Go for the Gold

  • And there she is. Mako!
    The villainess of the DNA2 manga finally rears her head in a Simgirls story. I've been looking forward to seeing her in the game, even before I added her to my first fanfic. Wonder what kind of evil thoughts are on her mind!
  • The Story of My Life: Taking Trains with Tassy
    "Why did you want to meet me here?" asked Primero.
    "Because this is my safe space," Tassy replied. "On a train, you can go for hours and hours, and nobody knows your name. You can be alone or in a group of strangers. This is where I come to not be Tassy."
    "That doesn't explain why I am here."
    "You are here because you and Korri have been looking for information. You have pestered people at school, snooped around Korri's gym late at night, and pretended to be interns at my father's business. Just for this\."
    She held a tote in her hands, behind her back.
    "So you're giving it to me?"
    "I'm trading it with you."
    "For what?"
    She smiled that smile. The one Primero had known from the first day. The one that promised so much pleasure, yet had caused so much pain. He followed her eyes to see what she was seeing. Her eyes went to his face, his chest. His groin.
    "Why, Tassy?"
    "Because I want what Korri has."
    "You HAD it already. Don't you remember? Two thousand of my hard earned pay, given to you so you could live some sick prostitute fantasy?"
    "You paid it, didn't you?"
    "You got what you paid for, and then some."
    "Well, yes."
    "So, you are the kind of person that has no problem trading their virtue for material things."
    She took one hand away from the bag and lifted her skirt. There were no white panties, no public hair.
    "Wha...what's in there?"
    "Peace of mind. What you've been looking for."
    "Ha...how do I tell Korri?"
    "That's up to you."
    She dropped the skirt.
    He moved forward.
    "Give me that."
    "You want to rob me, Primero? Spend years in a Japanese prison? I don't think so."
    Her hand reached back so both hands grasped the handle behind her. She braced herself against the door.
    He stepped between her legs, and made an attempt to wrest the case from her hands. In one move, she wrapped her legs around him. Reacting to the sudden weight on his torso, he grabbed her bare ass and pushed towards the door.
    Then she kissed him. And he kissed back.
    It must have been another man who took control of his body at that point. As she fell back from his kiss, he tore her shirt and lifted her bra. The same unseen hand lowered his trousers, and grabbed his member. As his sense of logic and his conscience screamed at him, his unseen hand found the folds of Tassy's nethers, and guided him into her warmth.
    The crunch of her body being propelled against the door echoed through the empty car, in an ever increasing cadence. But as the feelings of pleasure raced through her body, her awkward position on the door area was hurting her.
    He stopped.
    She flung the tote onto the seat and reached for it with one hand. Primero could have moved forward and easily grabbed it. Only he wasn't quite done with her yet. He turned her ass towards himself and reentered her. She caught her reflection: she was naked from her shoulders to her shoes, with Primero pounding her from behind. She pushed back, trying to drive both of them to new heights. He was starting to increase, a sure sign that he was almost there. She smiled at her reflection, as if she and the girl in the glass had conspired to create this orgy, and it had transpired beyond their wildest dreams.
    Then the train hit its brakes.

    Primero hit the floor first, sprawled on his back. Tassy landed on his, sitting with him still inside her, her naked body pointed towards the door. Her body shuddered as his release triggered the most intense orgasm she had ever known. As it diminished, she braced herself on the pole and pulled herself up, just as the doors opened.

