Hit Points

  • A Dark Grey Idea: Wardrobe Malfunctions
    As you're about to leave the bar, you remember what the Big Don said about making movies. So you ask the bartender what the cost would be for the movie of Tomoko doing it doggy style in the stalls.
    Fifty thousand, Toreda replies.  But the price goes up the longer you wait.

    "I knew you'd call..."
    It's still Day 1. The Big Don messages you to join him at the mall. He introduces you to Akage, the shopkeeper.
    "Suits are normally 100 bucks here. But this one's on me."
    You look into the mirror. Its a very charming suit (20 points of charming, to be exact).
    Don explains that Akira's tutoring and BK's training also costs money, but also raise stats.
    You bring up Toreda's price for the Tomoko movie.
    "Yeah, they all got that. Take this lady, for example. Miss, come here."
    After he confides in her that youre not a cop. she smiles.
    "Filmed it right in here. Tomoko and some guy. Multiple hidden camera angles. Clear footage and very explicit."
    "How much?"
    "Fifty K." Akage pauses. "For now."
    "It's like that all over town, my friend," adds the Big Don. "Wherever you go, people have their price."
  • Hit Points VII- Player vs. Ryuji

    Player had a calmness he had never felt before. He would not need anger to beat Ryuji the way he had defeated Snakeman. He did not need treachery to beat Ryuji the way he had defeated the Bloody King.

    He smiled at his opponent in the opposite corner, taking quietly to Tomoko. How easy it would be to walk over to Ryuji and Tomoko and say, "I gave your girl a pearl necklace the other day. With this!"

    Player did not need to win that way. Not today. Because today, he was the champion, and Ryuji was only a challenger.

    The fight began. Ryuji was exactly the fighter Sensei said he would be - he darted back and forth, occasionally landing blows and darting out of the way. This was supposed to annoy Player into chasing him, allowing Ryuji to fight from a position of strength. Instead, Player stayed in the center, rotating slightly when Ryuji came close, in order to level his own blows.
    "You don't fight like a champion. You fight like an old man!"
    Ryuji's taunt was meant for both Player and his coach.

    "I'm just waiting for you to get started," replied Player.

    "I've landed a lot more blows than you have."

    "Really? I hadn't noticed."

    "Try this one." Ryuji practically charged him. Player ducked them gave his opponent a blow to the midsection. As Ryuji staggered away, Player gracefully sucked a pain pill out of his glove, and waited for his return.

    Ryuji was still moving around, but he had clearly taken it down a notch. After Player delivered a combo, his opponent reached out and grabbed him in a clinch. Player pushed him away. "First you were fast dancing, now we are slow dancing? Ryuji, you entered the wrong contest. The dance competition is next door."

    This angered Ryuji, but he seemed to be able to do less and less about it. His latest charge left him more vulnerable to Player's combos. As Ryuji moved away, H took more medicine. Player was looking for the opportunity to put a glove to Ryuji's face. A badly thrown haymaker from Ryuji was his first chance and he took. One two three blows caught the cheek and jaw of his adversary. Player stepped back to admire his work, and to get Ryuji to chase him.

    It took a moment for his enemy to respond. The man in the ring with him looked stunned; the smile was gone, and the rage seemed to be draining.

    "I'm over here, Ryuji."

    As Ryuji lumbered forward, fists in front of his face, Player caught him again. This time, five blows, hit the cheek, the jaw, and the nose. As Ryuji turned, Player caught Tomoko's reaction to her beau's new look. It was a cringe.

    Player was not sure what kept Ryuji in the ring, but he relished the opportunity. All the moments came flooding back to him. The stolen necklace. The fast car. The look Ryuji gave Player when the girls wanted to talk with him. As Ryuji shuffled over to try to get another punch in, Player let loose. One two three four five six seven. It was the fiercest combo he had ever delivered. What was left of Ryuji fell backward. Player retreated and waited for the count and verdict.

    The rest was a blur. A quick bow to his new friend and sensei. A hug and kiss from Kotomi. A check, stuffed into his hand.
    There was one clear moment. He looked up and saw, over in the corner of the gym, a red-haired figure at the door heading out. Then, the girl, who he now knew as Akage, smiled back.

