Hit Points IV- TLC for Kotomi
"Player, where have you been?"
Kotomi sounded worried. "You haven't been at school."
"I've been busy."
"If you're not at school, you can't see my new routine."
Priorities. Neither of them liked the school part of school. But Player would occasionally joined Kotomi as she did her gymnastic training.While he clearly did not understand what a ball and a stick with a streamer had to do with gymnastics, it seemed important to her. Besides, there are worse things a guy could do than have a pretty girl dance for him.
"I'll be there. Give me 30 minutes."

"Watch this. " Kotomi twirled around, her stick and streamer her dance partner. The routines all looked the same to Player, and each tine she seemed to do it flawlessly.
But this time, before the music ended, she stopped and then sat down in frustration.
"What's wrong?"
"It's my ankle. I can't turn the way I want to without soreness. "
She took her shoe off. "Could you rub it for me?"
Player sat down next to her and rubbed her foot. He worked up to the ankle then the calf. When he moved above the knee she stopped him.
"It's my foot, silly." 
She moved his hands back down. He rubbed her foot again. But as she raised it up, he started to tickle the under side of it.
She giggled, but tried to stop herself.
"No. Be serious. A lady's foot is sonething to be admired. Treat it right. Pamper it. Here, give it a kiss."
Player reluctantly did. You couldnt pay me to do this, he thought.
Then he got an idea.
"Hey, I know a person at my gym that can help. She's really good at this."
"Works there. I'll get you set up with her."

Charm had spruced up the back room of the pub with a couple of towels. She had charged Player double for this service, plus a few more dollars to cover some added expenses. They agreed to a story that the therapy tables were here because the gym was being painted.
When Player had come to her to ask her to act as a therapist for Kotomi, she playfully asked, "Is that all?"
Player told her Kotomi's ideas about how to treat a lady's foot. Charm remembered that she had just the right solution- literally. An unopened bottle of edible oil should do the trick.

"Why are we back here?" Kotomi was not used to gyms looking like bars. Or therapy rooms looking like back rooms of bars.
"They're painting next door. You caught us on a bad day." Charm played it perfectly. She was in sweats and a polo, and looked professionally believable as a gym attendant. Shooing Player out the door, she locked the door behind her and handed her a towel.
She turned her back. "Just change and hop up on the table."
Charm started with a standard rubdown of Kotomi's shoulders and back. She skipped her ass, going straight for the hamstrings and calves. When she finished, she motioned for her to flip over.

Kotomi's towel hiked up a bit as Charm worked on her quads, but instead of adjusting the towel she covered her modesty with her hand. As she finished up her shins, Charm said , "I have a treat for you."
Taking a dab of the oil she started to work it into the ball of the right foot. 
"Feet are strong. You need to be good to them. How does that feel?
"Very nice."
Another dab. She lightly moistened the area between her toes. "You must work them a lot. They are very strong but calloused. Are you a dancer?"
"That explains the strong toes." She spread the oil like light frosting on the toes of Kotomi's foot, then raised them up near her face. 
"Bet they haven't smelled this good ilin a while." She playfully kissed the big toe, then set it back down, careful to glance at Kotomi's face for a reaction. Seeing a smile, she knew to proceed. The second set of toes got the oil treatment as well. As she finished, she raised the left foot to her lips. This time, her kiss lingered on the big toe. She kissed each of the other toes, then returned to the big toe. Placing her tongue in the gap between the first and second toe, she followed the crease under each, teasing them from behind. When she got to the little toe, she looked down to see Kotomi's reaction.
The hand was still in place but Kotomi's thumb was hard at work, moving back and forth over her clit. Quick gasps could be heard as her other hand grasped the table edge. 
Charm nibbled on the little toe before taking it in, then out of her mouth. She rolled her tongue behind the other toes again before stopping at the big toe. She opened her mouth for the big toe; as her tongue traced circles around the base, 
Kotomi was biting her lip and her eyes were closed. Her thumb was still occupied, but her fingers had joined in, furiously working her slit until it gave way. As her fingers began to disappear, her hips rose slightly to meet them.
Charm continued to work the toes until Kotomi's bucking hips made it dangerous to do so. She she stopped, holding the lady's foot in the air, and watched as Kotomi finished off her orgasm.
Kotomi looked sheepish as she cooled off. "S-SSorry. I don't know what came over me."
"It's quite all right," Charm assured her. "Get dressed, and let's get you something cold to drink."

As they left the back room they saw Player waiting at the table.
"How's the ankle?"
"Wonderful!" Kotomi blurted out. "I mean, it feels great."
Player reached for his wallet, but Charm stopped him.
"Don't thank me, she said with a wink. "She did all the work!"
  • Soham Banerjee And yes,if you will continue writing such refreshing and new stories,you have my full support.It not that I dislike your other stories from existing scenes of game,but I prefer the new ones more.Keep up the good work.
    • kotomifan Thanks again. I'm finishing up the fight story arc and starting a new story line. Some familiar territory and a few new surprises. Hope it's as much fun to read as it is to write!
      • Soham Banerjee Yes,it is.But honestly,I like reading the new ones.Make sure you arent in Hurry & end up writing average stuff.

        One more thing.Choose pictures according to the scene.
        E.G. If the even happens in School,choose the school uniform pics.
        Use Playful/Intelligent/Casual pics according to the stories
  • Soham Banerjee When I first saw that your name is Kotomifan,I was really happy.But when you started writing your stories,it seemed you were more of a simgirls fan rather than kotomi's fan.I thought your name is stupid.

    But I am glad to read this above story.Its so well written!!! Its superb & I love it
    .The only stupid thing is the name Charm.

    Another thing which I dont like is your choice of pictures.
    Criminal looks really bad,you should choose the other character types as Player's face.

    Also try to imagine some better names instead of Charm!!!
    • kotomifan I appreciate the feedback. You don't pull punches!
      When I came up with the idea of a story based on the fight minigames, I had this idea about expanding the role of the "Charm" girl, whose sole function in the game is to up the Players Charm score. Finding no parallels in DNA2, I tried different names, but I kept trying to have to explain how the new character was related. I also wanted to expand the possible scope of story plots beyond the Kotomi-Player relationship to give her and her friends some new avenues to explore. Another user has already suggested a Tomoko based mystery.
      I do appreciate your assistance and look forward to your continued support.
      • Robin I actually really liked the name "Charm". I thought it was a pretty clever reference and kind of suits the character as well.

        "Player" is a worse choice for a name but you've already changed that in your newer stories. But always good to get some feedback as writing is a learning process :)
      • Soham Banerjee But still I feel your main focus should be Kotomi.The reason I am saying this is SimMan might get some ideas to develop her character from your stories.Tomoko is 100% completed & is no more a mystery.
        Now coming to the name,you may use any name,it doesnt have to be DNA^2 based.

        And yes,I am very straightforward & I just typed all my thoughts about both plus & minus points.