Good Girls Gone Green Recap: Not Easy Being Green
I've introduced new characters before in my fanfics- but this was new: a fanfic of a fanfic You can't find Greenie, Blubird or Wawababi in Simgirls (yet), so I had a clean slate to work from. And of course, the star of our show, Kotomi, was as wonderful as always.
I'd love to get feedback on this one. Do you like the new characters. Are Ashley and Haruko's personalities what you were expecting from Blubird and Wawababi? Who else would you want to see?
And finally, if you submitted characters in the contest, would you want to "see" them in a future story?
Let me know. Thanks!
  • Kentaro all the characters were amazing- and their behaviour and storyline too was fantastic.
    PS- I never had any hopes of winning the contest, but please can you think of my characters lily and/or monack? any or both of them appearing in your fantastic fanfics would e a real honour.!
    • kotomifan OK: [65583,Keiryu] & [133988,k€итǺяØ] : Lili will be an young prodigy at Lovemore. She crushes on a guy who rejects her, so her friend Monack suggests that they set up her roommate Ami with him. Later, she catches them together and freaks out. Cool?
      • Kentaro superb idea! a little twist in the usual sex-fictions! :D
        soooo glad you used both my characters.
      • Keiryu Like i said she is suposed to be a "underaged" so as long as it does not involve any form of sex i am fine with it.
        • Kentaro yeah -_-
          lili is your character which you [technically] did not make, leiryu-dono! since you never made character draft! haha but i give credit to you- the idea was yours, which, being the copycat i am, i stole
          • Keiryu Once again i have to explain to you how this things work.

            She is still my character i gave her Name and appearance all you did was use a program. "That was not made by you." To give her the appearance i mostly intended for her. Which considering the limited amount of customisation it offered was not much.

            You personaly added nothing to the character. You only copy pasted the stuff i gave as an example. So in the end it is still my character no two ways about that.

            Also you did not steal it from me since i gave you permision after you asked me. Which once again goes back to the whole you failing as a copycat...

            Do i really have to explain everytime why you should not try to copy me...I won't accept any half assed copycat as i said unless you take a s**t at the same time as me and wipe you ass at the same time as me. You won't be my copycat.
        • Kentaro really leiryu-dono?!?
          your inner pervert flame is dim or what?
          • Keiryu No i am just not a pedophile.

            It's one thing to be perverted it's a whole nother thing to be a pedophile. Don't mistake those two.

            And as i said before Lili is MAH CHARACTER!!! :D
    • Keiryu *Cough*bulls**t*Cough*Lili*Cough*mine*Cough*credit*Cough*

      Puh i might be coming down with something.
      • kotomifan OK, then. I should ask you this first. Can I use Lili in a story? If so, can I make her over 18 and in college? If so, can she date? And if so, can more than just date? Yesses and Nos will suffice.
        Kentaro, same questions.
        • Kentaro P.S- can we see little of monack in these fanfics? I know i am too demanding, but just a little?
        • Kentaro as of me, i am a peverted bastard.
          i copy leiryu's opinions , so really the way you plan to use her is your wish.
          still, as leiryu said so, lili was kind of little sister, so it may mean breaking from the draft.
          still [this is not copied, please!]
          my personal suggestion is like use and show her a little bit shy about sex, and a little , or tad bit hesitant.
        • Keiryu You can use her for all i care. But she was made to be a underaged little sister type character so my personal answer is no on the whole dating and sex stuff. It would just ruin her character idea.

          Not sure about Kentaro.
      • Kentaro go get yourself a cough syrup first.
        and yes, if he ever takes it in his mind to use lili, he will read the character draft, and you have clear credit there. happy?
        and as for monack, he is my character completely, so...