Ami's Sunrise Surprise III- Something's Missing
Ami had never been in the pool area alone. There was more room than she remembered. There was a coat of arms pointed on the pool floor, under the water. It was so quiet.
Ami quickly laid all her clothes, save her bra, on the pool edge, and eased herself in using the ladder. Kotomi's suggestion was a miracle- she could feel her entire body cool off. It was then that she noticed the water pump. Slung over like an arm, it poured water into the pool, creating bubbles in its wake. She swam over slowly, as if drawn to it. The currents created by the device slowly eased their way around the features of Ami's abdomen. When she was close enough, she reached up and held the pipe in her left hand. The waters cascased down her frame, lighting new fires in her nether regions, as she gripped the pool edge with her right hand. She clenched her eyes tight as she panted, then moaned, then...
"Nice Brazilian."
Ryuuji had swum up behind her. He was clad in little more than Speedos, but it was more than Ami was wearing.
Mortified, she submerged. She wished she could stay below forever; her lungs disagreed. She saw his form in the water and swum away, in the direction of her clothes. Her plan was to grab her clothes and leave with the last shred of her dignity.
But when she surfaced, she saw she was not alone. Tomoko was holding her panties in one hand, the rest of her clothes in the other. 
"The men's swim class is in 5 minutes. Were you planning on sticking around?"
"Give those back!"
Tomoko backed away enough so that the charging Ami had to leave the pool to grab at her clothes. She tried, at first, with one hand, to grab the garments from Tomoko. Finally, in anger, she reached forward with both.
"Saeki! Kurimoto!"
Akira angrily charged toward both girls. "Stop this now!"
"Th-th-thank you." Ami grabbed her panties. Tomoko dropped the rest and bolted for the door.
"Saeki! Detention! Again!" Akira yelled to the fleeing Tomoko.
Ami tried to scoot along the wall to the dressing room.
"Why are you naked?" Ms. Kudo demanded.
"A rash, down,...there."
"Then go to the nurse and go home!"
"Oh, oh, kay." Ami finished her long trek to the ladies room. 

Her schoolday was over, early. She went back to the garage to do her daily checks on the time machine. Fuel, electricity, and even the cabin was complete. She had followed the old man's manual to the letter. It seemed so simple. Too simple. Was she missing something?
Player finally responded to her text by calling.
Ami was in tears. "Please, I need you to come straight here."
"I...I wanted to show you something." Ami was a little ashamed that much of Fukoma had already seen her self-trimming before Player.
"That reminds me," Player asked. "Last night, I saw fuel tanks and the consoles. But I was watching a movie that used a car for the time machine engine. What is the engine for the time machine?"
"Um, let me call you back."
Ami turned pale. It dawned on her. The fuel tank lines were capped, and did not connect to anything. She had no engine. She opened up the notebook, and flipped frantically through the pages. She reached the last page. No...nothing. Nothing but a bizarre poem.

Take a rose from Captain Itaya
And view our town from where you can go no higher
Take the branch from the straightest tree
Go South then look North - from there you will see 

Her mind raced. Why was there no mention of creating the engine? No diagrams? Why was there just a poem? What did all this mean? Who was Captain Itaya?  And how can I get my crotch to stop itching so I can think?

She opened her search app and typed in Itaya. Multiple entries popped up for the captain, including a park on the other side of the river named in his honor. 
Ami resolved to go there later. But first, she needed a cold shower.