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  • Soham Banerjee [50428,gamer] the option which you are talking about was never in the official versions of simgirls.
    i was there in one fan version.i think that the option is an un-necessary one since you can see how many items you have via status bar.It also made the mall looked clumsy.
  • gamer The forums were the more standard threads that I am use to for a board so they were easier to follow. The board members also helped advance the game with adding the save option and also the option that shows how many bears, coffee, etc you have while inside the mall so that you will be able to reference this before you make a purchase. Sadly, this option has not been brought forward in version 5.5. The members also created a fan version during the time that simman took a break from making his game. The time period when his author status on newsground said he was dead. Thus no one knew if he would have the interest in taking up the game again. Fortunately, he did and we even have simgirls2 to look forward to.
  • zuntakuri the site looks unique and nice compared to the current one.
  • (deleted) i remember this was better than the current disappered after 2007
  • (deleted) its nice to see the history of simgirls