The Dark Mage
Costume for Halloween 2017.

Inspired by Daedolon the Mage from the 1995 video game "HeXen: Beyond Heretic" developed by Raven Software, published by id Software and distributed by GT Interactive beginning on October 30'th, 1995. It is the sequel to the 1994 video game "Heretic"

"Heretic" won several awards for excellence and after it's huge success two additional episodes were released for free, upgrading the original to "Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders" which was released March 31'st, 1996.  The original version of Heretic with three episodes was subsequently discontinued.

Robe, belt, dagger and scepter bought at the store I work at. Cross of Suffering, Eye of the Devil and Agla Ring from Alchemy of England.

  • Ebony hmm very nice but i get more a "dark priest" as opposed to a spell caster. there not much to show hes a dark magic user. but thats just me very good and i think the dagger is a nice touch though (but it does make em think "cultist")
  • Rasheed Awesome work, bro! I am too broke to do anything this year!
    • Fear57 Employees at Spirit Halloween get 30% off. Alchemy of England items I owned way before October.

      Not counting tax.

      Grim Reaper Robe belt included (Plus Size, up to 6'2" 300lbs:) $24.99 ($17.49)
      Sorcerer Staff: $24.99 ($17.49)
      Foam Dagger: $5.99 ($4.19)

      Total cost: $39.17
  • Keiryu Considering i am enough to frighten grown man. I don't think imma dress up.
  • Mike Im gonna stay home, and dress up as Adam