    The stunned passengers could not help but stare at her naked body, still dripping in passion.
    Instinctively, she blocked the door.
    "Sorry, folks. This is the express. No more passengers allowed."
    • kotomifan Red Haired Devil, do you believe that SMA begins as a genetics talent, and thru training, becomes a skill? Or did Primero have zero SMA talent or skills when he walked into college?
      I don't think Primero, Tassy, or Korri should have SMA skills that can be used to win a boxing match or swim meet. But why couldn't Rosebery be a prep school that is actually a means of identifying SMA talent?
    • Red Haired Devil Very detailed. Although I figured in Rosbery, Tassy would have a more reserved attitude with her sexuality than her Simgirls counterpart would. Considering how she is at the start of Lovemore college, it seems she doesn't open up to these extremes of immodesty until an entire year after she gets taken advantage of by Sinichi and unintentionally abandoned by Primero, all the while believing him to have been the one who had sexually used her. This just gives a similar impression to that of the High school whore everyone believed her past representation to be in Simgirls. I would think any kind of sexual experiences Between Tassy and Primero would have a more personal feel about them, yet remaining casual and outside of any kind of serious relationship. Such open disregard for the conservation of her sexuality to the extent of being privy to so public an exploit such as this, it seems more of a stage she only reaches through her training with Annabeth Gold and experiences as Dark Oncilla.
    • SimMan First thing, I ruined my coffee when I see safe space.
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  • The Story of My Life Conclusion: Common Sensei
    Korri's mother appeared. She gently touched Korri on the arm.
    "Dear, I'd like you to take a break. Make sure you have your homework done."
    "But, ma..."
    "You and this nice gentleman have had a wonderful chat, but you have important things to do."
    With a shrug, Korri stood up and bowed.
    "An honor to meet you, sir."
    She quickly departed.
    Her mother came around to where Karl sat.
    "You work for the school, yes? The publicity department?"
    "Public Affairs, yes."
    "I see. I hope that Korri did not distract you from your task."
    "I'm guessing your project was to paint some high-level picture of Korri that they might see while reading a program during competition, yes?'
    "Then, may I propose something?"
    She took the notebook from Karl's hand.
    "You might find this more useful," she said as she began writing. Her text was in English, in a beautiful, easy to read longhand.
    "Korri is now 18. She was born in Osaka. She has trained since the age of 10 in rhythmic gymnastics, the last four years at the Club Royal Academy. Their staff has worked with the coaches at Rosebury to mold Korri into the world class athlete she is today. When she is not training, she enjoys music, the arts, and camaraderie with her friends. She hopes to teach someday in her native land."
    She handed back the notebook.
    Karl noted the large X through the rest of his text.
    "But, why?"
    "My dear young man, I have sat through dozens of meets and read countless little blurbs like this. Nobody mentions politics, conflict, or family drama. They simply want  to distinguish girl one from girl two."
    "But your husband,..."
    "Was a fine man. The smartest man I have ever know. Also, the loveliest."
    She moved her hands around
    "Noriyuki made only two mistakes that I know of. One was buying a motorcycle for himself when he turned fifty. The other was ever using it. It claimed his life one cold rainy night."
    "I am sorry for your loss."
    "But he was smart enough to have planned our future before that night. All this is paid for. The settlement and the merger made his estate wealthy. We can pay for Korri's dream to travel, as well as support my son Ken's dreams when they run short on funds.."
    "And your son, does the sensei..."
    Korri's mother laughed. "The so-called sensei was a gym teacher, nothing more. She quit, we got another one."
    "And your son?"
    "Fixed his mistakes the way he always does, by leaving."
    "So there's no baby?"
    She shook her head.
    "We have known Doctor Banerjee for many years. He would not tell the whole world that he developed a baby through genetic engineering if it wasn't true. And if I were you, I'd take the word of a man of science over people who talk of air elementals and spirit martial arts."
    "Wait, what?"
    "You can ask Takeo yourself. We hired his employee as a coach. When she started spouting mumbo jumbo, and our own daughter took it seriously, we cut it off."
    Before Karl realized it, she had stood him up, and they were walking towards the door. She stopped him before he left.
    "My friend, my daughter has worked hard to get where she is. Do not ruin her stay by making her look like a fool."
    "Yes, ma'am."
    "Promise me."
    "Yes, ma'am."
    Karl felt as if he was being disciplined by his own mother.
    "Good day to you, sir."
    "Good day, madam."

    Karl knew that his article was pretty much written. Korri's mother was right - this was a fluff piece. But his journalistic curiosity was getting the better of him.
    The Club Royal entrance was inside a secured building. Karl waited nervously for an employee or a patron to leave.
    Finally, a woman in a leotard approached. Her light blue hair was distinctive, as was her outgoing personality.
    "Club policy is in or out, mister!"
    Karl took a chance.
    "I was hoping to talk to Karen?"
    The girl looked quizzical.
    "You found me. What about?"
    "You're Korri's coach, now?"
    "Depends why you're asking..."
    "I'm doing an article on her. Is her old coach around, too?"
    "She's no longer with us. Try across the street."
    Karl turned to look behind him, and saw an eating establishment of some sort. He turned back to ask Karen about Korri, but she had already disappeared.
    He walked across the busy street and was instantly struck by the smell of spilled beer. He entered the establishment.
    Two men talked on either side of the bar; he assumed one was the bartender. In the other corner, a woman with fire-orange hair bent over a jukebox. As the music came on, she picked up a table napkin, and began dancing. The moves were not random, but where slow and deliberate. It didn't take Karl long to realize he had seen the dance before. But it had been done, by Korri, in competition.
    He drew a breath and approached her. She stopped, and put on a customer service style smile.
    "May I help you? I can get you a table, or maybe something else much nicer."
    She was flirting. But that was not why he was here.
    "Are you, Korri's sensei?"
    The smile was gone.
    "Not any more."
    She threw the napkin to the ground. She looked wounded. Tears welled up as she turned and ran toward the rest room.
    Behind the bar, the bartender came around. He shot Karl a dirty look, then called out as he ran.

