Rune Factory + Sequel = Uke...o.O
Sooo i recently pulled out my Harvest Moon collection (Yeah i got one of those) since i had to take a break from playing Ayanami Raising Project (Soooo many endings) 

And i realised something after revisiting the Rune Factory Games the 1 game had a normal looking hero the second had a hero who was a pretty boy and the third simply has a girl stuck in a boys body...

and after a quick google search i found this image (Above) and said to myself "HOW THE F**K DID I MISS THAT UNTIL NOW!!!" 

So yeah what do you think if any of you actualy ever played it do you think that Rune Factory Protagonists become more Uke with eery sequel? 

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently questioning all my Rune Factory Experience...).