    • Robin I loved the story. A lot of very clever references and also a couple of interesting twists :)

      I understand where you got the (nick)name "H" from, but it kind of confused me at first though as you've always used the name "Player" before. That's the only remark I have really.
  • Hit Points VI- The Night Before the Fight
    Player sensed something was wrong when his sensei didn't greet him at the door of the gym. He had been warned by the firmer Bloody King that there were "eyes" at the gym, but as practice after practice had gone without a hitch, he had let his guard down. They both had.
    In the locker room, a formidable sized man lay in his side. Behind him was an open locker. Player's locker. It had been rifled through.
    He touched the big man's shoulder. A bloodied head turned his way.
    "There is safety in numbers." Placing a meaty hand over the gash on his forehead, he used his other hand to prop himself up.
    "Who did this?"
    "Ryuji's men." The injured man stood and looked at the locker behind him. "They were probably here to shake us up the day before the match."
    Player's stash of pain meds was gone. "They have all the medicine. Now Ryuji has it."
    "Yeah. I tried to tell them it was just a Viagra knockoff you sold around here for pocket money. I don't know if they bought it."
    "We need to get you to a hospital."
    "Too many questions. The cops will be down, then we'll both be tied up. Get me next door. There's a little redhead, who's always there. She'll know what to do."Stained towels covered the big man's body. The red haired courtesan dabbed the blood away.
    "Lie still."
    "I can't. I'm falling."
    He was too big for the table. He held onto the edge as she worked. Whenever he flinched in pain, he started to lose balance.
    "Player. Help me."
    Player advanced to the table to help.
    "There's a drawer over there. My purse is in it. Grab a few of the pillboxes and bring them here."
    Player opened the purse. A few vials were hidden among the hairbrushes and makeup. A couple of them looked just like...
    "Hey, these are mine!"
    The girl he knew as Charm looked over. "You're not the only once who knows the incense man, Player. And he needs them more than you do right now. In fact, I could use a few more."
    "But the mall is closed."
    "There's a little shop near the mall that's still open. Curio shop. Ask for Sana."The store was locked up, tight.
    Player began to worry. Even if they hadn't even if there was a million pill bottles, it didn't do either of them much good if the store was closed.
    He knocked once more, out of frustration.
    A tall blonde figure answered the door.
    "I need your help. My friend is hurt and I need some of these pain meds."
    She looked at the pillbox and frowned. "Who set you?"
    "I don't know a Charm."
    "Red hair. Works at the pub."
    "Akage." A smile passed her lips as she opened the door. She walked to the counter, then turned to the bins behind it.
    "Hate to tell you this. I think I'm out."
    I went a long time without selling those. Then today, a man came in and bought me out." She fished her hand around. "Here's a couple you can have."
    "Do you have any more. In back, maybe?"
    "I can't give you something I don't have. Maybe more will come in next week."
    "I haven't got until next week. The fight is tomorrow."
    "The what?"
    "I...I need them, too." He held out his hand with money.
    "You got a bunch of money there. Can I get you something else?"
    Player thought for a minute. He suddenly remembered where 10 more bottles were. They were among the items he had given Ami for her time machine. He assumed that she didn't need them right away. In fact she may not miss them, if they did not appear to be gone.
    On the counter were a box of 'male enhancement' vitamins, in a pillbox similar to the meds. He pointed to the box.
    "I'll take ten of those."