    • SimMan Thanks for coming up with a nice little story for Korri. Now I know why they say women are multi-tasking.
  • The Story of My Life IV: Men and Stupidmen
    Karl started a new page.
    "So does your sensei work with the Rosebery coaches?"
    "She did. But Karen had to take over after she quit."
    Korri's visage turned sad.
    "Ken told my parents one night at dinner a year ago, that he accepted a position in London. I was at practice, but I later learned that this made my father angry. Apparently, there were European investors sniffing around his company, and he viewed them as invaders. He could not convince my brother not to go. My mom, typically. found my brother's departure to be a reason to plan a party."
    "I told my sensei about it, who was surprised. Apparently, he hadn't told her. There was a week of late night phone calls and screaming, as the two of them came apart. Then came the night of the party."
    "My sensei showed up with two dates, Genya and Takeo. The two looked and dressed as gang members, and were a menacing presence in our house. The larger man was imposing, and became more belligerent the more he drank. The other was all hands and made most every woman there feel uncomfortable. When my father tried to ask them to leave, they refused. The larger man called himself the Bloody King, and said he was in charge. But right about the time my father planned to call the authorities, one of our other guests, Dr. Banerjee, stepped forward. They listed to Dr. Banerjee and departed."
    "I was relieved, but my father was furious. It soon came out that Dr. Banerjee knew these men from prison, as they had cut their sentences short by being part of his experiments. Father stood in our driveway and angrily accused Dr. Banerjee of creating a race of steroid-laden criminals, whose obvious strength would be used for evil means. Nothing the good doctor would say would change his mind."
    "Suddenly, my sensei stood between the two men. When she thought they had backed down, she turned to my father and bid him goodnight. At that moment, both my father and I realized that her tummy had a slight bump. She then turned to Dr. Banerjee and told him it was 'time to go home.' My father directed his anger at her, and told her not to come back.
    "At no time did my sensei and Dr. Banerjee act like a couple. Perhaps they were, but we never found out. Because after that, we never saw her again."
    Karl had heard the name. "Isn't he the genetic scientist?"
    She nodded.
    "Yes. And the project that put him on the map was announced seven months later. It was called the DNA Evolutionary Archetype. Dr. Banerjee claimed to have created a child using genetic engineering. The baby made all the papers and news reports. They called her Dea."
    "My father was visibly shaken. I had never seen him so angry."
    She turned to look at Karl.
    "To his dying day, my father swore that the baby was his granddaughter. And every time her picture appeared, he swore he would bring her home."
  • The Story of My Life III: Harmony
    "So tell me," Karl continued. "Do you have interests outside of gymnastics?"
    "You mean, do I have time to have interests outside of gymnastics?"
    "Well, yeah."
    "Just the usual stuff, I guess. I don't want to sound like a cliché, but I do love fashion. My friends and I are trying to launch an online modeling site. Tassy's our star, naturally, but I have been pleasantly surprised by people's interest in my picture. I mean, I'm not a big deal."
    "Modeling." Karl wrote it down.
    "Oh, and I love music. I mix my own musical cuts prior to my performance instead of letting the coaches do it. My sensei says I have a natural gift for blending one song into another. Perhaps I'll try to DJ somewhere other than my own house. And I like to sing."
    "What do you sing?"
    "Anything that's on the radio, I suppose. My friends and I started going to Karaoke bars as a joke last year, and I hate to admit this but,...I really enjoyed that. I think most people think it's a joke, something to do after too much alcohol, but when I finish singing, people seem to like it."
    "Have you ever competed anywhere?"
    "Our school hosted My Morning Star tryouts, but the judges were not as impressed with me as they were with others."
    She smiled.
    "But as long as there's a hairbrush or a shower head, or a good song on the radio, I'll sing along."
    "Do you play any instruments?"
    "Oh, no. Never. My brother does - he's quite the piano player. I think that's why my sensei fell for him."
    Karl shifted in his seat. "Come again?"
    "Oh, sorry. Didn't I mention that my brother and my sensei dated for a while?"
    "It was late last year. Father asked him to come back to visit when all the Europeans were on holiday. He also got Ken to drive me to practice in the evening. When he picked me up he used to park in the same place each time. One night, I ran out to the car and found it empty. I came back inside and heard piano music. I knew where the music room was, so I headed there. When I got there, he was playing her a love song. She kissed him at the end. It was so sweet."
    "Are they together now?"
    "Sadly, no. He broke up with her when he went back to London."
    Korri looked wistful. She dared not tell the reporter the next time she saw them together. It was late one night , after then then-boyfriend Toreda had dropped her off. She came home to a darkened home - her father had taken her mother on a business trip, and Ken was supposedly out with friends. She heard a sad, sweet song playing as she opened the door. She knew it as one of the mixes she did for competition - it was one her sensei always liked. The music was not coming from in the front, but came from the downstairs.
    She went down the stairs just enough to see her sensei swaying to the music. She almost laughed at first, because she recognized the robe her sensei wore as Ken's ratty old handmedown.
    But that was before she turned away and lowered the robe in front of Ken. She was nude, defiantly so. Her athletic body looked even stronger in the dim candlelight. Her shoulder blades were rippled ever so slightly. Her back was straight. Her bottom was taut. Her brother rose from his chair and embraced her sensei from behind. He disrobed just as quickly, and soon joined her in the dance that lovers do. From the stairs, Korri watched in fascination as they became a jumble of legs and arms, their cries drowning out the quiet music.
    "It's a shame. They were so lovely together."
    • SimMan I am still guessing who's the sensei? Ken is one lucky bastard for sure. Seriously, I think your storytelling has been improving noticeably, the imagery in this interview alone is very powerful, when I read it I almost feel that I sit in on the interview. If the game is getting more momentum maybe we can come up with the official novels based on these characters.
  • The Story of My Life II: The Comeback Squad
    Karl seemed surprised by Korri's words about Tassy.
    "So you two aren't friends?"
    "We're friends. Enemies. What does it matter? She'll always be in my life. I'll give you a good example."
    Karl saw that Korri smile. She continued.
