DNA^2 Fanart - Junta,the coolest dude of Fukoma High
While SimMan is giving Player a cool & new look, the original Mega-Playboy of DNA^2 universe is not far behind as well.
Junta looks just like the Stud of Fukoma,a true Mega Playboy.
And I have to admit this is the best drawn pic of Junta that I have ever seen.
  • Soham Banerjee This is Junta.But its an imagination of the fan.He didn't want to copy the typical Junta of DNA^2.
    That's the reason he looks different. You can say he wanted the Megaplayboy junta to look like this.
  • Kentaro strangely, he dose'nt look like junta. [50409,kotomifan] ,you high;lighted a few ??
  • kotomifan This is just my opinion- it looks a lot more like Ryuuji. In particular: Look at the eyes, eyebrows, belt, and the pants of Ryuuji in the hallway of the school. The hair is not typical Ryuuji, but it's not quite the red-tinged spike Junta usually has, either. Having said that, it's a nice drawing.
  • Keiryu ....o.O.....

    Not sure how you see Junta in this guy...I mean sure he is wearing the school uniform but other than that i don't see Junta

    Don't get me wrong it is an amazing drawing...But that ain't Junta...No matter how anyone wants to turn it that is some random dude who they gave his name

    and before anyone argues lets start with his Hair which looks nothing like that and even the color is wrong Junta has "Black Spiky hair with Red outlining" That alone shows that this is not Junta same with his eyes they are brown/dark brown .

    So yeah amazing image but not Junta.