Go for the Gold IX- Final Event
Tomoko gunned the car in pursuit of Ryuji. But as she came close, she saw Ryuji's hair whipping in the wind. So many times had she put her hands through that hair. She couldn't hurt him. Besides, if she did crash into him, she'd be that crazy ex-girlfriend. He'd never go near her.
Then Mako's head popped up.
Tomoko floored it.

Ryuji saw a car try to hit his rear bumper. He deftly moved to the left lane to avoid it. Just as quickly, it vanished from view.
Tomoko rolled her car onto the shoulder. She got out and leaned against the hood. The tears started to roll out. She WAS now, officially, the crazy ex-girlfriend.

Junta clutched the wheel even harder once he saw Mako. He floored his accelerator and braced for a crash. The car in front moved to the right before he could react.
The inside of his windshield suddenly filled up with something red. Was it blood, Junta asked himself. No. It was...vomit.
Embarrassed, he pulled over.

Ryuji looked over, half expecting Tomoko to smile back at him. It wasn't her. Mako was cute, and very talented(!) But...she wasn't Tomoko.
As he looked back in the rear view, he saw nothing but brights, closing in. He turned onto the bridge exit.

The Iwasaki family car did not turn as well as Ryuji's sports car. But Mori brought the car under control after a few fishtails. He soon joined his quarry in the bridge.
It was Mako's turn to look behind. The brighter lights of the bridge allowed her to see the car and its driver. Oh no, she thought. MORI!
Ryuji knew that there was a park entrance just beyond the end of the bridge. He would have to cross the opposing traffic to get there. As he cleared the last support, he made the turn.
Mori tried to follow. The car popped a tire, and started a gruesome roll across the traffic lanes.
Ryuji barely had time to stop the car before Mako jumped out, dashing to see her brother.

Player drove Karin to Junta's stopped car. Once she got out, she grabbed her gymbag and waved him away.
Reeking, Junta tried to avoid her gaze.
"Don't worry, Junta," Karin said as she pulled her gun out from her bag. "Your life is about to change."

Player pulled up behind Tomoko's car. He pulled a few wipes from the glove compartment and walked over.
"Thanks." After all she had done to him, how could he be so nice?
She looked away and daubed her eyes. "You know, I used to think that the greatest thing a boy could do for me is give me a teddy bear on the beach. Can you imagine?" 
"Sounds like a cheap date."
That made her laugh. But then, she stopped. "I owe you hundreds of apologies, Player. Where do I start?"
"You could start by beating Sakura in the finals." He offered his hand.
She stepped through his handshake and hugged him.
"Do teammates hug?" Player asked.
"Teammates hug." She broke the embrace and assumed a cheer pose. "Let's go Fukoma!"

Kotomi could hardly contain herself. Her team, assembled only recently, could actually beat Sakura High. While Ami's hoop efforts were noble, they still were not close to Seia's. However, Karin's determined clubs routine was almost on point with Reiko's. Sana had clearly remembered her past glory; her mastery of the ball scored higher than Meimi's.
Tomoko's rope routine was a wonder. Not only did she do well (and as she liked to say, look good doing it), her score allowed Fukoma to overtake Sakura. Their rivals would need a perfect performance to come back.

Mako Iwasaki would be performing on ribbon today. She had swapped with Mio in the last match when their team dominated Fukoma. But now, it mattered.
She knew that there were many eyes looking at her. Her team. Fukoma. The judges. Her dad, taking video that Mori may watch someday. There was even rumors that recruiters from Germany were in attendance. If only Ryuji were here!
She closed her eyes, and waited for the music to begin.

Mako knew from the cheers she did well. After a few big hugs from her teammates and sensei, she wanted to share this moment with Ryuji. She picked up her phone and dialed.
As he answered, she blurted out, "Ryuji, I aced it. You should have seen me!"
"Good job, Tomoko."
"Yeah, Mako. Good job."
Crushed, she looked over to Kotomi, getting a good luck kiss from her boyfriend. Glory was great, sharing it with somebody was better.
She hated Kotomi Takanashi.

The score for Mako came back, as close to perfect as possible. Kotomi would have to be perfect to overcome it. She looked at her friends and her coach. It would be the stuff of legends if they came all the way back. The Germans might even offer that scholarship.
She looked at the spiky haired guy who helped make it possible. Should she pursue her dream of international travel and fame? Or pursue another dream, skipping stones in the park with her new love?
Mako's performance had put her in a position to have to choose. And for that, she hated Mako Iwasaki.
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