Lessons of the Streets VII: Giving a Dog a bone
Kotomi looked puzzled. "You want me to call you Dog?"
The leather clad woman continued. "Fetch, stay, roll over, and speak will be taught today. He must be on all four paws and stay quiet. I am to reprimand him if he does not. Let's try a simple task. Dog! Shoes! Here!"
Toreda scampered over to the closet the best he could on his fists and knees. He tried to pick both shoes with his teeth, but failed. He brought one shoe to the woman.
"I said shoes!" The stranger whacked him once on the butt with a black whip. He noticeably cringed.
"Stop!" Kotomi cried.
"Sir, my instructions are simple. If you don't want me to whip Dog, reward him by petting him."
Kotomi agreed, not knowing what to think.
"Now, Dog, fetch the other shoe."
He turned back and retrieved the shoe in his teeth. As he walked back, he heard "Halt!". He stopped immediately, still holding the shoe in his teeth.
"Good Dog. You may pet him."
As Kotomi ran her hand through his hair, the woman approached.
"To roll over, bend your paws and lean over to the right. Now, roll over!"
He did as instructed, ending up on his back. Kotomi was smiling now, and reached over to rub his belly as if he were a dog.
His eyes darkened. The red haired woman saw his glare.
"Enough! Sit up!"
He got back on all fours.
"Now, speak!"
Toreda took his last glance at Kotomi's eyes. She looked so happy, so trusting. He knew more than ever what he should do.
"Kotomi, I am a dog. I'm a mongrel. A child of the streets. You have so much talent, and so much possibilities. All I can do is mess that up. I can't do that to you."
"But all that you taught me..."
"Is all I have to offer. Do those dances in your routine, and I think you'll win. But do them for you, not for me. All I do is destroy things."
He looked away. "This is where I'm from. The alleys are my playground. And the people here, including the ones who jumped you, I know who they are. And those two were high on my drugs when they came after you. "
Her smile disappeared. She had tears in her eyes. "Why???"
"This is who I am. Please go."
She ran into the bathroom. Toreda looked at the red haired woman, who also had teared up.
"That's either the most loving or the stupidest thing I've ever seen." Akage said quietly, rubbing her eyes. "Nobody has ever loved me that much."
"She can't love me. I don't deserve her."
Akage let go of the leash, and grasped the doorknob to leave. "I guess you'll never know, now."

Toreda knew he did the right thing by letting her go. The only other thing he could do was keep her competition busy. He popped the Viagra and some speed, took off the collar and got dressed.
Tomoko's phone was still awake. Hopefully, she was.

He scooped her up as she opened the door, still in her nightie. This time, Toreda and Tomoko made it all the way upstairs. He tossed her lightly on the bed and removed his pants.
"Well, Hello Superman!" Tomoko said to his member. "I hope you're not going to be faster than a speeding bullet!"
He felt her warm lips surround him as her tongue came in from below. His plan was to keep her going for as long as possible, then make sure that she slept thriugh the alarms. Athletes who don't attend classes that day cannot participate in the evening activities. if she was here with him, Kotomi would win her event.
Of course, for all this to work, he had to resist Tomoko's increasing rapid pace and extremely talented tongue.
He rolled her over on her back, and removed her panties. Then his tongue took a slow stroll from her belly button down. She gasped and let out an urgent moan as he used his tongue to add to the moisture of her increasing wet cleft. He let her relax and enjoy her first orgasm of the evening.
It wouldn't be her last.