Go for the Gold VIII- Elimination Round
Kotomi and Karin talked after Player left. The poor girl seemed lost. As Kotomi understood it, she was supposed to do whatever to Junta, then just hang around for 100 days. She also thought of Junta, who sat quietly in class and occasionally on the stands. His life could probably use a change.
"Karin, I know how you can talk to Junta. But maybe you should do it more delicately. He's a friend of mine, and you might try to get to know him."
"But how?"
"Why don't you come to our school? Come to practice today. Junta likes to come to our practices. And here," Kotomi happened to have a clean shirt and shorts. "Don't you need these?"
"I have more in my locker. Meet me at the gym entrance in two hours."
She turned to get up. "Ever do gymnastics?"

Kotomi was a bit embarrassed when Junta did not show. Sensei seemed to buy her explanation of Player's absence, and did not seem to mind her teaching Karin about clubs. Karin picked up clubs very quickly, so much so that Kotomi asked when she would be ready to compete. 
"How can I when I don't go to this school?"
"Let me talk with Ms. Kudo. She's always been helpful to me. Besides, Junta is in her class with me. If you took that class, you would, too."

By Monday, team captain Kotomi had a full squad. Ami on hoop, Karin on clubs, Sana on ball, Tomoko on rope. And Kotomi was free to do her favorite event, ribbon. 
Sensei blew her whistle.
"Rematch with Sakura is Friday, ladies. Their school. The bus won't be available- find your way there by bus or car. Meet me there at six."
All the girls met in a team cheer embrace. As she joined them, Kotomi looked at the empty spot Junta always went to. He had not been in class either. Where was he?

Mori Iwasaki waited outside the pub for his sister to finish her workout next door. He wondered how much work she was doing, seeing as how Ryuji was now joining her every morning and evening. His mind reeled over what they could be doing in there - coupling on the mats, rutting in the showers. 
He looked at the empty area where the passenger side rear view mirror was. It had taken him some effort to remove the blood from last time. He thought that his efforts to eliminate his sister's rival team would begin and end when he cut off that driver, sending him into the yogurt shop. But that troll Junta told Mako that new gymnasts were trying to take their place. Now they had to go.
He wished his sister would realize all that he was doing for her.

The rematch went as well as could be expected. Ami and Karin were still learning their events, and their opposites on the Sakura side, Seia and Reiko posted a higher score. Sakura's Meimi managed to outperform Sana on ball, but just barely. After Tomoko put in a fine performance on rope, Sakura's coach notified the judge and Fukoma's coach that Mako Iwasaki would be performing on rope.
As she finished, Mako blew a kiss to a boy standing on her side. Ryuji took off his Fukoma jacket and playfully covered her head.
"That was astounding. I'm going to kidnap you and make you do that for Fukoma!"
She giggled as they headed out the gym door. For once, she cared little for how Kotomi would do on ribbon.

Junta had avoided going to Fukoma this week. But he knew about the meet against Sakura, and made the trip to see the meet. From his seat high up on the stands. Junta saw Ryuji cover Mako's head with his jacket and move to the door. As his anger welled up, he charged down the stands towards the door.
Player saw him. "Junta!"
Karin saw him next and approached him. "Junta, I need to talk with you."
"Out of my way!" A tearstained Junta moved to follow Ryuji and Mako out the door, nearly colliding with Mori in the process.
Karin tried to keep in stride. "Junta, you are going to very important in the future. You're the Mega Playboy!"
"Playboy?" Junta turned in anger. "Mako is the only girl I'm ever been with. She kissed me! She even did things with me! And now she's gone."
He turned to the door. "I'm going
to kill myself. And I'm going to take her with me."
He burst past Karin. Not knowing what else to do, she went back to the team to get Player.

Mori had passed by Ryuji leaving, with a girl covered in a jacket walking close. Last week, Ryuji had beaten him in swimming by a large margin. Mori remembered him effortlessly leaving the water to kiss his girlfriend. He wondered if that girl was her. Mako is going to be so pissed.
He walked in and saw to his surprise that Fukoma High now had a full squad. All his efforts to get rid of them were for naught. The girl Ryuji was with must be the cheerleader Tomoko that Junta told Mako about.
His eyes darkened. This time, he would do it right. Starting with Tomoko. And if it meant taking Ryuji out, so much the better. He headed down the hall to the student parking.

Tomoko saw Ryuji leave with Mako. She really missed Ryuji, and she could not believe how quickly Mako had taken him from her. Sure she cheated, but she was drunk. Mako had deliberately planned to take her man. And she had succeeded.
Player may have dumped her at the Enchanted Forest, but she never loved him. She loved Ryuji. And Ryuji had dumped her for this little slut. 
He had to die. And it wouldn't hurt if Mako went, either.
Ami saw her grab her keys. "Don't you want to know who won?"
"It doesn't matter. Ryuji is about to lose."

Mako saw that Ryuji had brought his fancy car to the event. She smiled.
"There's something I've always wanted to do in a car like this."
He smiled back. There's plenty of time for that. Let's go."
He was barely out of the parking lot when he could feel his pants being unzipped and Mako's warm lips going into action. It was then he checked his rear view mirror. Three cars, with their brights burning, were behind him and closing fast.
"I think we have company." He reached past her head and shifted gears. "Time to see how fast this thing can go."