    Ami's house was dark. The garage lights were open- while the big door was closed, the light from the garage streamed out of the side door window. Player thought that Ami might be working on her time machine in there. He was not sure how he might make the switch. He was just about to knock when he looked inside.
    Ami was there with Kotomi. The time machine held their costumes as the appeared to be changing.Kotomi held up her costume. "What do you think?"
    "Try it!"
    "I will." She smiled as she quickly undressed. Completely.
    "What are you doing?"
    "I bought this to go with it. I got one for you, too." Kotomi held out a thong and tossed it to her friend. She slipped on a second one, but continued to stand topless in the flicker of the flourescent light.
    "OK." Ami followed suit, slipping her t-shirt and jeans off. She placed the thong on the time machine as she turned away from Kotomi as she slipped her panties off.
    The sight of her friend, naked in the garage, gave Kotomi thoughts she never thought she would have. Instinctively, her hand moved forward to touch her friend's bare behind.From Player's vantage point, he saw Kotomi reach for Ami's fanny as her friend kicked her leg up to remove her panty. Ami reacted, turning slightly towards her. The resulting action knocked her costume and thong off of the machine.
    As she squatted down to get it, a small mouse darted out from under the machine.
    "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Ami's first instinct was to run. Which she did, directly out of the garage, right past Player. The shifting light reflections uncovered him. He smiled sheepishly at Kotomi.
    Kotomi wondered if he saw her reach for Ami. "Wh-why are you here?"
    "I have something for Ami. OK if I come in?"
    "In a minute." Kotomi threw her top back on, and stood aside as Player made his way to Ami's supply shelf.
    He made the switch as he pretended to add to the box marked "Time Machine Supplies." He filled his pockets with the pain meds and turned to leave.
    "You're coming to the fight tomorrow?"
    "Of course."
    "Tell Ami to come, too." He smiled. "And tell her I love her new outfit."
    • Robin I wonder what would happen when you travel through time using "male enhancement" pills :p
  • Hit Points V- Secrets and Lies
    Player noticed a difference as he walked through the mall. Heads were turning to look at him. And they seemed to like what they saw. His clothing of choice today was a t-shirt that stretched across his taut frame.
    His sensei was doing what he promised-his arms and upper body were getting ripped. 
    Even the normally coy Tomoko seemed quite happy to see him. For once, she initiated the conversation. He played it cool, letting her talk, then saying he had to work.
    "We sell coffee now. Drop by later, if you like."
    Player had started to work at the incense store, in addition to his delivery work. He would work the front of the store while the storekeeper worked on his inventory in back. It was his idea to set up a mini cafe with coffee cans, tables and flowers from the store. It worked; girls would stop by to sip coffee and chat. When he wasn't jumping up to serve them, H sat back, happy to be getting paid for the privilege. He used the extra cash to spring for drinks or gifts. He also found himself contributing to Ami's bizarre list of requirements for her time machine.

    He knew, like everyone else did, that Tomoko always seemed to drift back to Ryuji. But today, that didn't bother him. In fact, Tomoko might be the perfect messenger to invite Ryuji to fight. 
    He texted his sensei. Am I ready for Ryuji?
    The reply came a minute later. In a week you will be more ready.

    Player closed the door of the shop and turned the key. His daily pay warmed his pocket. As he turned, he realized he wasn't alone.
    Tomoko had changed clothes since he'd seen her last. Her hands were in the pockets of her leather jacket. Underneath was a paper thin knit white jumper, whose lower edge failed to completely cover her butt. Black laced boots finished the look.
    "Do you want to do something, H?"
    Play it cool, he thought. Try not to react like you've won the lottery.
    "I don't know, it's been a long day..."
    "Good. Come on." She took his hand. H soon realized he was headed...for the clothing store.

    Tomoko took him through the mostly empty store to the fitting area, chatting all the way about this and that. She entered the change station alone. The curtain did not go all the way across, and soon he could see the little white jumper on the floor.
    He opened the curtain and closed it behind him. She stood, waiting for him, in a blue bra and the thinnest thong imaginable. Within moments, both articles joined the jumper on the floor.

    Kotomi had been pricing workout clothes when she sensed two figures walking by. She stood, stunned, as she saw Tomoko and Player disappear into the dressing room. She crept closer until she heard the unmistakable sounds of two people definitely not trying on clothes. She returned the leotard to the wrong rack as she raced outside.
    Why? She asked herself as she left the mall. WHY? The tears were starting to well up. A far off glimpse of a red haired woman made her pause.
    Had Player known what she had done with the woman in the pub? She needed to know. She had plenty of money from not shopping, so she flagged down the nearest taxi.

    Her "trainer" was in her other work clothes. Things were beginning to make sense to Kotomi, but she needed more answers. She only got one.
    "Thirty, or I won't say a word."

    The training table was untouched from before. Almost by instinct, Kotomi jumped up on it. 
    "How's the ankle?"
    "You're no trainer. I don't know what you are, but you're no trainer."
    "I've had to pretend to be a lot of things. But I don't recall you limping when you left." She cradled Kotomi's foot in one hand and undid the lace with the other. "Rotate it."
    Kotomi did. She felt a warm hand embrace her instep as her shoe fell. Suddenly, she felt strange, and pulled it away.
    "I don't even know your name."
    "I tell the men to call me Charm."
    "That's a stupid name."
    "Men are stupid." She took a step toward Kotomi, twirling her hair in her fingers. "I tell my lovers to call me Akage."