    "Last year, I got, um, distracted by this really sweet guy. I agreed to meet him for dancing, skipping practice in the meantime. I had this really low cut outfit, and it was the first real date I had had for a while. Well, my sensei decided she was going to take the other girls out for an after-practice treat at the Fro-Yo. But as they were pulling into the parking lot, a drunk driver smashed the car. All of my friends were hurt, badly. It wasn't just that we could lose competitions; it could have meant the end of the program at Rosebury."
    "I asked the coach if I could compete in all five events myself, but she said that it was against the rule, and pretty foolhardy of me anyway. I thought everything was lost. But, the first person to stand up to volunteer to be on the team was Tassy. Turns out she had been watching my practices when she was taking breaks from cheer, and she knew enough to do fairly well at the rope event."
    "So it was just you and her?"
    "My friend Amy tried the ball event. She meant well, but wasn't very good. My sensei called around and found two other volunteers: Blu on clubs, and Alexia on hoop. Remarkably, we scored our first win against Sakura High only three weeks later."
    She nodded towards Karl.
    "A German scout was there that day. And now, so are you."
    "Is that boyfriend still around?"
    "Yes and no. I still see him around school, but it's like I'm talking to a completely different person."
  • The Story of my Life I: The Scoop on Korri
    The nicely dressed man knocked at the door of the Takahara's home. Korri rushed to the door, like she always did. But she now looked at the front door monitor before opening the door. It was a precaution that she and her mother now took with every visitor.
    The man on the other side was Caucasian. Would he know Japanese? English?
    She had to pick one. "Who is it?"
    "It's Karl Bronson, young lady. From the Zeitung."
    The voice was in perfect English, but through a German filter. He sounded like her expected visitor. But just in case,...
    "Do you have your press pass?"
    "Yes, young lady."
    He held it to the door.
    It looked enough like a press pass to convince Korri. She opened the door.
    "Ma! The man is here from the paper!'She waited for him to remove his shoes, then motioned to a nearby table. Her mother brought tea.
    "Sad times we live in," the reporter mused.
    "It's a precaution we take now. You see, my father was murdered recently."
    "I am so sorry."
    Korri sighed. Her father had always been a careful man. That's what made his partnership with Mister Sakurai such a profitable one. Mister Sakurai was the dreamer, the inventive one. Korri's dad was the one who kept the books, making sure that the money in the bank could support his partner's dreams, while leaving enough for employees and family.
    "It makes this day so bittersweet. I had to celebrate my 18th birthday without him."
    "My condolences."
    He sipped his tea.
    "Perhaps if you told me some of the happier times, I could put them in my article."
    "Yes. That is why you are here."
    She stirred her tea unconsciously. She was not one to brag about herself. She almost wished her frenemy Tassy could have done this interview for her. It wasn't hard for Tassy to talk about Tassy.
    "So your birthday was recently. Were you born here?"
    She smiled towards her mother.
    "Ma likes to say I was a water baby. What she means is she went into labor early, on a cruise boat in the harbor. My brother was so mad because he wanted to stay on the boat."
    "You have a brother?"
    "Ken. Short for Kentaro, but nobody calls him that. He's in London".
    "So he's older?"
    "Seven years. Going to Europe was his idea, and now, it's mine!"
    She smiled. It was the first time Karl saw her smile. It ended quickly. He tried to bring it back.
    "So you started gymnastics early?"
    "Yes. I was a failure at dance because I was rolling around instead of being dainty. One day, I stole a ribbon from a girl's hair and ran around. A coach saw me, and stopped me. She asked if I wanted to play with that ribbon every day instead of dance. I said yes. I was five."
    "So you did rhythmic right away?"
    "No. Sensei had me do all the usual gymnastic exercises. The ribbon, ball and hoop were her treat to me for a good practice. I think I was ten before I competed in rhythmic. It was the same time they moved Tassy to cheer."
    "Is Tassy your sister?"
    "No, but she may as well be. Her father and my father were business partners. Good friends. So whenever the families got together, I was penned in with her. I'm actually older, but we would always end up playing her games. She would try to win her own games. But when I was ten, I got better marks than she did at our competition."
    It was a sweet memory for her. Her father greeted her at the end with a bunch of flowers. Behind her, she could hear Tassy wailing about how unfair it was that she lost.
    "So you won?"
    "I don't often beat Tassy Sakurai at something, so I remember when I do."
    "And Tassy?"
    "She cried so hard, the sensei refused to have her compete."
    "Sounds like a happy memory."
    Korri took the last sip of her tea.
    "She has spent the last eight years trying to beat me at everything else."
    • Kentaro Me, Korri's Brother? Sounds Immensely Interesting!
      Am Glad to be part of your awesome fan-fictions, Kotomifan!
      *feels honored*
    • Rico This is pretty dark. It seems that everyone has a broken family somehow :(
    • SimMan What? Kentaro? Who's that guy. Hm... so they are sisters now. This opening is something I did not expect. It does look quite interesting.
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  • Good Girls Gone Green Recap: Not Easy Being Green
    I've introduced new characters before in my fanfics- but this was new: a fanfic of a fanfic You can't find Greenie, Blubird or Wawababi in Simgirls (yet), so I had a clean slate to work from. And of course, the star of our show, Kotomi, was as wonderful as always.
    I'd love to get feedback on this one. Do you like the new characters. Are Ashley and Haruko's personalities what you were expecting from Blubird and Wawababi? Who else would you want to see?
    And finally, if you submitted characters in the contest, would you want to "see" them in a future story?
    Let me know. Thanks!
    • Kentaro all the characters were amazing- and their behaviour and storyline too was fantastic.
      PS- I never had any hopes of winning the contest, but please can you think of my characters lily and/or monack? any or both of them appearing in your fantastic fanfics would e a real honour.!
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  • Good Girls Gone Green (VIII): Leap of Faith
    Kotomi awoke to the sounds of morning insects and birds. She quickly realized that she was nude, and that a blanket covered her and a likewise nude Karsten. Wishing not to wake him, she got up to look around.
    A fruit basket she had not seen before sat on the table. A note was attached- "Best of luck to the happy couple. WWBB."
    Happy couple. Kotomi smiled back lovingly at Karsten. She wondered what he was dreaming about- whatever it was caused a tent to be pitched. She decided to look around to see if Haruko had left the "edible oil".

