk, maybe i should use the innocent-little-sister approach when i play next time.

      Well, thanks to my shiny ditto, and my shiny eevee........
    • Keiryu Yeah Gardevoir is amazing especialy after becoming a fairy type now even the mighty dragons have nothing against her.
  • RJ 1. Kanto: Charizard: He couldn't be out of my team

    2. Johto: Scizor: In my opinion the best insect pokemon
    3. Hoenn: Blaziken: My favourite pokemon of all

    4. Sinnoh: Gallade: A pokemon of type fighter and psychic, two of my preferred
    5. Unova: Bisharp: His design is badass and he is strong

    6. Kalos: Aurorus: I like his design

    7. Legendary: Darkrai: It´s pretty awesome and pretty powerful

    Great theme, it´s really fun
    • LRUY To counter this. Well.... there's two fire types so i'd either get a rock or water type to deal with that. that flying/fighting type from kalos region (forgot its name) to counter gallade and bisharp and aurorus and darkrai... wait.... I just need minimum 2 pokemon to counter this team???......... -_-;
    • Keiryu thanks i always try to come up with themes like this that everyone can enjoy mostly because i find it boring to just post boobs i just hope more people will answer. ^_^
  • David 1. Kanto: Charizard: It is a dragon, arguably more of a dragon than Dragonite.

    2. Johto: Houndoom: What can I say, when a pokemon evolves to wear bones as armor you have to say it's a badass.

    3. Hoenn: Sceptile: My favorite grass type.

    4. Sinnoh: Garchomp: An actual dragon for my team.

    5. Unova: Serperior: My favorite Unova pokemon, it's just so regal!

    6. Kalos: Greninja: It's a ninja, 'nuff said.

    7. Legendary: Lugia: So far Anime has not shown us any other legendary that can breed, so I choose the one I could make an army out of.

    This team is just the right amount of badass.
    • LRUY two fire types (fire-flying, fire-dark), two grass types, a dragon and a water type.
      since poison is included as well... I'd need a fighting type, an ice type and an electric type to counter. Lugia is flying psychic...so i prolly need an electric or rock or ice type...
    • Keiryu well look at that three of yours are the same as mine at least i am not the only one that think houndoom is awesome and actualy you can bread Manaphy in the game even tough you only get phione so yeah phione is the only legendary you can make an army of. ^_^
  • Keiryu Well let me start and be the frist to answer so i can make an example for everyone. ^_^

    1. Kanto: Pidgeot: Nostalgic first flying pokemon....good times *wipes away a tear*

    2. Johto: Houndoom: Every good team needs a doggy and this is a dark doggy just the way i like it.

    3. Hoenn: Gardevoir: One of my favorits so yeah.

    4. Sinnoh: Garchomp: A dragon is a must have for any team sadly the fu**ing fairys hate dragons...

    5. Unova: Serperior: My favorit Starter pokemon right after Blaziken and since every team needs a starter here is mine.

    6. Kalos: Sylveon: .........Soooooo Fuuuu**ing CUUUUTTTTEEE!!!

    7. Legendary: Giratina: He is the Satan/Lucifer of the pokemon world ENOUGH SAID!!!

    So yeah this would be my team i hope to see someone else willing to make theirs. ^_^
    • LRUY 1. Approved.
      2. Approved.
      3. Approved.
      4. Approved.
      5. Sadly, I've never owned the grass type starter from this region *sniffs*
      6. Approved.
      7. Approved. (Although technically Satan is the master deceiver and Lucifer is the greek name for Jesus..... so in this case you have both God and Devil in one package)

      LRUY approves of this team.
      • Keiryu thanks and as for Giratina being the Satan/Lucifer of the pokemon world it is because if you look at many religios theories you will notice that Satan and Lucifer are very often represented as a very similiar being both defy God and try to lead Humans astray while commanding their armies of Demons/Fallen Angels or whatever you want to call them against God and his Angels.

        that is why i said he was Satan/Lucifer if you notice how he looks he is always represnted with "666"(or the number of the beast) having Six Feet, Six Wings and Six Horns also he got baned to Distortion World(Hell) by Arceus(God) its actualy quite the interessting theory that has brought up many disscussions in the past. ^_^
        • LRUY The name Lucifer was stripped off from the current Satan, and the name was given to Jesus according to theology. Only satanists still refer to Satan as Lucifer and many unknowing atheists and religionists. Then again, there are Christians who don't believe in the existence of heaven and hell.... which is just plain dumb... But if you actually look into the Jewish and Christian theologies, Satan was not banished to hell.... yet. He was banished to earth and was given permission to rule the earth until the next time Jesus came to earth to properly banish him to hell...

