Good Girls Gone Green (VI): New Traditions
Kotomi quickly realized that the Blue Mountain was probably farther away than Karsten and Haruko would want to drive. But a nearby park, Green Mountain, was just on the opposite side of the woods that lined the campus.
Haruko went over the plan in her mind as she drove Karsten towards the park. She tried her best to surprise him, but he was such an analytical thinker that she struggled to answer his repeated questions without giving things away.
With his roommate's help, she had secretly packed his swimsuit, a towel, and a change of clothes. She was wearing her own suit below her clothes.
"Where are we going?" He kept asking.
"You'll see."

Their cabin overlooked the water. Haruko stopped the car. She reached behind, and pointed to a cabana near the water.
"Change there," she suggested.
"Why not the cabin?"
"I have my reasons."

Kotomi greeted her at the water's edge.
"Does he know?"
"No, but he's relentlessly curious. Are you set up?"
"Just about. Keep him out here for a few minutes. When you hear a chime, come in."
Haruko saw Karsten emerge from the cabana. "Over here!"
Karsten looked at Kotomi strangely. She ignored the look and hugged him.
"I will excuse myself to make dinner. Have some fun, you two!"

Karsten and Haruko were greeted at the cabin door by a kimono wearing Kotomi. She let them in and bowed to them both. She gave each of them a kimono and gestured toward the table. Steaming bowls of soup were set up for each of them. Candles lit the room.
"What is all this?" Karsten asked, astonished.
"Your family has many traditions from Germany. Tonight, we want to celebrate your Japanese heritage. I have prepared a multicourse meal of appetizers, sashimi, rice and vegetables. Here."
Kotomi set down sake in front of him.
"Aren't you joining us?" He asked as she walked away.
She turned and smiled. "Soon."

After dinner, Kotomi again excused herself, implying that she needed to get items from her cabin.
As she left, Haruko gave Karsten a long kiss. She then jumped up.
"Here is part of your gift."
Karsten opened the box. A little blue bill sat alone."
"If you like, you may take this Viagra."
She stood and opened her kimono. She had managed to remove her swimsuit; the fabric streamed down her sides, revealing her bust and cleft.
Karsten slipped the pill in his mouth and downed with sake. She knelt in front of him, and undid his obi.
He reached for her. Their naked bodies aligned in a frantic embrace. They rolled, naked, as one, a jumble of arms and legs, tongues and sex.
Haruko straddled her lover, who lay on the floor, looking up at her. she basked in the look in his eyes; she felt him gently part her thighs. She savored the moment, bucking her thighs in a slow rhythm as she built up to a release.
She leaned forward and kissed him.
Now, it was time.
  • MareFoxyQawz I like how the first line I read from this is. "They rolled, naked, as one, a jumble of arms and legs, tongues and sex."
    Kinda made me disappointed when I found out this was for real.