Keiryu&Cuddles Halloween Ver. 1.666
Hey my dear Blackspearians how is it going? your frindley neighborhood sacrificer here with a little request.

You might have noticed that i recently made a post for a christmas themed Simgirls/Community characters.

And well i also ran around with the Christmas themed Keiryu/Keir&Cuddles image as my profile picture but since christmas is over i thought it was time to change it again....BUTT then another idea came to me why not show you all the first version of  "Keiryu&Cuddles HALLOWEEN VERSION".

Anyway my only question is mind telling me what you all think of the first version and how do you think i could improve it "while keeping the Devil Keiryu/Keir and Angel Cuddles Theme"?

Without anything else to say i hope you let me know what you think and you give me some good ideas.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(Currently thinking of some more ideas.)
  • Kentaro insane
  • Kentaro why is he always wearing like a million belts? still, very nice.
    • Keiryu Well that is an easy question. How else am i supossed to bind my enemies and stop them from fleeing? Plus belts are a good tool to use when you want to get a bit more kinky with the ladies. ;D
  • Robin Simple but effective. Already loving it :)

    You could add some sort of staff with Keir's logo on top of it. Could be nice.
    • Keiryu oh might be an idea the logo is still not fully finished but i might actualy do something with it.

      On another note you just gave me a very nice idea for a picture using the logo gotta try it later on.
  • Kash Pink feathers?
    • Keiryu might be a good idea but it won´t really fit with the Angel/Demon theme i wanna go for.
      • Kash Know, who is the Angel there?
        I think you have the picture only in 2D? It might complicate things, but you could draw some sort of symbol on the feathers - like this...

        But then, which type of Angel did you have in mind? A Fallen one?
        • Keiryu The Angel is Cuddles i mean could you really see me as and angel...i probably try to sacrifice gods children just to see how much INSANITY they i am kind of baned from heaven.

          Also a tattoo like thing not a bad idea and yes i am only using this picture i could go and draw a full version but i am to lazy for that and this was the character the artists worked on so i want to respect bastardizing the hell out of it ;D