Bitchslap of LOOOOOOVE!!!
WARNING:READ LEFT TO RIGHT!!!(sorry i cut it wrong and i am to lazy to do it again.) ^_^

Truly this fat man knows how to get all the ladies.....or the chick is just a realy bad M with a fat guy fetish.

NOW before everyone thinks i am an evil bastard(which i totaly am) i do not approve of anyone hitting a woman...except for another Woman "Meeeeeeeooooow" but to be fair fat man in this was in the right to slap her and hey he even got her as a bonus so yeah who knows maybe you should all go out on the street and start slapping random girls and tell me how it went for you. ^_^

And yeah before i forget this is from the same Manga as my last post "Rokudenashi Blues" seems to be a pretty good manga even tough it is from the 80s fact i did not realize until recently so yeah check it out if you like this type of fighting/Delinquent highschool storys. ^_^

and yes just like my last post i cut this one from diffrent pages of the Manga this time it was 3 diffrent pages one of the main reasons this looks like it does is because i had to decide which one i wanted to keep enjoy.

So yeah that´s all for now except maybe throw a like and a comment and of course STAY INSANE..........see you next time



    Only an insane person would give this warning :p
    • Keiryu come on you know me good enough to know that i am the most INSANE guy south of OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb(for those that don´t get my joke you have not been here long enough to know me for those that still don´t get it just google it and you should kind of understand for those that even after that don´t get it........INSANITY!!!!). ^_^
  • SimMan secretly wish real life is like that too
    • Robin Some people really are attracted to others who treat them like crap but to be honest those aren't the kind of people I'd like to be with...
    • Keiryu let´s be honest if getting a woman to love you was that easy then i would have become a Gigolo q.q
  • Keiryu again i admit i could have done a better job but in my defense....I....AM...LAZY.....enjoy. ^_^