    In his dream, Karsten stood on a cliff, looking out at a vast valley bisected by a river. He heard giggles behind him.
    Ashley ran up behind him.
    "Aren't you coming in? I hear the water is warm."
    "We have to get down there first."
    Ashley ignored him, as she stripped off her clothes and ran to the edge of the cliff. She clapped her hands as she jumped, disappearing from view.
    Karsten ran to the edge and stopped. Ashley hovered off the cliff, occasionally flapping the wings that had morphed from her arms. The rest of her naked body was still as spectacularly human as before.
    "Come on!"
    He felt a strong pull on his body. The pull was arousing him.
    "I'm coming. I'm coming. I'm..."
    He woke with a start to find himself naked in the cabin, with Kotomi attending to his morning wood with her lips and tongue. She looked up from his crotch and smiled.
    "Good morning!"
    "Sorry if I startled you. I always wanted to try waking a man this way. Did you like it?"
    "Yes. Of course."
    "We can fool around again later. Take a shower and we'll eat."
    "Where are the showers?"
    "Two cabins over. Mine's on the other side."

    He threw on his swimsuit from yesterday, grabbed a towek, and then stepped out onto the pathway. Haruko had given him a gift by breaking up with him in the best way possible. He liked Kotomi, and if last night was any indication, nights with her could be spectacular for years to come.

    As he walked towards the shower building, he looked up to see two birds, chasing each other through the trees. They disappeared, flying up to the morning sun. But as he walked, their song resumed again. A song about leaving the ground, taking a chance, and emerging victorious.
    What a sweet song, he thought, as a breeze slowly stroked his face. He looked up at the blue mantle of the morning sky.

    Shall I stay here on the ground, he asked himself.

    Or shall I fly?
  • Good Girls Gone Green (VII): The Switch
    With no warning, the one called Wawababi stood back up.
    Karsten moved to stand up with her, but she motioned him to stay.
    "I gave you the Viagra, Greenie. I've given myself. Now I have one other gift for you."
    She went to the door and let Kotomi in. Both girls stepped away from the door into the light of the candles. Kotomi was still dressed as she was during supper- her hair was combed, her kimono and obi fine. She smiled at Karsten, then at Haruko.
    Haruko returned the smile, then stepped forward and kissed her. As Kotomi returned the kiss, Haruko loosened her kimono. She held one side and walked behind Kotomi as she stepped forward. The motion undressed her, and she stood naked by Karsten's left hand.
    Haruko stood near Karsten's right hand. On cue, they knelt down.
    "My final gift to you," Haruko whispered as her lips touched Karsten. She broke the kiss, and turned Kotomi. Haruko moved down to his shoulder blade and slowly stroked his chest.
    Kotomi broke the kiss, and joined her friend on making a trail of kisses down Karsten's chest. When they got to Greenie's navel, they stopped. Both smiled. Both reached down and stroked his member.
    "What is this?" Haruko asked.
    "I don't know," replied Kotomi. She moved down and kissed the tip. Haruko did the same. They kissed each other, then glanced up to see Karsten, with a very happy grin on his face.
    "You like?"
    "I do!"
    Haruko and Kotomi bathed him with their tongues, shaft, tip and base. He held firm as Haruko moved away to kiss his lips. She turned to kiss Kotomi, who was now moving atop Karsten. Haruko straddled his chest; as she kissed a writhing Kotomi, she backed herself into Karsten's waiting tongue.

    Haruko watched Kotomi get more and more excited. She gave her friend one more kiss, then got up. She put on her kimono and smiled sweetly.
    "Will there be anything else?"
    "I....think....we're...good." Kotomi panted.
    As Haruko turned, the smile disappeared. She stepped to the door, looking one last time at Karsten as her lover. Her chosen successor was pleasuring him at an astonishing rate.
    Wawababi's powers did not include water skills to quench them or wind skills to cool them. She did have one thing she could offer. Placing her hands on the floor, she made the timbers hum, ever so slightly. The vibrations reached up into Karsten's bones, heightening his pleasure. Kotomi felt the tremors deep within herself, triggering a wonderful, earth-shattering orgasm. She watched Kotomi collapse in Greenie's arms as she closed the door.
  • Good Girls Gone Green (VI): New Traditions
    Kotomi quickly realized that the Blue Mountain was probably farther away than Karsten and Haruko would want to drive. But a nearby park, Green Mountain, was just on the opposite side of the woods that lined the campus.
    Haruko went over the plan in her mind as she drove Karsten towards the park. She tried her best to surprise him, but he was such an analytical thinker that she struggled to answer his repeated questions without giving things away.
    With his roommate's help, she had secretly packed his swimsuit, a towel, and a change of clothes. She was wearing her own suit below her clothes.
    "Where are we going?" He kept asking.
    "You'll see."

