Wolf Girl(Just for you all)
Sooo i was bored and looking trough some old stuff and what i found where some of my drawings so i decided screw it imma post it here and see what everyone thinks.

so yeah here you go and yes i had to take a photo because my damn scanner is broken. -_-

anyway thats all and hey if you like it throw a comment and a like of course also FOLLOW!!!

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out(got more somewhere just have to find them.)
  • ~ [ V ] i s h u ~ i wanna help too :P
    • Keiryu ....o.O with what do you want to help»
      • Robin Spreading the insanity of course. All over the world people are starting to hear about your legendary tales :p
        • Keiryu Did you really never notice me say "i sacrifice you for my "Lady INSANITY"...o.O

          You really think i would follow a Dude as my god...FU** THAT SHIT!!! ^_^
        • Keiryu Man i ain´t jesus i don´t take apostles i take slaves well with the exception of Rang who after much INSANITY reached the level of Champion...by the way do you have a minute so that i may talk about our lady and saviour INSANITY!!! ^_^
          • Robin Insanity is a girl?
            Female god or old, bearded god... Hard choice...

            Yes, of course I want to hear all bout her :)
  • Robin Wow, you've got some serious talent.
    Whenever I draw something it still looks like the tree with the smiling sun from kindergarten :D

    Hmm,... I've got a crazy idea. Why not make multiple drawings from girls that form a scene of some kind and then put them in a dating game. Call it Wolf Girls, make people addicted to it and then start your own social network that promotes a commercial sequel and finally become a millionaire.
    Wait... This reminds me of something :p
    • Keiryu Join me Nemesis together we shalt RULE THE WORLD!!!ofdatingsimulation....but yeah it´s less talent and more patience i don´t mind wasting hours when i do something that capured my interesst especialy since i never seem to be able to not do anything i just have to keep myself busy somehow and as strange as it seems watching porn all the time is not a solution....never tought i would ever say that...

      on another note i might actualy post a bit more erotic drawing since i realy love to draw me some boobs just not sure what i will draw i have a few things but nothing that i think is good enough to show to anyone.
      • Robin Boobs are always good enough to be shown :p
        • Keiryu yeah but the stuff i have planed is mainly boobs and nothing else i dont even know what type of face and body i want to give those boobs. ^_^

          and the stuff i have drawn is not boob related maybe once i feel like it i might post some more of my less erotic drawings.
  • SimMan Nice wolf girl there Keiryu the only wish I have is a rotate 90 degree to the left feature.
    • Keiryu yeah strange thing i actualy rotated it but it came out like that once i posted i even reposted it but still the same thats why i miss my scanner.
  • Kash Well, you named it Wolf Girl. To me, the hair, you said it was difficult to draw, nevertheless matchs to the girl and the title. Thus, well done.
    • Keiryu i was lucky since her hair was actualy supposed to be a bit messy/wild but i usualy don´t like drawing hair.
  • Kash The boobs are well proporioned :-)
    • Keiryu I actualy like drawing boobs....yeah what a suprise the perv like to draw boobs. ^_^

      but honestly i am more curious what people think about the hair because i just hate drawing hair in general it´s anoying and takes me an eternity but please tell me what you think.
      • Kash I think that you will get somewhere pretty fast with that style. Where would it fit best? don't know, really, as I have no clue about anything.
        But one thing came to my mind sort of immediately....Comic. This style and character would extremely well fit into a short comic.
        Have another idea, you will get a pm.....
        • Keiryu i have to first get in the right mood and then have a good idea but like i said it is a good idea and i think many more would have no problem in helping/Contributing for a cause like that.
        • Keiryu ok just let me know as for the whole comic thing my problem is i am lazy i tend to try and find as many things to do as possible which can be seen here on my profile where i have multiple things running at once so i am not sure i would be able to compete against someone who actualy does this almost every day.
          • Kash Doesn't matter. The intention counts. And, since you don't have a target, you don't need to be bothered by finishing anything. This is not lazy, but standard operational procedures for human beings. Once you have a target we will have that chat again.
  • Keiryu honestly i think it could be better but then again....I´M LAZY!!! how many times do i have to say it. ^_^
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