You know i noticed i never explained why i was so happy when it comes to Valentine´s Day so here i go.

well first i am a sucker for LOVE which i already stated then second is the fact that i tend to have a lot of luck on this day and third is that today is no diffrent why you might ask Well that is easy i have a date at 9:00 PM(My time) and i already have everything ready for it to be great and everyone knows what a sucessfull date means YOU GET LAID!!! ^_^

 And that is what i am hoping to do today enjoy some dinner(I Cooked and Baked today) after that a Movie(which lucky for me is a Horror Movie hehehe) and then something special in the bath(which i only need about 20 minutes before 9 to prepare) and after that if everything goes well it is time for the beauty that is the VALENTINE´S NIGHT!!! ^_^

so yeah that is pretty much all so this will be my last post for today and probably also the last time i will be on Today so yeah until tomorrow. ^_^
  • Keiryu by the way if anyone is wondering the Date was a success. ^_^

    and the MASTER OF LOVE is now retired until next year LONG LIVE KEIRYU THE MASTER OF INSANITY!!!! ^_^
  • Antoniosan You guys do know that in the original Japanese manga and subbed anime, Vegeta said that Goku's power level is over 8000, correct? Just saying.
    • Keiryu yes i know and i will recicle the same comment i made a while ago about this it is not what he says that matter it i the way he said it that makes it funny i bet it would still be a Meme if he had said "His powerlevel is OVER FIVETHOUSAND!!!!" or any other number it does not realy matter what number you use if you ask me it is still funny the only reason most people use the it´s over 9000 is because most people are more used to it then the original japanese. ^_^
  • SimMan wish you luck for a lot of love
  • Keiryu Before i am off please WISH ME LUCK and may INSANITY and LOVE be with me. ^_^

    and of course i WISH YOU ALL A GREAT VALENTINE´S DAY my friends. ^_^