    Their cabin overlooked the water. Haruko stopped the car. She reached behind, and pointed to a cabana near the water.
    "Change there," she suggested.
    "Why not the cabin?"
    "I have my reasons."

    Kotomi greeted her at the water's edge.
    "Does he know?"
    "No, but he's relentlessly curious. Are you set up?"
    "Just about. Keep him out here for a few minutes. When you hear a chime, come in."
    Haruko saw Karsten emerge from the cabana. "Over here!"
    Karsten looked at Kotomi strangely. She ignored the look and hugged him.
    "I will excuse myself to make dinner. Have some fun, you two!"

    Karsten and Haruko were greeted at the cabin door by a kimono wearing Kotomi. She let them in and bowed to them both. She gave each of them a kimono and gestured toward the table. Steaming bowls of soup were set up for each of them. Candles lit the room.
    "What is all this?" Karsten asked, astonished.
    "Your family has many traditions from Germany. Tonight, we want to celebrate your Japanese heritage. I have prepared a multicourse meal of appetizers, sashimi, rice and vegetables. Here."
    Kotomi set down sake in front of him.
    "Aren't you joining us?" He asked as she walked away.
    She turned and smiled. "Soon."

    After dinner, Kotomi again excused herself, implying that she needed to get items from her cabin.
    As she left, Haruko gave Karsten a long kiss. She then jumped up.
    "Here is part of your gift."
    Karsten opened the box. A little blue bill sat alone."
    "If you like, you may take this Viagra."
    She stood and opened her kimono. She had managed to remove her swimsuit; the fabric streamed down her sides, revealing her bust and cleft.
    Karsten slipped the pill in his mouth and downed with sake. She knelt in front of him, and undid his obi.
    He reached for her. Their naked bodies aligned in a frantic embrace. They rolled, naked, as one, a jumble of arms and legs, tongues and sex.
    Haruko straddled her lover, who lay on the floor, looking up at her. she basked in the look in his eyes; she felt him gently part her thighs. She savored the moment, bucking her thighs in a slow rhythm as she built up to a release.
    She leaned forward and kissed him.
    Now, it was time.
    • MareFoxyQawz I like how the first line I read from this is. "They rolled, naked, as one, a jumble of arms and legs, tongues and sex."
      Kinda made me disappointed when I found out this was for real.
  • Good Girls Gone Green (V): Mile High Club
    Karsten sat in his favorite bench, overseeing the forest surrounding the campus, trying to sort things out.
    He had been taught that, ages ago, the physical and metaphysical complemented each other. Before there was gravity and astrophysics, there was the music of the spheres.
    And maybe man was better off. After all, nobody sends a valentine with a brain on it.
    In much the same way, he knew that his powers would increase if he spent less time trying to figure out how they worked. He couldn't help himself, though.
    A bird flew out of the tree he had been staring at. As he turned to watch it fly, he saw Blubird, nee Ashley Fowler, walking towards him.
    Ashley was a transfer from a big college in the American Pacific Northwest.
    She had been a quick study in SMA, perhaps in part because she was an air elementalist like himself. Like him, she could think of a thousand questions to ask about SMA, most of them variations on "Why?"
    He took so much pride in his mentoring of her that he was adamant about keeping it just that. He found himself wishing that he had kept his relationship with Haruko/ Wawababi as just sensei-student; he wondered whether Haruko realized that their relationship's longevity stemmed in part on her being a buffer against Ashley.
    "The trees are in same place as they were yesterday, Greenie!" Ashley strode up to him, her gait not deliberately slow and ladylike the way her Japanese classmates might walk.
    "I wasn't watching trees. I was watching birds. My personal Air Force. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky…” 
    "Yeah, I see it. Male. Probably looking for building materials." The one they call Blubird knew more about biology than philosophy.
    "See, there's a small flock going in the opposite direction. Speeding along, no home to go to. Flying free."
    "So why do they do it? Shack up, I mean?"
    "Why else?" Ashley stepped between Karsten and the forest. She pointed towards the sky.
    "Some birds mate by flying as high up as they can go. Then they hook up and plunge earthward. Thrusting back and forth, spinning, as the ground approaches. It's a risk that they might end up splattered across the ground. But they do it because it's the biggest thrill in their lives."
    "The birds and the bees."
    "Think about it, Karsten. If you were a bird. Would you live a quiet bird life? Do what all the others do? Or would you play a game of life and death; just to have the best sex you'will ever have?"
    "I...I don't know. I'm not a bird."
    "Oh, but I am, Karsten. I am."
    Ashley gave a little twirl before walking away.
    Karsten immediately pictured her, soaring up towards the sun. She let her short shorts and top fall to the ground as she flew. Then she came close, so close. She wrapped her naked body around him. Far below, the trees and houses were small, but they grew as they came together, madly grinding away.
    At the last possible moment, as he felt himself bursting, the Blue Bird spouted wings and saved them.