    She bent down and kissed Kotomi on the mouth. She lingered a second and smiled. "Will you call me Akage?"
    Kotomi watched as her companion straightened back up. Akage slipped off each piece of clothing slowly, never  breaking eye contact.
    Kotomi stood up next to her, and returned her kiss.
    "My lovers just call me Kotomi." As if in a dream, she felt her clothes fall away from her. The cold of the room mixed with the warmth of Akage's hands. The chill of the fear of new experiences met with the warmth of Akage's tongue on her lips, on her neck, her breasts, belly, and even her...
  • Hit Points IV- TLC for Kotomi
    "Player, where have you been?"
    Kotomi sounded worried. "You haven't been at school."
    "I've been busy."
    "If you're not at school, you can't see my new routine."
    Priorities. Neither of them liked the school part of school. But Player would occasionally joined Kotomi as she did her gymnastic training.While he clearly did not understand what a ball and a stick with a streamer had to do with gymnastics, it seemed important to her. Besides, there are worse things a guy could do than have a pretty girl dance for him.
    "I'll be there. Give me 30 minutes."

    "Watch this. " Kotomi twirled around, her stick and streamer her dance partner. The routines all looked the same to Player, and each tine she seemed to do it flawlessly.
    But this time, before the music ended, she stopped and then sat down in frustration.
    "What's wrong?"
    "It's my ankle. I can't turn the way I want to without soreness. "
    She took her shoe off. "Could you rub it for me?"
    Player sat down next to her and rubbed her foot. He worked up to the ankle then the calf. When he moved above the knee she stopped him.
    "It's my foot, silly." 
    She moved his hands back down. He rubbed her foot again. But as she raised it up, he started to tickle the under side of it.
    She giggled, but tried to stop herself.
    "No. Be serious. A lady's foot is sonething to be admired. Treat it right. Pamper it. Here, give it a kiss."
    Player reluctantly did. You couldnt pay me to do this, he thought.
    Then he got an idea.
    "Hey, I know a person at my gym that can help. She's really good at this."
    "Works there. I'll get you set up with her."

    Charm had spruced up the back room of the pub with a couple of towels. She had charged Player double for this service, plus a few more dollars to cover some added expenses. They agreed to a story that the therapy tables were here because the gym was being painted.
    When Player had come to her to ask her to act as a therapist for Kotomi, she playfully asked, "Is that all?"
    Player told her Kotomi's ideas about how to treat a lady's foot. Charm remembered that she had just the right solution- literally. An unopened bottle of edible oil should do the trick.

    "Why are we back here?" Kotomi was not used to gyms looking like bars. Or therapy rooms looking like back rooms of bars.
    "They're painting next door. You caught us on a bad day." Charm played it perfectly. She was in sweats and a polo, and looked professionally believable as a gym attendant. Shooing Player out the door, she locked the door behind her and handed her a towel.
    She turned her back. "Just change and hop up on the table."
    Charm started with a standard rubdown of Kotomi's shoulders and back. She skipped her ass, going straight for the hamstrings and calves. When she finished, she motioned for her to flip over.

    Kotomi's towel hiked up a bit as Charm worked on her quads, but instead of adjusting the towel she covered her modesty with her hand. As she finished up her shins, Charm said , "I have a treat for you."
    Taking a dab of the oil she started to work it into the ball of the right foot. 
    "Feet are strong. You need to be good to them. How does that feel?
    "Very nice."
    Another dab. She lightly moistened the area between her toes. "You must work them a lot. They are very strong but calloused. Are you a dancer?"
    "That explains the strong toes." She spread the oil like light frosting on the toes of Kotomi's foot, then raised them up near her face. 
    "Bet they haven't smelled this good ilin a while." She playfully kissed the big toe, then set it back down, careful to glance at Kotomi's face for a reaction. Seeing a smile, she knew to proceed. The second set of toes got the oil treatment as well. As she finished, she raised the left foot to her lips. This time, her kiss lingered on the big toe. She kissed each of the other toes, then returned to the big toe. Placing her tongue in the gap between the first and second toe, she followed the crease under each, teasing them from behind. When she got to the little toe, she looked down to see Kotomi's reaction.
    The hand was still in place but Kotomi's thumb was hard at work, moving back and forth over her clit. Quick gasps could be heard as her other hand grasped the table edge. 
    Charm nibbled on the little toe before taking it in, then out of her mouth. She rolled her tongue behind the other toes again before stopping at the big toe. She opened her mouth for the big toe; as her tongue traced circles around the base, 
    Kotomi was biting her lip and her eyes were closed. Her thumb was still occupied, but her fingers had joined in, furiously working her slit until it gave way. As her fingers began to disappear, her hips rose slightly to meet them.
    Charm continued to work the toes until Kotomi's bucking hips made it dangerous to do so. She she stopped, holding the lady's foot in the air, and watched as Kotomi finished off her orgasm.
    Kotomi looked sheepish as she cooled off. "S-SSorry. I don't know what came over me."
    "It's quite all right," Charm assured her. "Get dressed, and let's get you something cold to drink."

