Ami's Sunrise Surprise IV- Running for the Roses
Hote: Picture credit, Katsura Masakazu, DNA2

Ami could not sleep. 
Her search on Captain Itaya were not completely in vain. He apparently had saved her town from invaders back in 1905. Among his honors had been the park, a pretty waterfront place now engulfed by the slums. She had only been to that area once, to a movie theatre whose parking lot was nearby.
She dressed and gathered some money. A bicycle would be an unsafe choice at this hour, as would the family car. But taxis had no choice, right?
The theatre's last show for the night had concluded. The park was down a long lit driveway leading away. 
"It's a great view at night," said a voice behind her.
Ami turned. She was taken aback at the appearances of the two men behind her.
"Please. Don't hurt me."
"Hurt you? Hah!" The mohawked man smiled at his companion. "We're going next door to celebrate. Right, Toshiro?"
"Right, Snakeman."
"Snakeman?" Ami tried to look in the faint light.
"He's joking about my new tattoo. Call me Sam." He put his arm around her. "You're in luck, lady. It's payday. Toast with us, and we'll escort you to Itaya Point. Free of charge."
The pub looked like a very public place that seemed safer than the parking lot. She let the men guide her to the open door.
It was a loud place full of working class men and women, and a working girl or two as well. The men settled on an open pool table; drinks appeared quickly, and the men were rather generous in sharing the alcohol with her.
She struggled to keep her wits about her. "Can we see the park soon?" 
"Soon. Very soon." Sam replied, as he lined up a shot. She could not tell what he was doing, but the result pleased him. Money appeared to change hands; he paid the barmaid, then took Ami's hand. 
"No better time than now. Let's go!"The lights of the city shown down on the water as the trio walked towards the shore . A statue stood, surrounded by railings, keeping watch on the city.
Ami grasped the railings and stabled herself. She tried to remember why she had wanted to come here. 
"Do you see a rose?" She moved her head from side to side. Her arms held her upright as her hands clung to the rails.
"Don't you know the legend of Captain Itaya?" Sam/ Snakeman smiled at his friend.
"He waits in this park because he is waiting for his lost love to come back so he can give her roses. Legend has it, if you make him happy, he'll give you roses instead."
"How, how do I make him happy?"
"Dance for him."
"Okay." The inebriated Ami twirled around a bit.
The statue said nothing.
"It's not working."
"Try something else. More daring." Toshiro added."Hey, Captain Itaya. Does this make you happy?" Ami reached under her shirt, and pulled both her bra and shirt above her breasts.
The statue said nothing.
Then men approached Ami, who was grabbing the rails again. As his friend moved towards the drunk girl's head, Sam put his hands on either side of her sweatpants. "I'm going to find a rose of my own," he murmured to himself. He lowered her pants below her knees, then clutched her panties to do the same.
The cold night air on her bare nethers made her giggle. Her inebriated mind imagined the rough hands to be Player's hands, and she did not seem to mind the lascivious travels of his fingers as it touched her breasts, then followed down her body to her bare cleft, parting it ever so slightly. Sam dropped his own pants, and pressed his bare skin against her behind.
Toshiro dropped his pants. "Found your rose right here!"
Ami laughed. "Where?"
The Snakeman found himself laughing along. "Yeah, where?"
"Did you forget something?" Ami laughed harder. In doing so, she fell awkwardly to the grass. In her prone position, blades of grass, wet with drew and chilled from the night air, acted as dozens of tickling fingers from her nipples to her knees, driving her into a laughing frenzy. Snakeman stood up, too busy laughing to notice he was no longer touching Ami.
A humiliated Toshiro took two steps back. Something prodded him in the back.
"There's a weapon at your back. Leave here."
He did.
Karin stepped from the shadows and pointed the weapon at Snakeman.
"What's the deal, lady? Me and my girl are just having fun."
"What's her name?"
Snakeman looked at the gun barrel.
"Her name? You have five seconds. Five..."
"This is just too much drama." He backed away, disappearing as quickly as he had appeared.
Ami straightened out her clothes.
"You picked some strange friends."
"I was looking for a rose..."
"No rose here but a compass rose. Used to be right there on the statue base. Made of copper. Thieves got it years ago. They redid it in concrete."
"Redid what?"
"Um, nothing. Let me get you back home."
"Compass rose." Ami stared back at the statue. "Could you do me a favor and write that down for me?"
"Sure." She guided Ami back to the road and waited with her for the taxi. She slipped her some money and a piece of paper marked "Compass Rose" as Ami slumped into the seat.
"Thanks for the ride home." Ami mumbled.
The taxi sputtered away. And there goes my ride home, Katin thought.