Cocaine review
So I tried Cocaine for the first time today, and once you're on cocaine, it's hard to stop. This wonderful red liquid comes in a handy 8.4oz can and is infested with caffeine, 280mg. 280mg of caffeine is the recommended daily maximum amount a healthy adult should consume. 280mg of caffeine is equal to three and a half Red Bull energy drinks. It is also more caffeine than consuming two entire cans of Rockstar energy drinks.

Besides being infested with a dangerous amount of caffeine, this little beast packs a high amount of sugar at 16g and ass loads of sodium at 200mg. Between the caffeine, sodium and sugar there is enough to send an adult into heart trouble if consumed too fast or they are not healthy enough. Drinking quickly can result in heart arrhythmia or even death if the heart is already unhealthy or weak. Cocaine also comes with the lovely warning label that the drink should be consumed by healthy adults only and strongly urges people to not consume more than 1 can per day and no other caffeine beverages after for the rest of the day.

Cocaine has a lovely death red appearance and smells like a fruit juice mix. For being so high in caffeine, sodium and sugar, cocaine is surprisingly drinkable considering it should taste like a 9v battery covered in sidewalk chalk. From the first sip of cocaine you'll fall in love with the fruity taste of it and regret the immediate dry mouth after each sip. If you can stand the supercharged sugary taste mixed with the fruit then you'll adore cocaine.

Cocaine also has lovely side effects such as dehydration for its high caffeine count so many glasses of water are recommended for the rest of the day as your only drink. After consuming cocaine I can say I was alert and awakened almost immediately for a very considerable amount of time.

I recommend cocaine be consumed very slowly with caution over the course of 45-75 minutes as a nice refreshing heart killing drink. I would also recommend you check to make sure your heart is healthy enough as it will cause just as many problems as the actual drug only without the severe impotence.

Cocaine is also packed with Vitamins and comes with a high amount of Taurine to make you jerk off at unsafe speeds and ejaculate with the force of God. Cocaine Mild is enjoyable and I recommend the Mild as the Spicy Hot is too hot for consumption. In fact due to the dangers I would not recommend Cocaine to be consumed two days in a row, or even every other day for that matter. I would space these out by three or even four days apart followed by lots of water. 

Supplement Facts:
Serving size....1 can (8.4oz)
Carbohydrates....16g (5%)
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)....60mg (100%)
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI)....6mg (300%)
Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)....36mcg (600%)
Sodium....200mg (8%)

Guarana Seed Extract....10.5mg

When Cocaine was announced in 2006 it resulted in immediate backlash due to its name and the FDA sent a letter to Redux Beverages that they cease sale and production of the drink as it influenced people to purchase the street drug and its unsafe levels of caffeine. It was pulled from every store and banned by the FDA, that's right, this drink was banned.

In 2007 Redux Beverages changed the formula and released it as "No Name" for sale in stores. The FDA lifted the ban probably due to a lawsuit. You can purchase Cocaine online from the official store where only 2 versions exist. Spicy Hot and Mild. Cocaine is still banned in the state of Texas and the country of Australia.

  • Keiryu I drink a lot of energy drinks myself so it's always nice to find some new ones. But from what ya are saying that just sounds way to sweet for my taste. So I'll probably pass.

    However. I like how ya added that tidbit trivia at the end interesting to know.
  • SimMan The only problem I have with all these energy drinks : I can't stand that fake sugary taste. I would rather drink something bitter.