    As they left the back room they saw Player waiting at the table.
    "How's the ankle?"
    "Wonderful!" Kotomi blurted out. "I mean, it feels great."
    Player reached for his wallet, but Charm stopped him.
    "Don't thank me, she said with a wink. "She did all the work!"
    • Soham Banerjee And yes,if you will continue writing such refreshing and new stories,you have my full support.It not that I dislike your other stories from existing scenes of game,but I prefer the new ones more.Keep up the good work.
    • Soham Banerjee When I first saw that your name is Kotomifan,I was really happy.But when you started writing your stories,it seemed you were more of a simgirls fan rather than kotomi's fan.I thought your name is stupid.

      But I am glad to read this above story.Its so well written!!! Its superb & I love it
      .The only stupid thing is the name Charm.

      Another thing which I dont like is your choice of pictures.
      Criminal looks really bad,you should choose the other character types as Player's face.

      Also try to imagine some better names instead of Charm!!!
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  • Hit Points III - A New Alliance
    Player wanted to thank his courtesan spy for all her help. He walked into the pub, ready to embrace her.
    The pub was quiet. There was a presence in the center of the room. The Bloody King himself occupied the center table surrounded by unoccupied chairs. Even the bartender had left.
    His ring adversary stood. And bowed.
    Player returned the honor. He was the belt holder, after all.
    "You have been to the incense master, young one." King held up his oversized forearm. "See what you would have had if you purchased the mass pills instead."
    He knew. They both knew. Player sensed that he was no longer Ryuji's designated hitter.
    "What will you do now?"Player inquired.
    "I don't know. I had such a great job stealing necklaces from schoolboys."
    "You could teach people. Train. Player offered his hand. "Starting with me."
    "Ryuji has resources. He didn't learn on the streets. He probably had sensei teaching him to walk. You cannot learn anything luke that in a short time."
    "But yet he needed you for the dirty stuff. He must have vulnerabilities.
    "You mean, other than keeping his hands clean and his face pretty?"
    Player laughed. "Exactly."
    King walked around him. "He has speed. You will need bulk to put up with his combos, because you cannot escape them. Especially at the start. You will need endurance. His longer reach will not help him if his arms are tired."
    "When do we start?"
    "Tomorrow. My training table has no alcohol. He walked to the bar. And tonight, we drink."

    Clad in sweats and without makeup, Bloody King still cut a formitable figure. Player greeted him at the door.
    "Do I still call you the Bloody King?"
    "Sensei will be fine."
    Player took that as a sign to not call him 'Testbug' again."
    "We'll train here as long as we're alone. Ryuji rarely comes here. But I must keep vigilant for his other eyes.
    So if I occasionally disappear, that's why."
    "But will you still be in my corner on fight day?"
    "Yes. But if you want my help, I must be abke to survive until that day. Speaking of survive..."
    In the big man's hand were two capsules. "This is the mass pill. These are my last two. You already know where to get more. It would be wise for you to stock up."
    In other words, I buy my own, thought Player. That meant more runs to the slums for the incense man.

    The sensei turned out to be a stern, demanding coach. Drills, stretches, and sparring took up Player's day. When the training was over, he dragged himself next door to the pub. He knew he couldn't drink, but yhat's not what he was looking for.