    In his pocket, his phone vibrated its last.
    Undaunted, Haruko sent a text instead. "ANNIVERSARY TONITE. HAVE SURPRISE 4 U. LV, WWBB!"
  • Good Girls Gone Green (IV): Bangin'!
    "I don't expect Amaya back for a while- she's usually either at the library or the ocean lab when she's not with us."
    "She's in our group. You know her as Ninja."
    Kotomi propped herself up on the bed and started writing. "Here's the address. I put a little map together. We'll need food and drinks for dinner, blankets, and firewood."
    "And breakfast."
    "Breakfast. I'm not going to drive on dirt roads at night."
    Haruko took the list from Kotomi's hands, and started writing.
    "Strawberries. Chocolate. And edible oil. A box of condoms. And some..."
    Haruko gave her evil smile again. "You read my mind."
    "Well, this needs to last longer than 10 minutes. Or what else would we do?"
    "Oh, I'm sure we could think of something."
    Haruko leaned over the bed and kissed Kotomi again. This time, Kotomi reached behind her head to prolong the kiss. Haruko took the hint and joined her on the bed.
    Kotomi helped her remove her shirt. "I had a question for you."
    "Go ahead," Haruko replied, as she reached behind her own back to unclasp her bra.
    "Why did you decide to color your hair pink?" Kotomi asked, as she unbuttoned her blouse.
    "You really want to know?"
    Haruko stood on her knees in front of Kotomi. She hooked her thumbs in her waistband and lowered her skirt and panties in one motion.
    "I got this brazilian done..."
    She traced a finger over her bare cleft.
    "So I wanted the carpet to match the drapes."
    Kotomi watched as Haruko unhooked her bra and revealed her chest. More kisses followed; her lips, her ear, and her neck.
    "Will we even need to bring Karsten?" Haruko asked as she worked her way down Kotomi's chest towards her navel.
    Kotomi lifted her bottom so that Haruko could slip her shorts off.
    "He may come in handy, if there's spiders."
    "Spiders? Will there be spiders?"
    "Make sure we bring enough wine so we won't notice."
    Kotomi bent her knees, resting her soles on the bed. She parted her thighs and watched Haruko's pink pig-tailed head descend on her lady nest. Haruko did not try to plunge right in- she took her time bathing Kotomi's clit with her tongue. Kotomi reached down and stroked her lover's pink hair as the sensations in her loins grew stronger.
    From the closet, there arose a clatter of banging, as if a wild animal was trying to get out. Shocked, Kotomi pulled away.
    "What the hell is that?"

