Fan Suggestion - Modifying the "Character Types" Art
This time a more prominent suggestion with a pic!!!
Back in 2006,a fan suggested to modify the "Character Types" by adding more details to them with this pic.

- Make his hair & beard Red,instead of blonde.
Playful - Make him wear a white/purple hat & a chain with a $ Locket on his neck.

Intelligent - Make him wear a navy blue jacket & black sheds.
Casual - Make him wear a T-Shirt

(Suggestions by Panda)
  • laurentiu i think it`s a great idea because u have a variation of avatars ...
    • Soham Banerjee It would be nice if choosing different Chacter Types will affect your gameplay.
      For e.g. If you choose Criminal,Ami will avoid you
  • Keiryu Intelligent looks pretty good but i don´t agree that anyone should change hair i mean in the end it´s one character(Primero) and Primero´s hair is blond so it would make little sense to change it but then again there does exist something like hair dye. ^_^
    • Soham Banerjee P.S. The disagreement is regarding Primero being blonde only :P (forgot to mention that)
    • Soham Banerjee I have to dis-agree with you. The player aka Primero doesnt have a fixed hairstyle/haircolor in the 1st game.
      In some scenes,he has black hair (kissing),in some his hair is red,just like Junta & in some scenes he is blonde.
      I think it would be a great addition to add "Red Hair" in criminal,as he looksmore in character badass(agreeing to [91361,Long] ). I feel intelligent should have the hairstyle of kissing scene,since that is a good-boy style
      • Keiryu well you do have a point and to be fair i was refering to Primero from SG: Lovemore and i agree that the first Primero or in this case the Player of SG1 has no real fixed hair but even then he is mostly shown as being blond so i would still say his hair should stay blond unless you had a full customization option like in SG: Lovemore.
        • Soham Banerjee Yes,Primero has blonde hair,but this post is about the player of SG1...not Primero
          • Keiryu you need to read the full comment i said even if it is the Player we are talking about Simgirls 1 does not have a full customization option and the player is mostly shown as blond and that is why i think he should stay blond even if some picture do show him having a diffrent color i think SimMan had a blond Main character in mind when he made it>(why else would he be blond in most cases).

            so like i said unless we had a full customization instead of 4 character choices i would say let the man be blond i would however change his clothes especialy the Pimp clothes haha. ^_^
  • Long Criminal- Not really all that different. But he does look more badass.
    Playful- Looks like he graduated from Pimp's College or something.
    Intelligent- Looks like he's auditioning for a part in The Matrix.
    Casual- Doesn't look all that different.