Scorpio my search
so i was looking around blackspears for some funny stuff and i found this by Akria about Astolog or better the Scorpio Category

and i was wondering what more i would find about this and what if i searched my specific birhtday and this is a basicly what came out

born on November 16 have the ability to transcend their everyday
experiences, gaining wisdom through encounters with others. They may
seem wise beyond their years. Their stern attitude makes them appear
humorless, yet they have a wonderful personality. They are
self-effacing. When they display their less complicated side, they are

Friends and Lovers

November 16 individuals have the rare
ability to teach and learn from friends. They are among the most
passionate and romantic of the year. Their love
bridges a void between the complex and the simple. They understand the
spiritual aspects of love and judge with their hearts more than with
their minds.

Children and Family

November 16 men and women have the
ability to look at their childhood with philosophical understanding.
They have some unusual ideas about parenting. They don't believe in
forcing their children to accept their views of life but encourage them
to form their own opinions and find their own values.


November 16 natives are not health
conscious. They don't like to feel they must maintain a strict diet or
exercise routine to stay healthy. They prefer an esoteric approach,
surrounding themselves with beautiful objects and beautiful thoughts.
It's important they get enough exercise.

Career and Finances

November 16 individuals are
interested in careers with spiritual significance. They may prefer
working for themselves or where they can be semi-independent. They make
excellent researchers and writers. Financial matters are sometimes
complicated; they may not be concerned with whether or not they make a
good living.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date want answers
to everything. While they try hard to make their relationships work,
they understand the value of learning from their disappointments. If a
relationship fails, they are usually able to console themselves with the
knowledge that although they have lost, they may have gained more.

yeah i know pretty long but this is more something random i put up for myself more than anything else i do however hope you all enjoy it

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