    "Damn, I keep forgetting."
    Haruko stood up. She seemed not at all timid as she stood nude with her hands on her hips. She offered her hand. Kotomi took it and stood up.
    Haruko opened her closet. Umbrellas, shoes, and handbags littered the floor.
    "You remember Karsten said to focus on what I love the most? What I love the most is sex. So when I'm getting some, I have to remember to put things away or it looks like a typhoon in here."
    She smiled. "But I've learned this neat trick."
    She closed the closet door and leaned Kotomi against it.
    "What you'll feel is a steady drumbeat through the door on your shoulders, back, and butt. Let me know if it gets too loud, annoying, or painful."
    "Um, okay."
    Haruko helped her remove the rest if her clothes. Kotomi stood, naked, her back on the closet door. Haruko resumed kissing her, starting with her shoulder, then each breast, then her navel. Kotomi could feel a small rumble of items hitting the opposite site of the door. As Haruko moved lower, the rumbling moved, too, following her spine to her tailbone.
    Haruko paused to look back up at Kotomi. She licked her lips, then started to nibble at Kotomi's cleft. Kotomi bent her knees ever so slightly to accomodate her lover. Just behind her, the closet items played a steady cadence that Kotomi could feel through her tailbone and on the cheeks of her ass. it was if her very bones were vibrating.
    Her lover replaced her tongue with one finger, then two. The rhythm of the pounding from the closet combined with Haruko's gentle but urgent prodding was sending waves of sensation crashing into each other within Kotomi's body.
    When she came, her knees gave way, and she collapsed in a heap of sweat and ecstacy.
    "How do you feel?" Haruko asked.
    Kotomi pushed her onto the floor. "Like I want to have you for dinner."
    "Please do."
    It was Kotomi's turn to venture between her lover's thighs. The din of a dozen shoes clattered against the closet door as Haruko gave into her pleasure. Around the room, purses swayed from their perch. The din of shoes, umbrellas, and other accessories grew to a crescendo, matching Haruko's gasps and squeals.
    When Haruko finally relaxed, the maelstorm around her calmed as well.
    Kotomi rested her head on Haruko's belly. "I've never seen anything like that."
    Haruko kissed the top of her forehead. "I'll get some towels. We better clean up before we go to the store."
  • Good Girls Gone Green (III): Something Borrowed, Something Blue
    "I think it's Bluebird."
    "In English, is bitch a female dog?"
    "I think so."
    "Then, it's Blue Bitch." Haruko offered Kotomi more sake before she poured more for herself.
    "You know, I used to like Americans before I met her. I could spend all my time in New York. LA. Maybe Hawaii. But this girl? I warn you, Kotomi- if she thinks something is valuable, she will do anything to get it. And that applies to people to."
    "I came here, all ready to spend all my time with Karsten. Just ready to soak everything in. But she wouldn't let him be. All the questions and the texts and the phone calls. My God! And the smiles! The flirting! I half expected to wake up in the morning with her between us in bed."
    "Did you catch them together?"
    "No, but he's so honest, he just admitted it. That's what broke us up the first time."
    "And now?"
    "And now, I'm the jealous current girlfriend who checks his phone and his journal for evidence of cheating."
    She looked out the window, then looked back at Kotomi.
    "The truth is, I'm glad it's you. I'm happy to hand him over to a Japanese girl with a big heart, a great figure, and lips that now taste like my favorite sake."
    As her words still lingered in the air, Haruko bent down and kissed Kotomi.
    "So, you're OK with this?"
    "As long as it's not Bluebitch, I don't care. I'd rather see him with your Lovemore friends than her. Even Miss Futon."
    "Black hair, big tits?"
    "Oh, Tomoko's last name is Saeki. We call her Miss Fukoma because it's a title she won."
    "Is she your friend?"
    "She was, until she stole my boyfriend from me. I hated her so much that I left him, her, even my college just to get away. And now..." Kotomi looked at Haruko. "And now I'm doing that to you."
    "What if I gave him to you?"
    "What do you mean?"
    Haruko reached for the sake, and poured. Kotomi noticed her unsteadiness, but took it anyway.
    "We go somewhere, just the three of us. I arrive with him. We give him the night of his life. I leave, and you take him home."
    Kotomi smiled. "I know just the place."
    Kotomi had a brief flashback to being with Primero at Blue Mountain. He had taken pictures if hrr in her favorite swimsuit in front of the lake.
    Haruko's lips curled. "What, some seedy love hotel you went to after prom?"
    "There's a park outside my town called Blue Mountain. There's a quiet lake that we can go to in our swimsuits and hang out."
    "I like quiet."
    "You can get cabins, and it is very nice there."
    Haruko got up and walked to her desk. She picked up a pencil and paper and handed it to Kotomi. "OK, write down the address and let's figure this out."
    Kotomi watched Haruko walk to the door. She took a scarf that had been around the doorknob and placed it outside. She closed the door and locked it. Kotomi recognized her actions as the universal college "Do Not Disturb" sign.
    "Don't want your roommate walking in on our planning?" Kotomi asked.
    Haruko smiled back. "Something like that."
  • Good Girls Gone Green (II): Opening Up
    "You have nothing to be ashamed of." Haruko downed another sake.
    "You're thin, tall, not an ounce of fat on you below your chest."
    "But I haven't been with him."
    "I believe you. The trouble is, he wouldn't have made this sketch if he wasn't going to go after you. And like I said, you wouldn't have minded a bit."
    "Have you been together long?"
    "On and off, a year. The summer before I started, his family invested in my father's new factory in Shenzhen. Dad flew the whole family to Germany, which is where I met him. I wasn't that into him at first. There was another, called Mr. Black. Now that man was a hottie!"
    Kotomi giggled.
    Haruko did, too. Then she continued.
    "I was walking around the grounds when Karsten approached me. He called me an Earth mother, of all things, then started spouting this SE philosophy. I was bored at first, but then he started showing some of his capabilities, so pretty soon I was paying close attention. So much so, that we got caught in the rain. The last thing he said, just as we were walking in, was that whatever I loved the most would be my focus."
    "So, you love umbrellas?"
    Haruko laughed. "No, silly. So I run upstairs to the guest room. I start a tub, strip my clothes off, and that's when I see this umbrella. So while I'm waiting for the tub to fill, I start dancing around with this umbrella. Pretty soon, I realize the straight handle has this nice leather cover and I'm thinking, this is what it would be like holding Mr. Black.
    I slip into the tub, still holding the umbrella. I kiss the handle. Then I tongue it. Finally, I deepthroat it, and nearly choke. For some reason, Karsten's face pops into my mind.
    So I get this idea to hold it, closed, handle down, point up. I touch one titty, then the other, with the handle. I knew I couldn't diddle myself with it, so I just brushed my clit. That was enough, let me tell you. I pause for a moment. Then I land it right on my solar plexus.
    Suddenly, the umbrella opens and makes a beeline for the ceiling above me. It starts making dents on the ceiling like a moth on a porchlight.
    What was weird was that I didn't scream. Instead I focused on what Karsten said."
    She looked at Kotomi.
    "I felt this energy just go all through me. So I held one hand on my chest and one on my crotch. I slip a finger in, and held on for dear life. It was the longest, most toe curling orgasm of my life."
    "So then what happened?"
    "I threw on a robe and found Karsten. We talked nonstop the rest of the trip. In the fall I followed Karsten here, and spent last year in the SMA."
    "So you came here for him?"
    "Not completely, but yeah, it was a big reason why."
    Kotomi's demeanor changed.
    "I...I didn't mean to get in the way."
    "You didn't. Blue Bitch did."