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Ok people i am gonna make this simple i don´t like skiping from post to post so from now on try to discuss the stuff you want to discuss about the Ending of Naruto Here.

It is to much trouble for me and for You if we all skip from post to post everytime and end up without knowing what to conversation was going on plus i like to see with my own eyes where this discussion is going.

Also want to know everyones opinion about it i am from nature a curious person.

Thank you.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently just seeing where this will go.

  • Natsu Dragneel maybe 7 posts about Naruto and there are just we 3
    • Chriskris Yea, Kishi should have maked this pair.
      Then Naru or Sasu just adopt a child.

      Problem solved!

      And learn that child all those UBER Jutsu's.
      • Keiryu he said Sakura not Sasuke you got your couples wrong. ^_^

        also if it came down to kishi i bet he would have prefered to change the name of the show and just call it Sasuke. -_-

        realy why not just make him got if he is already giving him everything Sharingan/Eternal Mangekyou not enough lets give him the Rinnegan you know the thing that created the F**KING MOON. all that really is missing is giving him the 10 Tails...
        • Chriskris Actually I loved Naruto.
          Becuz it's was different from the other shounen Anime's.

          Naruto itself wasn't about i'm stronger then u so i;m the winner.
          The Genin to Chuunin Exam was so OP.
          Naruto wasn't strong but he could defeat Kiba with a fart. XD
          Any the fight about Naruto versus Neji.

          Shikamaru VS Temari.
          Tenten was useless at that fight. (Tenten neva was important either.)
          Anyway, but after Shippuuden comes out.
          All those Epic Tactic battles was over.

          And then it was all about power.
          And the five elements. Fire>Water>Earth>Wood etc.

          And remember when they first said that Sharingan was bloodline jutsu.
          And then MANY ppl are scared of Sharingan becuz it's OP.

          But the funny thing is, Sometimes u met a boss who is scared of Sharingan. and the other beat them w/o any problems at all.

          And later they just keep upgrading Sharingan.....

          Why didn't they upgrade Byakugan?
          Being Hyuuga clan is not special anymore....

          Rinnegan is just OP.

          Well. That's also a point that I disliked Shippuuden.

          PS: I was confused becuz all those skipping from this pic to that pic. <_<
          But atleast Natsu knows what I mean. And so do you. ^_^
          • Keiryu As for Tenten not being important i would not say that she is just as important as the rest of Team Gai she might not have that much to say compared to Neji or Lee but she is just as important in my opinion it´s the little characters that make something truly special.

            Her fight against Temari was also more bad luck then anything she is a weapon expert up against a Wind user every weapon she would have thrown end up flying back if the story had been better planed by Kishi he would have given her the ability to manipulate chakra strings( You know the stuff Kankuro uses on his Puppets) to manipulate weapons (If That old Fart Chijo did it with Sakura then Tenten should be able to do it with weapons).

            Also on the Elements it´s Fire - Wind - Lightning - Earth - Water. Every other "Element" is just a combination of one or more Wood = Water and Earth. Ice/Snow =Water and Wind and so on.

            Sharingan part i said this before but Kishi is just a Uchiha fan sl*t and as for the byakugan i guess it did not get any upgrade since he had to many Hyugas or maybe he was just lazy.

            for the Fights ending up becoming more power that i have to agree every fight ends the same "Oh no enemy to strong quick call Naruto and let him use the Super Mega Ultra Plotdevice Rasengan" and then they win.

            on another random note i just noticed it was not enough to give Sasuke The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan (You know that thing that is almost invincible), The Rinnegan (The even more invincible version of the Eyes), A fully complete Susanoo but he even gave that Susanoo the ability to use Natural Energy/Sage Mode....I CALL BULLS**T ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!

            There is a limit to how much you can overpower a character without good reason i mean Naruto got the tailed beast but dude had to fight again all of them (Not counting the 8 Tails) and he got Sage Mode but he had to Train being nearly turned into a frog in the process.

            And Sasuke just gets his Eternal M Sharingan from his brother(Who let him win), His Rinnegan from The Sage of Six Paths and his Sage Mode Susanoo from that Crazy Ass Jugo....seriously why is this guy not God Already....what´s next Kishi decides that is not enough and gives him Some Universe destroying Jutsu just for shit and giggles. o.O
        • Natsu Dragneel NARU x SASU.....still better then SASU x SAKU
          • Keiryu People we have already discussed this the only true Naruto Couple is Naruto X Teuchi/Ichiraku/Ramen

            It´s a fact no other couple will even get close to this one. ;D
          • Chriskris NARU X SASU is the BOMB!
            Nothing can exchange it.

            I'm gonna e-mail Kishi. and tell him to rewrite the last chapter!
            And it must be NARU X SASU!!!

            After episode 3 or 4. Don't rly remember.

            Well this vid shold explain all. (Very OldVid.)
            But it's the truth!

  • Chriskris Hmm, we have been skipping from this to that pic since an hour ago.

    But I still like it. XD
    • Keiryu Yeah but here it is easier if we collect it in one Post. so try to do it in just one post.

      And while i am at it like you said Sai might be not as important as other characters but he should still be allowed to have a girl in my opinion and i say he fits with ino just because Shika fits better with Temari.

      And the whole choji mindf**k happend.
      • Chriskris True,
        I'm gonna ignore Chouji...

        If I have to start from the start in my opinion a few character died in my eyes.
        But ok, I also exclude that part. Since everyone is alive and gets a girl.

        But why does Sai gets a girl and Kiba, Shino, Akamaru doesn't have a patner?
        What makes him MORE important then the rest?

        And also suddenly out of nowhere... Why does everyone MUST have a patner???

        I could life with it if Sakura, Ino, Sai & Chouji was still Single.

        There are so many parts at the final chapter that gives me headache...

        It's so rushed at the end. That I can't agree with it.
        • Keiryu Actualy Akamaru is seen with a bunch of Puppies near him at the end so i am guessing he got some too just guessing tough plus we don´t really see that many Dogs other then the talking one from his Mother and the 3 from his sister and Kakashi´s Summons and as far as i know none of them are bi*ches(Technical term for a female dog ;D).

          So who would you want him to have?

          A bit curious for Shino tough if he got someone or not only one i did not see with anyone (Not counting Temari since she either is with Lee or decided to stay single since Neji died)
        • Keiryu I agree it is very rushed at the end and yes they did not need to have everyone with someone.

          Also Akamaru is a dog, no real reason to give him someone. Shino became teacher, and it is not shown if he got someone might happen in the movie. As for Kiba he ends up with Tamaki (Yeah bet you have no clue who that is it´s the Cat lover girl from when Sasuke and his Team went to her grandmothers shop in search of gear while hunting for Itachi.)

          So yeah he does get some and even a more minor character then both Karui and Sai...
          • Chriskris Why hating on Akamaru? He needs a to make love too.
            And makes little puppies for the next generation. XD

            Damm.... more Filler characters. XD
            But yea. all those female side characters have a patner.
            So Kiba/Shino can only get a filler character. (I'm talking about Konoha citizen)

            Well, if they gonna pair everyone up.
            Let's pair kakashi and Ayame.
  • Keiryu People Do me a Favor Discuss it here to much trouble if we all skip from post to post.
    • Chriskris And it makes me lose what i've said before and what I have yet to say.
      It makes me reply my text over & over.

      But I don't want to restart our discusion. XD
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