Good Morning Evening and Night depending on what time it is when you see this Post of mine KEIRYU here with the next Card in my little series today we have T.L.Asteras many of you probably know this person for beeing the great number 8 on Blackspears and some others might know him for his beautifull Woman he posts and amazing Game Pictures he posts

But what i know him for is that he has probably followed the most people out of everyone here on this site and i am not talking about following 100 or 200 no no no he has followed an amazing  528 people this is by far the largest number i have seen on followers so far(i might be mistaken tell me if i am) and that is just amazing for me ^_^

T.L.Asteras tell me what you think did you like it or is it back to the drawing board for me?

that is pretty much all except you know the rest FOLLOW me LIKE this and of course give me some comments and i will keep n making them...........*Grabs a Puppy and Holds it at gun point* "DO IT OR THE PUPPY GET`S IT" *Looks with an evil glare at everyone*........"Please i don´t want to hurt him...BUT I WILL MUHAHAHAHAHA....unless you do what i say" ^_^

  • SimMan I always wonder what the stars below the element represent.
    • Keiryu yes Robin is right the Stars are used to decide the level of every monster but i am using them for something else i might ex+lain it one day but for now i will just let people guess what i am doing with them ^_^
    • Robin Never played Yu-Gi-Oh?
      It's an indication of the "level" of the monster:
  • Robin Wow, 528 followers. I got his message and him as a follower but didn't know so many other people got it as well :p

    Great job as usual Keiryu and I'm sorry to hear about your headache. I hope I didn't give you a concussion from all the slapping the other day.
    • Keiryu yeah i was amazed to say the least when i saw how many he was following and of course on thing lead to the other and here you have him ^_^

      yeah it´s nothing i can not handle but i admit at first i wanted to make another little story about how you hitting me in the head actualy gave me this headache but i just had no energy at the time

      the worst part is that even tough i can barely stop the pounding in my head i still can´t fall asleep it´s really anoying ^_^
      • Robin Yeah, I understand. When I have headaches it's always much harder for me to sleep actually which doesn't make it better either.
        But luckily you had me to involve the slapping in this post. I'm here for you, bro :p
  • Keiryu yep i posted another one i at first did not think i would be able to make a post today since i have a gigantic Headache but i am glad i was able to make it ^_^