Lessons of the Street IV: Canon Fire
Kotomi had heard Pachelbel's "Canon in D" so many times in practice that Jojo's mix of it seemed magical. There were drums, electronic sounds, snippets of other songs, even a rap. How does he do that, she wondered. She transferred the song to her phone and grabbed her portable speakers.
She browsed through various swimsuits. Since it was pretty cold out, she assumed Toreda did not want to swim. She found her cosplay top and some bikini bottoms. She posed herself in the mirror. A racy thought popped in her head- these have to be the two smallest clothes I own!
She put the outfit on after practice, then put her sweats over them.
Toreda did not have much to say, and he certainly waa not smiling today. Kotomi tried to break the ice.
"Did you get my text?"
He nodded.
"Did you smile?"
She heard was sounded like a laugh. She was making progress! "That's my mission today. To make you smile."

The drive was longer than expected. She had been to the mountain lake before, but not this late in the year. And she was going to wear a bikini?
"We're here." He stopped the car.
She grabbed her bag. "I forgot my ribbon."
"It's OK. Just pretend."

"Start with your regular routine," he instructed.
Kotomi went through the motions. Without her ribbon, and with the cold air on her skin, things felt different, awkward.
"Do you have Jojo's mix?"
She selected it. She heard the drums first and felt herself respknd. It was all the same moves, but somehow, it wss more fun. She was almost disappointed not to hear cheers.
"Try again with Jojo. This time, be the hip hop guy. NUMBER ONE."
Kotomi laughed as she added hip hop moves to her routine. The sand flew up as her steps dug rivets in the shoreline. The mix seemed designed to fit the moves. It was so much fun!
Toreda had considerably mellowed. He leaned back on his elbows, seemingly unaffected by the wind.
"Could you do number 3?"
"Twerking? No way!"
"Four, then."
"OK." She was actually proud of herself that she stood up to him. It did not seem to bother him, and she had just as much fun shuffling through. What would Sensei say? The judges? Would they care how great she felt?
"What's next?"
Toreda looked at her phone. "Can you use other music?"
"We're not supposed to."
"If you could, what would you use?"
She brightened up. "The You and Me Song!"
"Shame you couldn't use it." He tossed the phone down. "It's getting dark. We should go."

"Toreda, would you like to have supper with us? It's noodle soup."
"I didn't think you ate much. What are you, a 50 waist?"
"53, actually. 84, 53, 83."
He looked back outside the Takanashi's front door.
"I wouldn't be imposing?"
"Don't be silly. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up."
He went to the chair she pointed to; she turned to go upstairs.
Her clothes were sandy; it would feel good to remove them and step into the shower. She caught her naked reflection in the mirror.
His text chime went off. There was Kotomi, with her arm across her chest. The pic cut off at her navel, but it was obvious that she took it in the nude. I should tell her that I'm smiling, he told himself.
He wasn't.