Hit Points III - A New Alliance
Player wanted to thank his courtesan spy for all her help. He walked into the pub, ready to embrace her.
The pub was quiet. There was a presence in the center of the room. The Bloody King himself occupied the center table surrounded by unoccupied chairs. Even the bartender had left.
His ring adversary stood. And bowed.
Player returned the honor. He was the belt holder, after all.
"You have been to the incense master, young one." King held up his oversized forearm. "See what you would have had if you purchased the mass pills instead."
He knew. They both knew. Player sensed that he was no longer Ryuji's designated hitter.
"What will you do now?"Player inquired.
"I don't know. I had such a great job stealing necklaces from schoolboys."
"You could teach people. Train. Player offered his hand. "Starting with me."
"Ryuji has resources. He didn't learn on the streets. He probably had sensei teaching him to walk. You cannot learn anything luke that in a short time."
"But yet he needed you for the dirty stuff. He must have vulnerabilities.
"You mean, other than keeping his hands clean and his face pretty?"
Player laughed. "Exactly."
King walked around him. "He has speed. You will need bulk to put up with his combos, because you cannot escape them. Especially at the start. You will need endurance. His longer reach will not help him if his arms are tired."
"When do we start?"
"Tomorrow. My training table has no alcohol. He walked to the bar. And tonight, we drink."

Clad in sweats and without makeup, Bloody King still cut a formitable figure. Player greeted him at the door.
"Do I still call you the Bloody King?"
"Sensei will be fine."
Player took that as a sign to not call him 'Testbug' again."
"We'll train here as long as we're alone. Ryuji rarely comes here. But I must keep vigilant for his other eyes.
So if I occasionally disappear, that's why."
"But will you still be in my corner on fight day?"
"Yes. But if you want my help, I must be abke to survive until that day. Speaking of survive..."
In the big man's hand were two capsules. "This is the mass pill. These are my last two. You already know where to get more. It would be wise for you to stock up."
In other words, I buy my own, thought Player. That meant more runs to the slums for the incense man.

The sensei turned out to be a stern, demanding coach. Drills, stretches, and sparring took up Player's day. When the training was over, he dragged himself next door to the pub. He knew he couldn't drink, but yhat's not what he was looking for.

Charm cleared a table in back, and began his second workout of the day by attacking the new knots in his muscles with a vigorous massage. Starting with his neck and back, she pushed and pried the pain away. after she finished his legs, she slapped his butt.
"What was that for?"
"I'm trying to find somewhere you're not sore."
"How about right here?" As Player turned over, he was clearly at attention.
Charm smiled. "I WAS going to save that for later. I need to get to these shoulders first."
She lowered her panties and climbed on top of his chest. "Of course, as long as I'm in the neighborhood..."