Keiryu Makes A Logo Ver. 3.666
Salut meus freunde. Keiryu be speaking in tounges today not sure why...

Anyway i recently had nothing to post. "Why?" You might ask but most likeley won't because you never read what i write here..No seriouslly you don't want me to prove it. 

*Cough* *Cough* KEIRYU HAS A BIG PENIS!!!

Wonder how long it will take for someone to notice that...BUTT!!! Anyway moving on.

The reason i have not been posting lately is because. I honestly had nothing that interessted me...Yep that's pretty much it...

Anyway i went back to check out some of my older posts and i noticed 2 things. 

1. I posted a lot of random s**t...


2. I have become really really predictable in recent years...

The first one i actually don't mind but the second one is a big problem for me. I as the MASTER OF INSANITY am not allowed to be predictable. I have to create chaos and cause panic while sacrificing virgins to my misstress INSANITY while eating some bacon and launching some poop at the non virgins who i can't/don't want to sacrifice...Butt instead i have been slacking off becoming to nice to everyone.

So i decided to meditate. Sadly that was a failure since i can't stay still for more than 5 seconds so instead i decided to do other stuff...*Fap Fap Fap*...And as i was doing...Stuff...A vision came to me and that was "Go back to my roots."

But instead of sticking with my roots say "F**k You Roots" kick them in the balls and slice their throats while Mother Gaia watches and cries. 

And after that i decided to make a new logo....Not sure why but it just seemed like a fun idea.

On another note i am rambling again and since none/few will actually read this i can still get away with this. "KEIRYU HAS A BIG PENIS!!!" Ahhh always fun. ^_^

Anyway here is a new logo just for gigs and shizzles.

KEIRYU MASTER OF INSANITY...out. (Currently busy initiating "KEIRMAGGEDON"...or the "KEIRPOCALYPSE" name is still in debate with the other Keiryu's in me.)

PS: Anyone still here?

PPS: I am guessing not...

PPPS: So i guess nobody actually read anything i wrote.

PPPPS: Don't worry you can tell me if you i not read it i won't be mad.

PPPPPS: *Grabs his Pooplauncher MK. 6669 and his Rusty Trusty Knify*

PPPPPPS: I am gonna stop now...

PPPPPPPS: This might be my longest "PS" ever...


PPPPPPPPPS: Well Keiryu Out bye bye adiou auf wiedersehen and adeus. ^_^

  • ℟angßøømeՐ Yeah, lots of blood. Not enough poop, no virgins, not one tissue box. BIG PENIS? I don't see it lol. 10. BURN THAT S**T!!! SENPAI! XD

    kidding aside, I like it. Tho imo, I think a close up on Cuddles (head) would match well in the a good drawn outline. BUTT of course nothing tooo predictable. ^.^
    • Keiryu Well i have a few more just don't feel like posting them. I only use this when i make some image anyway cause everyone seems to be putting marks on stuff nowadays. I tried to keep it simple though.
  • kotomifan Bitch, bitch, bitch. Some of us were busy this week!
    • Keiryu To be fair i am always busy with many things.

      The diffrence is that i tend to be able to come on at least once a day if nothing else at least to mark my presence and not let anyone think i am slacking off in my duties as Admin.

      Gots to at least play the part if nothing else. ;D
  • Kentaro lots of blood... like this one better than previous versions
  • jakehead20 Looks awesome to me :D how many versions do you have?
    • Keiryu I have a couple more this however was the third i made. I usually make them when i have little to nothing to do so they take a while to make.

      My main problem with my old one was that it got hidden by darker/black backgrounds one of the reason i might remove cuddles/the Raven from this one and just leave the "KR".
  • Keiryu I still have more versions this is just one of many thinking about removing Cuddles from this one.