Hit Points VI- The Night Before the Fight
Player sensed something was wrong when his sensei didn't greet him at the door of the gym. He had been warned by the firmer Bloody King that there were "eyes" at the gym, but as practice after practice had gone without a hitch, he had let his guard down. They both had.
In the locker room, a formidable sized man lay in his side. Behind him was an open locker. Player's locker. It had been rifled through.
He touched the big man's shoulder. A bloodied head turned his way.
"There is safety in numbers." Placing a meaty hand over the gash on his forehead, he used his other hand to prop himself up.
"Who did this?"
"Ryuji's men." The injured man stood and looked at the locker behind him. "They were probably here to shake us up the day before the match."
Player's stash of pain meds was gone. "They have all the medicine. Now Ryuji has it."
"Yeah. I tried to tell them it was just a Viagra knockoff you sold around here for pocket money. I don't know if they bought it."
"We need to get you to a hospital."
"Too many questions. The cops will be down, then we'll both be tied up. Get me next door. There's a little redhead, who's always there. She'll know what to do."Stained towels covered the big man's body. The red haired courtesan dabbed the blood away.
"Lie still."
"I can't. I'm falling."
He was too big for the table. He held onto the edge as she worked. Whenever he flinched in pain, he started to lose balance.
"Player. Help me."
Player advanced to the table to help.
"There's a drawer over there. My purse is in it. Grab a few of the pillboxes and bring them here."
Player opened the purse. A few vials were hidden among the hairbrushes and makeup. A couple of them looked just like...
"Hey, these are mine!"
The girl he knew as Charm looked over. "You're not the only once who knows the incense man, Player. And he needs them more than you do right now. In fact, I could use a few more."
"But the mall is closed."
"There's a little shop near the mall that's still open. Curio shop. Ask for Sana."The store was locked up, tight.
Player began to worry. Even if they hadn't even if there was a million pill bottles, it didn't do either of them much good if the store was closed.
He knocked once more, out of frustration.
A tall blonde figure answered the door.
"I need your help. My friend is hurt and I need some of these pain meds."
She looked at the pillbox and frowned. "Who set you?"
"I don't know a Charm."
"Red hair. Works at the pub."
"Akage." A smile passed her lips as she opened the door. She walked to the counter, then turned to the bins behind it.
"Hate to tell you this. I think I'm out."
I went a long time without selling those. Then today, a man came in and bought me out." She fished her hand around. "Here's a couple you can have."
"Do you have any more. In back, maybe?"
"I can't give you something I don't have. Maybe more will come in next week."
"I haven't got until next week. The fight is tomorrow."
"The what?"
"I...I need them, too." He held out his hand with money.
"You got a bunch of money there. Can I get you something else?"
Player thought for a minute. He suddenly remembered where 10 more bottles were. They were among the items he had given Ami for her time machine. He assumed that she didn't need them right away. In fact she may not miss them, if they did not appear to be gone.
On the counter were a box of 'male enhancement' vitamins, in a pillbox similar to the meds. He pointed to the box.
"I'll take ten of those."

Ami's house was dark. The garage lights were open- while the big door was closed, the light from the garage streamed out of the side door window. Player thought that Ami might be working on her time machine in there. He was not sure how he might make the switch. He was just about to knock when he looked inside.
Ami was there with Kotomi. The time machine held their costumes as the appeared to be changing.Kotomi held up her costume. "What do you think?"
"Try it!"
"I will." She smiled as she quickly undressed. Completely.
"What are you doing?"
"I bought this to go with it. I got one for you, too." Kotomi held out a thong and tossed it to her friend. She slipped on a second one, but continued to stand topless in the flicker of the flourescent light.
"OK." Ami followed suit, slipping her t-shirt and jeans off. She placed the thong on the time machine as she turned away from Kotomi as she slipped her panties off.
The sight of her friend, naked in the garage, gave Kotomi thoughts she never thought she would have. Instinctively, her hand moved forward to touch her friend's bare behind.From Player's vantage point, he saw Kotomi reach for Ami's fanny as her friend kicked her leg up to remove her panty. Ami reacted, turning slightly towards her. The resulting action knocked her costume and thong off of the machine.
As she squatted down to get it, a small mouse darted out from under the machine.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Ami's first instinct was to run. Which she did, directly out of the garage, right past Player. The shifting light reflections uncovered him. He smiled sheepishly at Kotomi.
Kotomi wondered if he saw her reach for Ami. "Wh-why are you here?"
"I have something for Ami. OK if I come in?"
"In a minute." Kotomi threw her top back on, and stood aside as Player made his way to Ami's supply shelf.
He made the switch as he pretended to add to the box marked "Time Machine Supplies." He filled his pockets with the pain meds and turned to leave.
"You're coming to the fight tomorrow?"
"Of course."
"Tell Ami to come, too." He smiled. "And tell her I love her new outfit."
  • Robin I wonder what would happen when you travel through time using "male enhancement" pills :p