Keiryu's Random Google Search FIGHT FASCISM!!!
Just one of my random google searches...The things you find sometimes.

Anyway remember kids. Only Fascists and Terrorists eat and live healthy...DO DRUGS!!!

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out (Currently busy eating a cow while snorting some white powder. 
  • mini me Lol. Yeah Folks, smoke pott and wrap the world in a smoke of love and peace.
  • Keiryu Funny thing is it's actually debated if he was a Vegetarian however he was Catholic...Yeah i leave you to sort that one out....RENOUNCE GAWD!!! ;D
    • kotomifan Catholics can be vegetarians, as well as teetotalers. They just dont HAVE to be.
      • Keiryu [25669,Robin]

        You and Kotomifan need to stop ruining my fun...I am trying to corrupt "Catholic, Non-drug using Vegans" here...A much harder task then you would expect...
        • Robin Let's just keep it at corrupting catholics. That's easy. I'm sure he was a catholic who believed in God...
          Although he did do all kinds of experiments that had to with myths that are absolutely not from the Bible :p
          • Keiryu Well in "Mein Kampf" it was stated that he believed to be doing God's work...So yeaaaah...Either he was a dick or god was a dick for giving him that job. I leave the choice up to the people...
    • Robin He also used all kinds of pills actually :p