A Dark Grey Idea: Wardrobe Malfunctions (se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com)
As you're about to leave the bar, you remember what the Big Don said about making movies. So you ask the bartender what the cost would be for the movie of Tomoko doing it doggy style in the stalls.
Fifty thousand, Toreda replies.  But the price goes up the longer you wait.

"I knew you'd call..."
It's still Day 1. The Big Don messages you to join him at the mall. He introduces you to Akage, the shopkeeper.
"Suits are normally 100 bucks here. But this one's on me."
You look into the mirror. Its a very charming suit (20 points of charming, to be exact).
Don explains that Akira's tutoring and BK's training also costs money, but also raise stats.
You bring up Toreda's price for the Tomoko movie.
"Yeah, they all got that. Take this lady, for example. Miss, come here."
After he confides in her that youre not a cop. she smiles.
"Filmed it right in here. Tomoko and some guy. Multiple hidden camera angles. Clear footage and very explicit."
"How much?"
"Fifty K." Akage pauses. "For now."
"It's like that all over town, my friend," adds the Big Don. "Wherever you go, people have their price."