Ami vs. Godzilla (a very short story)
"The time machine is ready!"
Ami looked so happy that Player didn't know what to say. The mass of plastic and wood looked like a playhouse to him as much as a time machine. And the control panel resembled her old laptop. But, he would play along.
"Great. Let's try it out."
"We have to wait until February 14. It's the ideal day to travel."
"If this is a time machine," Player asked. "Can't we just go to February 14th now? It would make a great test."
"I hadn't thought of that." Ami smiled. "OK, let's try it." She opened the door and climbed in.
Player followed and sat down next to her. Nice use of the old lawn chair, he thought. Where did she get seat belts?
The old laptop screen displayed a calendar. Ami selected Feb 14 from the calendar.
Player reached over and clicked YES.
Then everything went dark.

The laptop glow was the only light in Ami's garage. She struggled to get out of her machine with Player's help. They scrambled towards the side door and looked out.
"When did it start raining?" Player asked.
"I don't know."
The wind beat rain into their faces as they stepped out into the yard . All the houses were dark. The only lights were sirens and the occasional car headlights.
A car pulled in the driveway. Kotomi rolled the window down. "Hurry and get in!"
"Something terrible has happened. Everyone is going to the school to take cover."
Player started to walk to the car then saw Ami going back in the garage.
"What are you doing?"
"I forgot my purse."
He followed her back and watched her pick it up. As they turned to leave they suddenly froze.

A gargantuan green scaled leg tore through Ami's house. The wheels of Kotomi's car squealed as it tried to leave. It crashed into other vehicles, then vanished into the darkness.
Ami's house started to give way as the massive leg turned.
Player grabbed Ami from behind. "We've got to find somewhere safe."
"The time machine. Go!"

They strapped themselves in. Ami started to cry.
"What have we done, Player? We've messed with the space time continuum and look what happened."
"Maybe we can fix it. We'll just go back. Set it for the day we left."
Ami started pressing keys furiously.
"What's wrong?"

The roof of the garage opened up. Player looked through the plastic top to see a massive green head with angry yellow eyes and dozens of picket fence teeth staring down at him. What else could he do but scream?

He was back in his own bed. Ami was there in her regular school clothes.
"Get up sleeping head."
From his bed he looked out the window. He could see Ami's house across the street. It looked as lovely and as sturdy as always. He was so happy he jumped out of bed and hugged Ami.
"Um thanks. You need to change. Kotomi will be here any minute."
"Carpool. Same as every other day."

Kotomi waved to her friends through the window of her new car.
In the hall, Ami put her purse down and handed Player his jacket.
"I hope you do well on your marine bio exam today, Player. You could have studied with me last night."
"I was busy working out."
"You could work out 24/7 and Tomoko still won't notice. Why don't you give it up?"
He shrugged as he held the door open. They walked towards the car.
Ami suddenly turned back to the house. "My purse!"
"I got it." Player flew past her, and ran up the steps. He emerged moments later with her purse, practically falling down the stairs as he came out.
"What was that all about?" Kotomi called through the open window.
"Don't know. Guys are weird."