Good Girls Gone Green (II): Opening Up
"You have nothing to be ashamed of." Haruko downed another sake.
"You're thin, tall, not an ounce of fat on you below your chest."
"But I haven't been with him."
"I believe you. The trouble is, he wouldn't have made this sketch if he wasn't going to go after you. And like I said, you wouldn't have minded a bit."
"Have you been together long?"
"On and off, a year. The summer before I started, his family invested in my father's new factory in Shenzhen. Dad flew the whole family to Germany, which is where I met him. I wasn't that into him at first. There was another, called Mr. Black. Now that man was a hottie!"
Kotomi giggled.
Haruko did, too. Then she continued.
"I was walking around the grounds when Karsten approached me. He called me an Earth mother, of all things, then started spouting this SE philosophy. I was bored at first, but then he started showing some of his capabilities, so pretty soon I was paying close attention. So much so, that we got caught in the rain. The last thing he said, just as we were walking in, was that whatever I loved the most would be my focus."
"So, you love umbrellas?"
Haruko laughed. "No, silly. So I run upstairs to the guest room. I start a tub, strip my clothes off, and that's when I see this umbrella. So while I'm waiting for the tub to fill, I start dancing around with this umbrella. Pretty soon, I realize the straight handle has this nice leather cover and I'm thinking, this is what it would be like holding Mr. Black.
I slip into the tub, still holding the umbrella. I kiss the handle. Then I tongue it. Finally, I deepthroat it, and nearly choke. For some reason, Karsten's face pops into my mind.
So I get this idea to hold it, closed, handle down, point up. I touch one titty, then the other, with the handle. I knew I couldn't diddle myself with it, so I just brushed my clit. That was enough, let me tell you. I pause for a moment. Then I land it right on my solar plexus.
Suddenly, the umbrella opens and makes a beeline for the ceiling above me. It starts making dents on the ceiling like a moth on a porchlight.
What was weird was that I didn't scream. Instead I focused on what Karsten said."
She looked at Kotomi.
"I felt this energy just go all through me. So I held one hand on my chest and one on my crotch. I slip a finger in, and held on for dear life. It was the longest, most toe curling orgasm of my life."
"So then what happened?"
"I threw on a robe and found Karsten. We talked nonstop the rest of the trip. In the fall I followed Karsten here, and spent last year in the SMA."
"So you came here for him?"
"Not completely, but yeah, it was a big reason why."
Kotomi's demeanor changed.
"I...I didn't mean to get in the way."
"You didn't. Blue Bitch did."