Hit Points II- Player vs. Bloody King
Ryuji had been Player's nemesis since the first day they met. Player knew that he had to fight him one day; but when that day would come, Player wanted to fight from a position of strength. He had to be a champion, and Ryuji would have to be a challenger.
But how? Ryuji was no street punk; while his tastes now ran to fancy cars and fashionable clothing, at least some of his father's money had gone to coaching. In addition to martial arts, he was a master at swimming. The parlor trick that felled Snakeman would not work on Ryuji.
There was only one other fighter Player knew that Ryuji might defer to. He was known to all as the Bloody King; he was tall, dense, and ripping with muscles. He also happened to be on Ryuji's gang. Player recalled the morning in the slums when a few quick blows from the Bloody King had left him unconscious, and short one necklace. Player pondered this. Why would the holder of the Belt be a simple bagman for Ryuji? When he fought in the ring, he had to be a fighter, not a mugger, didnt he?
Either way, the Bloody King would easily defeat him at his current level. He needed guidance.
He had first seen the working girl at the pub adjoining the gym. He had not approached her at first; instead, he watched her perform her transactions. One quick glance, and then she and her client would disappear to the back room. He would emerge first. She would return to her seat, open her compact, and reapply her makeup.
At the gym, she worked out alone, in baggy clothes, away from the others. But when a bout was being announced, she wiuld drift over to the ring. She stood out among the sweaty, tattooed men, studying the challengers in the ring as if she were a scientist, studying new animals. she clearly knew more than she let on.
When he finally spoke to her, the conversation was short. She would say nothing else to him, except to suggest he meet with her at the pub at midnight.
He watched her walk into the bar. When their eyes met, she motioned to an empty table.
As she sat down, she out a finger to her lips. "My name is Charm. Here's how this works. Trips to the backroom are $30. No ass, no kink, no bondage, no pain. Condoms are part of the deal; but you dispose of them."
"I'm here to talk about fighting."
"Not out here you're not." Charm pointed to the door. "Back there I can keep secrets - not here. You want to talk back there, I can't stop you. But the fee is the same. And of course, as long as we are back there..."
When in Rome...
A quick $30 later, and Player was in the hands of a master.
"Ask away."
She turned from him and flipped her skirt up. They worked as a team; she grinded into him, as he held her shoulders from behind and hung on. Somehow, he remembered his original purpose for being there.
"Let's talk about Bloody King." he gasped. "Does he have a weakness?"
"He's taller than you, wider than you, and has a longer arm length." Charm said, almost matter of factly. "Your only chance might be to outlast him."
"How should I do that?" He was nearly breathless just banging away.
"At a small shop in the mall is an incense salesman. He will sell you a package that when swallowed, will take your pain away. The medicine won't fix any new pain you get; you'll need more as the fight goes on. You may need a couple dozen in a fight with King. He is so used to people falling almost immediately, he may not know what to do with a long lasting man."
She finally turned to look at him as he gave his final thrust. "But I do."

The incense man was indeed at the mall. He had what Player needed, but he wouldn't sell him any less than forty doses, especially when Player told him what they were for."You're fighting a mountain of a man, my son. You'll need it."
"But that's more than three thousand. Where do I get that kind of money?"
"Bring this package to the slums. Take it to this address. Take whatever the man gives you and bring it back here. Do all this, without getting stopped, and you get three grand, or the medicine."

Player did as he was told. When he returned with a different package, he opted for the concoctions over the cash.
He needed one more chat with Charm before the fight. Now knowing the protocol, he simply went to the pub, returned her gaze, and headed to the back room.
"I need something that he will be surprised I know." He whispered in her ear as he slipped behind her. "A first name, a nickname."
She hiked her skirt to receive him. "Nobody knows his true name."
"How about a name in jest? Something sure to get a rise out of him?"
"I know JUST the name." It was her turn to gasp, as Player parted her thighs. "He once reacted in horror when a cricket was found in his shoe at the gym. Ryuji told him he should be tested for bugs. See how he reacts to 'Tesuto no bagu' ". 
Testbug? "Thanks."

The fight began. Player assumed a defensive position; this was no easy task, as the downward blows from the King stung each time. A quick blow to the behemoth's midsection allowed H to take quick breath and covertly consume the pill taped to his wrist. In trying to defend his underbelly, the giant was surprised by a cross that caught enough chin to stagger him.
H took the opportunity to sneak more medicine. He kept the pattern going; after receiving a flurry of blows, he would find a vulnerability, then a second.

He noticed his adversary becoming more worn down and less confident. Then both fighters saw Ryuji move to the Bloody King's corner. 
"You may need to hit your reset button, old man." H mocked his opponent.
Bloody King responded in punches.They still stung!
"You look tired. Maybe a fresh start would be good?"
More blows.
"This time you may need some help. For your next fight, call yourself Tesuto no Bagu."
Testbug. Behind the Bloody King, Ryuji let out a laugh. As the Bloody King turned in anger and betryal toward his boss, Player put every ounce left in his body into an uppercut. The big man left his feet and crashed to the canvas.

The smile left Ryuji's face. Player returned his ever darkening gaze. But there was something more important he had to do. As the fallen goliath stayed sprawled face down on the canvas, H undid the big man's belt and slid it out from under his body. He held it over his head as the patrons cheered, save one.
"That belt will be mine! Challenge me, Player!"
Player held the belt in front. "As it is now my belt, it is up to me to choose when I defend it. I may consider you."
He put the belt on. "Should you be worthy enough."
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