Good Girls Gone Green (VII): The Switch
With no warning, the one called Wawababi stood back up.
Karsten moved to stand up with her, but she motioned him to stay.
"I gave you the Viagra, Greenie. I've given myself. Now I have one other gift for you."
She went to the door and let Kotomi in. Both girls stepped away from the door into the light of the candles. Kotomi was still dressed as she was during supper- her hair was combed, her kimono and obi fine. She smiled at Karsten, then at Haruko.
Haruko returned the smile, then stepped forward and kissed her. As Kotomi returned the kiss, Haruko loosened her kimono. She held one side and walked behind Kotomi as she stepped forward. The motion undressed her, and she stood naked by Karsten's left hand.
Haruko stood near Karsten's right hand. On cue, they knelt down.
"My final gift to you," Haruko whispered as her lips touched Karsten. She broke the kiss, and turned Kotomi. Haruko moved down to his shoulder blade and slowly stroked his chest.
Kotomi broke the kiss, and joined her friend on making a trail of kisses down Karsten's chest. When they got to Greenie's navel, they stopped. Both smiled. Both reached down and stroked his member.
"What is this?" Haruko asked.
"I don't know," replied Kotomi. She moved down and kissed the tip. Haruko did the same. They kissed each other, then glanced up to see Karsten, with a very happy grin on his face.
"You like?"
"I do!"
Haruko and Kotomi bathed him with their tongues, shaft, tip and base. He held firm as Haruko moved away to kiss his lips. She turned to kiss Kotomi, who was now moving atop Karsten. Haruko straddled his chest; as she kissed a writhing Kotomi, she backed herself into Karsten's waiting tongue.

Haruko watched Kotomi get more and more excited. She gave her friend one more kiss, then got up. She put on her kimono and smiled sweetly.
"Will there be anything else?"
"I....think....we're...good." Kotomi panted.
As Haruko turned, the smile disappeared. She stepped to the door, looking one last time at Karsten as her lover. Her chosen successor was pleasuring him at an astonishing rate.
Wawababi's powers did not include water skills to quench them or wind skills to cool them. She did have one thing she could offer. Placing her hands on the floor, she made the timbers hum, ever so slightly. The vibrations reached up into Karsten's bones, heightening his pleasure. Kotomi felt the tremors deep within herself, triggering a wonderful, earth-shattering orgasm. She watched Kotomi collapse in Greenie's arms as she closed the door.