Keiryu´s Game Corner: Akemi Tan
HELLO EVERYONE!!! How is it going today? Hope you all are ready for another day of KEIRYU´S RECOMMENDATIONS!!! now today i will have a little game that i have to admit i have not been able to fully complete it. "Why?" you might ask...well the answer to that is actualy quite simple but i am not gonna give it here, sooo if you want to know just scroll down. ;D

Oh yeah the name of the game is "Akemi Tan" by the way some might know it, but most probably won´t since i myself found it by accident. Now i won´t hold you any longer so enjoy "AKEMI TAN".....

"Akemi Tan" is a Horror RPG type game that was created by "Kona5" in Wolf RPG Editor(Same as RPG Maker BUTT It´s JAPANESE!!! So you know it must be better). It was released in 2012 so it is quite recent, the game itself is originaly in Japanes(like pretty much every good Horror RPG). But there exists an english version that was translated by Tosiaki7.

"Akemi Tan" revoles around a small japanese village that has a long lasting tradition of giving offerings to the local God, but that all changes shortly after the young girl Shimoda Shimoko angers the god because she took some of the offerings for herself(Don´t F**K with a God´s offerings)...The God decides that the only way to deal with that is to CURSE THE VILLAGE!!! 

Horror, RPG, Puzzle



Shimoda Shimoko: The main Heroin of Akemi Tan who has an incredible Body odor level of 999.

Keiryu´s Tought:
Now let´s see where should i start....oh yeah...THIS S**T IS SCARY!!! I mean  i consider myself as much of a man as the next woman and there is little that actualy scares me(being a big fan of Horror stuff in general) i am the type of guy who even if he is about to be stabbed in the dick with a knife decides that he will not cry and beg and instead decides to break the knife with his balls...but for some reason that this game scared me i saw horrible stuff in there and that was after playing for 5 minutes after playing for another hour or so i just had to stop now the game itself is nothing special and while it lacks the calm horror of other games the jump scares alone will make you go "FUUUUUUCK!!!!" which will soon be followed by you wanting to shut down you computer grab a blanket and proceed to cower in fear under the kitchen table with your back turned to the wall....not that i did that... All in all i think it is worth to give a try if you like Horror games Kona5 did an amazign job considering this is a RPG Maker type game so do give it a try and try not to crap your pants.  

Du Du Du Another one bites annnnnd another gone and another and another bites the dust....sorry i got distraced anyway this is it for today i know it´s shorter then my other Recommendations but cut me some slack i got scared...that i would bore you *whispers*yeah nice safe*whispers* so without anything else to add i am just gonna say goodbye...yeah no asking for likes or comments today.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(currently in the process of playin Akemi Tan while craping his pants). ^_^
  • SimMan the title screen is quite creepy
    • Keiryu The game itself is realy creepy i recommend everyone to play it and not get scared by the god forsaken scenes that happen every now and then one minute every thing is calm and the next thing you know a giant face is about to rape your mind and leave you scarred for life...well ok maybe not that much but it will still make you crap your pants.
  • Natsu Dragneel i'll try it
    • Keiryu give it a try that´s why i recommend this games i usualy try to recommend games i have actualy finished but this one was just a bit to much for me at the time i decided to write this so i don´t have complete knowledge of the game but like i said it is good if you want to get some crazy scares.