    Charm cleared a table in back, and began his second workout of the day by attacking the new knots in his muscles with a vigorous massage. Starting with his neck and back, she pushed and pried the pain away. after she finished his legs, she slapped his butt.
    "What was that for?"
    "I'm trying to find somewhere you're not sore."
    "How about right here?" As Player turned over, he was clearly at attention.
    Charm smiled. "I WAS going to save that for later. I need to get to these shoulders first."
    She lowered her panties and climbed on top of his chest. "Of course, as long as I'm in the neighborhood..."
  • Hit Points II- Player vs. Bloody King
    Ryuji had been Player's nemesis since the first day they met. Player knew that he had to fight him one day; but when that day would come, Player wanted to fight from a position of strength. He had to be a champion, and Ryuji would have to be a challenger.
    But how? Ryuji was no street punk; while his tastes now ran to fancy cars and fashionable clothing, at least some of his father's money had gone to coaching. In addition to martial arts, he was a master at swimming. The parlor trick that felled Snakeman would not work on Ryuji.
    There was only one other fighter Player knew that Ryuji might defer to. He was known to all as the Bloody King; he was tall, dense, and ripping with muscles. He also happened to be on Ryuji's gang. Player recalled the morning in the slums when a few quick blows from the Bloody King had left him unconscious, and short one necklace. Player pondered this. Why would the holder of the Belt be a simple bagman for Ryuji? When he fought in the ring, he had to be a fighter, not a mugger, didnt he?
    Either way, the Bloody King would easily defeat him at his current level. He needed guidance.
    He had first seen the working girl at the pub adjoining the gym. He had not approached her at first; instead, he watched her perform her transactions. One quick glance, and then she and her client would disappear to the back room. He would emerge first. She would return to her seat, open her compact, and reapply her makeup.
    At the gym, she worked out alone, in baggy clothes, away from the others. But when a bout was being announced, she wiuld drift over to the ring. She stood out among the sweaty, tattooed men, studying the challengers in the ring as if she were a scientist, studying new animals. she clearly knew more than she let on.
    When he finally spoke to her, the conversation was short. She would say nothing else to him, except to suggest he meet with her at the pub at midnight.
    He watched her walk into the bar. When their eyes met, she motioned to an empty table.
    As she sat down, she out a finger to her lips. "My name is Charm. Here's how this works. Trips to the backroom are $30. No ass, no kink, no bondage, no pain. Condoms are part of the deal; but you dispose of them."
    "I'm here to talk about fighting."
    "Not out here you're not." Charm pointed to the door. "Back there I can keep secrets - not here. You want to talk back there, I can't stop you. But the fee is the same. And of course, as long as we are back there..."
    When in Rome...
    A quick $30 later, and Player was in the hands of a master.
    "Ask away."
    She turned from him and flipped her skirt up. They worked as a team; she grinded into him, as he held her shoulders from behind and hung on. Somehow, he remembered his original purpose for being there.
    "Let's talk about Bloody King." he gasped. "Does he have a weakness?"
    "He's taller than you, wider than you, and has a longer arm length." Charm said, almost matter of factly. "Your only chance might be to outlast him."
    "How should I do that?" He was nearly breathless just banging away.
    "At a small shop in the mall is an incense salesman. He will sell you a package that when swallowed, will take your pain away. The medicine won't fix any new pain you get; you'll need more as the fight goes on. You may need a couple dozen in a fight with King. He is so used to people falling almost immediately, he may not know what to do with a long lasting man."
    She finally turned to look at him as he gave his final thrust. "But I do."

    The incense man was indeed at the mall. He had what Player needed, but he wouldn't sell him any less than forty doses, especially when Player told him what they were for."You're fighting a mountain of a man, my son. You'll need it."
    "But that's more than three thousand. Where do I get that kind of money?"
    "Bring this package to the slums. Take it to this address. Take whatever the man gives you and bring it back here. Do all this, without getting stopped, and you get three grand, or the medicine."

    Player did as he was told. When he returned with a different package, he opted for the concoctions over the cash.
    He needed one more chat with Charm before the fight. Now knowing the protocol, he simply went to the pub, returned her gaze, and headed to the back room.
    "I need something that he will be surprised I know." He whispered in her ear as he slipped behind her. "A first name, a nickname."
    She hiked her skirt to receive him. "Nobody knows his true name."
    "How about a name in jest? Something sure to get a rise out of him?"
    "I know JUST the name." It was her turn to gasp, as Player parted her thighs. "He once reacted in horror when a cricket was found in his shoe at the gym. Ryuji told him he should be tested for bugs. See how he reacts to 'Tesuto no bagu' ". 
    Testbug? "Thanks."

