BLACKSPEARS...HELP!!! (Read Description)
Hey Blackspears. Your favorite and only INSANE Admin Keiryu here.

I am going to keep it simple. I really need the help, of our members. "What do you mean with that?" You might ask. Well i need certain Images, which i am currently lacking. I am unable to obtain this images, mostly because. I have had little time to play the game/search for them, but also because i am currently using them in other images. 

Here is a list, of the kind of images i need:

1. Simgirls Cosplay Event: Ami, Tomoko and Kotomi in Cosplay.

2. Karin: I need any and all possible images of Karin you might have.

3. Sana: Same as Karin any and all you might have.

4. Date Locations: Any and all images, you can see only in the dates of Kotomi and Tomoko. Such as Space Tomoko.

5. Dresses: Any and all Images where our Simgirls/Supergirls have a Dress instead of their usual clothes.

So yes what i am looking for are, various images with special clothings. But feel free to send any you might find. 

HOWEVER!!! What i really need is for them to be as "Clean" (where you see as much of the girls as possible) and as large as possible. Without it becoming blurry. Which is the main problem, with the images i have right now.

If you have such Images, and could help me. Eithe,r send a link via Private Message or Comment. Thanks in advance.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently hoping somebody can help.)