Good Girls Gone Green (V): Mile High Club
Karsten sat in his favorite bench, overseeing the forest surrounding the campus, trying to sort things out.
He had been taught that, ages ago, the physical and metaphysical complemented each other. Before there was gravity and astrophysics, there was the music of the spheres.
And maybe man was better off. After all, nobody sends a valentine with a brain on it.
In much the same way, he knew that his powers would increase if he spent less time trying to figure out how they worked. He couldn't help himself, though.
A bird flew out of the tree he had been staring at. As he turned to watch it fly, he saw Blubird, nee Ashley Fowler, walking towards him.
Ashley was a transfer from a big college in the American Pacific Northwest.
She had been a quick study in SMA, perhaps in part because she was an air elementalist like himself. Like him, she could think of a thousand questions to ask about SMA, most of them variations on "Why?"
He took so much pride in his mentoring of her that he was adamant about keeping it just that. He found himself wishing that he had kept his relationship with Haruko/ Wawababi as just sensei-student; he wondered whether Haruko realized that their relationship's longevity stemmed in part on her being a buffer against Ashley.
"The trees are in same place as they were yesterday, Greenie!" Ashley strode up to him, her gait not deliberately slow and ladylike the way her Japanese classmates might walk.
"I wasn't watching trees. I was watching birds. My personal Air Force. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky…” 
"Yeah, I see it. Male. Probably looking for building materials." The one they call Blubird knew more about biology than philosophy.
"See, there's a small flock going in the opposite direction. Speeding along, no home to go to. Flying free."
"So why do they do it? Shack up, I mean?"
"Why else?" Ashley stepped between Karsten and the forest. She pointed towards the sky.
"Some birds mate by flying as high up as they can go. Then they hook up and plunge earthward. Thrusting back and forth, spinning, as the ground approaches. It's a risk that they might end up splattered across the ground. But they do it because it's the biggest thrill in their lives."
"The birds and the bees."
"Think about it, Karsten. If you were a bird. Would you live a quiet bird life? Do what all the others do? Or would you play a game of life and death; just to have the best sex you'will ever have?"
"I...I don't know. I'm not a bird."
"Oh, but I am, Karsten. I am."
Ashley gave a little twirl before walking away.
Karsten immediately pictured her, soaring up towards the sun. She let her short shorts and top fall to the ground as she flew. Then she came close, so close. She wrapped her naked body around him. Far below, the trees and houses were small, but they grew as they came together, madly grinding away.
At the last possible moment, as he felt himself bursting, the Blue Bird spouted wings and saved them.

In his pocket, his phone vibrated its last.
Undaunted, Haruko sent a text instead. "ANNIVERSARY TONITE. HAVE SURPRISE 4 U. LV, WWBB!"