    The fight began. Player assumed a defensive position; this was no easy task, as the downward blows from the King stung each time. A quick blow to the behemoth's midsection allowed H to take quick breath and covertly consume the pill taped to his wrist. In trying to defend his underbelly, the giant was surprised by a cross that caught enough chin to stagger him.
    H took the opportunity to sneak more medicine. He kept the pattern going; after receiving a flurry of blows, he would find a vulnerability, then a second.

    He noticed his adversary becoming more worn down and less confident. Then both fighters saw Ryuji move to the Bloody King's corner. 
    "You may need to hit your reset button, old man." H mocked his opponent.
    Bloody King responded in punches.They still stung!
    "You look tired. Maybe a fresh start would be good?"
    More blows.
    "This time you may need some help. For your next fight, call yourself Tesuto no Bagu."
    Testbug. Behind the Bloody King, Ryuji let out a laugh. As the Bloody King turned in anger and betryal toward his boss, Player put every ounce left in his body into an uppercut. The big man left his feet and crashed to the canvas.

    The smile left Ryuji's face. Player returned his ever darkening gaze. But there was something more important he had to do. As the fallen goliath stayed sprawled face down on the canvas, H undid the big man's belt and slid it out from under his body. He held it over his head as the patrons cheered, save one.
    "That belt will be mine! Challenge me, Player!"
    Player held the belt in front. "As it is now my belt, it is up to me to choose when I defend it. I may consider you."
    He put the belt on. "Should you be worthy enough."
    • Robin I finally get why it got more expensive to raise your charm. It seems you get more than just sex from her these days :p
  • Hit Points I- Player vs. Snakeman
    Player had been to gyms before, but this one was different. A good different. It smelled like blood. Sweat. Anger. It had free weights for power, bags for technique, and a sweet little honey named Charm to ease the aches away. But most importantly, it had just the right clientele, as far as Player was concerned. Everyone Player had a reason to hate in this town was here.
    An upcoming tournament would allow Player to inflict pain on his tormenters. And if he did it right, he would even get paid for taking his revenge.
    Tonight's draw was Player against a punk cocky enough to call himself Snakeman. Snake in the grass, Player muttered. His memory was still fresh about how he and Kotomi had been jumpèd by Snakeman and his partner. He had fought him off enough for the punks to give up and run away. There was nowhere to run in the ring. He wondered if Snakeman remembered that night.
    He will, thought Player. He will.
    The bell for Round 1 rang. While Player assumed the proper stance, the punk jiggled his hands to his sides.
    No technique, huh? Player wished he'd known that on the night he got jumped. He weighed his options. Should he try to knock him out, or play with him a while?
    He had ignored Snakeman's trash talk at first. Now it was time to join in.
    "A tough man, are you?" he menaced his opponent.
    "You could say that. Tougher than you."
    "Where did you train? Who was your dojo?"
    "I don't need some fancy coach."
    Amateur. "I see. So you're a street fighting man?"
    "Best in this town."
    "Oh, you own this town?" Player threw a jab. Snakeman didn't so much defend it as avoid it.
    "Do you? I bet they shake in their boots when they see you." A jab. A combo. He blocked a couple of Snakeman's wet noodle returns.
    "Yeah that's right."
    "I bet they put their hands in the air." Player moved his hands about his face. "Oh, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. Do their hands go this high, Mr. Tough Guy?"
    Snakeman hadn't caught on. "No, higher."
    "How high?"
    "This high."
    Snakeman put both his hands in the air, leaving himself completely defenseless. Player saw his opportunity. One haymaker right to the jaw, and Snakeman was on his way to the canvas.
    Player backed away for the count, but he knew his opponent was out cold. He looked in the corner to see his opponent's accomplice.
    "Tell your buddy when he wakes up, that Snakeman is a good name for him. Because a snake wouldn't be able to lay a glove on me, either."

    As he walked over to get his prize, he saw Ryuji off to the side, flanked by his goons. Ryuji returned his stare. Neither man nodded, or blinked. 
    Player collected his thoughts. The next challenge would not be so easy. But things of value rarely are.