Yume Nikki(weird a** game...love it)
Keiryu: Yo Yo Yo the big "K.M.I" here with some bad a** stuff for all you INSANITY loving playas out there so are you ready to listen to my crazy rhymes? *Silence* Ok LET´S DO THIS!!!

*Rang,Robin and Natsu all jump towards Keiryu and start punching kicking and slapping him*

Keiryu: *lies bloody and beaten on the ground and quickly opens his eyes* GAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *looks around* what the hell did i just do?

Rang: *helps Keiryu stand up* Senpai you made a total idiot out of yourself.

Natsu: *looks at Keiryu suprised and shrugs his shoulders* yeah you where about to start rapping and everything.

Keiryu: *looks wide eyed at everyone* Me rapping.....i can´t rap for S**t i am an INSANE mansacrificing bastard i don´t rap!

Robin: *Shakes his head in anoyance* well you where about to rap we stopped you before you could start. *gets into a thinking pose* still makes you wonder why you did that you don´t seem to remember it yourself.

Keiryu: *finaly stands up with rang´s help and screams out* THAT´S BECAUSE I DON´T RAP!!!

Rang: *Looks at Keiryu and Robin with crossed arms*  well why don´t we try to find out what you did before you started this?

Keiryu: *looks at Rang and gets into a thinker pose* hmmm what did i do *starts having flashbacks of a crazy dream world and a little girl*  i think i saw something.....but i can´t quite remember what it was...

Natsu: Yume Nikki? 

Keiryu: what? 

Natsu: well maybe you played Yume Nikki.

Keiryu: why did you get that idea?

Robin: well it is in the Title.

Rang: And on the picture too.

Keiryu: Titel....picture *looks confused* what are you talking about and they call me INSANE...but you might have a point i do remember playing a game that was alost as INSANE as me..I KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO DO!!!

Natsu,Robin and Rang: *all at the same time* You are gonna talk about it?

Keiryu: Noooo....wait yes I AM GONNA TALK ABOUT IT better then my first idea i was just going to shoot the creator for creating something like that but that idea is much better.

SOOOOO yeah like it said above *looks up* i will talk a little about Yume Nikki or to be more precise since some of you might already know Yume nikki i am going to talk about Indie/RPG Maker/Fanmade games mostly because i am bored but also because i recently started to enjoy them once again.

now i am not gonna talk about it right now first i would like to ask you for your opinion do you guys and gals think i should do it(WARNING: IMMA STILL DO IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY).

sooo yeah thats all for now it will take some time before i decide to realy talk about it and i am not even sure i will start with Yume Nikki but hope you will like it once i do begin. ^_^

oh yeah don´t forget LIKE, COMMENT and GIVE ME A HUG/FOLLOW THE INSANITY ORDERS YOU!!!....oh and do tell me what you tought about the little story i added just for sh*t and giggles. ^_^

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY....out(wrote to much once again so now i am gonna rest).
  • ℟angßøømeՐ I'm going to add this to my list of future games to play..btw WHY would you consider ME to kick,punch and slap you down with Robin and Natsu. I know you baka but come on.. XD
    • Keiryu well at first i wanted you Robin and Soham(you know being mods and everything) but after that i decided nah Natsu needs some love too. and yeah i do recommend this game it´s so adorably INSANE and it has quite the large fan base which is weird for fangames i was quite suprised because i found it simply by mistake and i am seriously loving every minute of playing it. ^_^
      • ℟angßøømeՐ I can see why..the picture alone tells me you'd enjoyed this lol. Btw, I don't you know this but I'm the mod..robin is "retired"..and sohem is just un-official...still I guess we are "mods"...I just knew I'm still in business. ^_^
        • Keiryu wait Robin is still retired i tought he came back damn i realy need to pay more attention to whats going on and yeah i know that Soham is not realy a mod but he is pretty close to it so i still count him as mod.

          and yeah i realy like this game i wasted a lot of time but i was finaly able to find Poniko/Uboa(the little blond girl and the ugly a** black monster behind her) i heard so much about it that i just had to search for it but seriously this game is awesome like i said in the description i am probably gonna talk about it in more detail sooner or later but i am also currently playing another horror style RPG maker game so i am not sure i will begin right away with Yume Nikki. ^_^