          Well, actually, Satan would be imprisoned in hell for a millenium and won't be allowed to bother humans, and then he would be set free for a short time and according to theological text, he will be given permission to do whatever he wants but if he rebels against God once more, then he will be permanently banished to hell with all of his minons and human followers for all eternity.

          My dad (he's a missionary and pastor) says that the god of the world we live in is not God but actually Satan himself, which would explain the biblical text indicating that Christians are but aliens in this world and do not belong here, and anyone who doesn't know God and/or believe in God is against God and all Christians/(and some Jews).

          So, in a way, non-theologists will argue that Giratina represents Satan and was banished to the Distortion World, but theologists would say otherwise. I actually think that Grima the fell dragon from Fire Emblem Series represents Satan more accurately compared to Giratina, but that's my own personal opinion.

          I'm sorry, if I sound like i'm imposing too much and being arrogant sounding, but since our church actually teaches about the differences between God and Devil, Heaven and Hell, I just happen to get worked up on this subject, I mean no offense.
          • Keiryu Well i just wanted to throw that out there before you think i am talking out of my A** a thing i only do half the time ;D

            and like i said i think everyone should feel free to believe or not believe whatever they want and i respect your point of view especialy since you have a pretty good understanding yourself and quite honestly i just have to respect people who can write almost as much as me on a single comment.

            also i have to agree i am also learning as i go there are many things i do not know about religion in general and it is always good to learn at least a little bit about it...as long as you don´t try t stop me in the middle of the street during my lunch to talk about "our lord and saviour Jesus Christ" we should be able to get along just fine. ^_^
          • LRUY Well, no, I won't be hating you since you've told me in advance. :D Now that I know you make concrete arguments with solid back up, I wouldn't bother to go into a flaming war for the sake of religion, lol. I'm more of the type to get annoyed when people act like a know-it-all without knowing it all, but otherwise I'd learn something new once in awhile so it's all good.
          • Keiryu No Offense taken i actualy apreciate well tought out comments like this. ^_^

            Let me start by saying i agree that Lucifer and Saten should not be considered the same being but you see in many popular Books/movies/Games/Etc... that they are used as one and the same to be more precise they use Lucifer as Satan´s Original name before he feel from heaven such as in paradise Lost(to name a more well known book) of course it is also used as a name for Christ being often used with the meaning "Light Bringer" sadly it also ended up going so out of control that some believe Lucifer to be Adam instead of Satan or Christ(often by unknowing Atheistsic or Religios people like you said)

            I refered to Giratina as Lucifer/Satan for the sole reason of giving an example since most people know the story of Satan being Banished(more to hell then to Earth) and also know of stories where Lucifer is banished after rebeling against God so they both fit the example i wanted to make in showing that Giratina(Satan/Lucifer) was created by Arceus(God) and then Banished to the Distortion World(Hell) plus Lucifer is often shown as an angel with 6 Wings which fits again with Giratina who is also shown with 6 Wings.

            Of course then you aslo have the 6 Horns and 6 Feet which in total give the number 666 which is nowadays usualy used with Satan.

            that is the only reason why i used those two as an example also on the part about Grima i agree he represents Satan quite well but i used Giratina as the representation of Satan/Lucifer of pokemon Grima being from Fire Emblem would throw hiself out of the window for that simple fact alone. since they are not in the same World/Universe/Dimension it would be logical to assume that there could be more then one god/Devil in the case of pokemon the role fits Arceus and Giratina and in the case of Fire Emblem the role seems to fit Naga and Grima of course you could compare other games and it would always seem to fit someone else(not counting the Shin Megami Tensei Series here since they realy like to abuse Religion) it is realy up to the person to decide what they want to believe i just believe the role seems to fit Giratina quite well.

            also on another note you will probably hate me because i tend to abuse Religion a LOOOOOT usualy by making fun of it so don´t take it to heart when i just so happen to make a Religion related comment it is not meant as a hatefull rremark or anything i am the type that thinks everyone should be free to believe whatever they want and just be happy with it but then again wars have been started for far less then Religion so i will try to respect your opinion as much as i hope you respect mine. ^_^
      • LRUY oops i meant latin, not greek.