Ami's Sunrise Surprise V- Reaching New Heights
So this is a hangover. 
Ami dragged herself out of bed. She found a crumpled piece of paper in her laundry from last night. A quick browser lookup of Itaya Compass Rose yielded a picture of a non descript rusted green metal piece with North, South, East and West clearly marked.
She had seen similar figures on sea charts on the walls of museums and restaurants. Was there anything different about this one? She decided to ask Sana, the woman who had sold her the notebook, after school was over.

School was a blur. She vaguely remrmbered kissing Player as she left, bound for the curio shop. She left her bike locked at school, as the itch in her crotch proved too intense for ling distance pedalling.

Sana read the poen silently. Without a word, she went to the front and turned the sign to CLOSED. "I think I can help," she volunteered. "Let's take a drive."
She navigated the turns while chatting nonstop. "the highest part has to be the mountain range. The compass rose reminds me of something we once had at the shop, and might be at this nice lodge here."
"Are we stopping there?"
"Of course. But I never come all the way up here without seeing my favorite spot. And the highest peak is clearly visible from there."
Sana stopped at the shore of a large mountain lake.
"Why are we here?"
"Two reasons. One, this is the best reason to come here. Two, if your firecrotch is half as bad as you make it appear, you could use some cooling off."
Was I that obvious? Ami thought.
Sana and Ami walked down away from the road. Sana looked behind her and all around. Satisfied they were alone, she began to undress. 
Ami watched Sana streak into the water.
"Isn't it cold?"
"Of course it is. And it's spectacular."
"You dont keep underwear on?"
"Not unless I want to chafe." Sana smiled. "You're skinny dipped before, haven't you?
This week, in fact. "I'll be right in."

The lake was a big, cold bathtub. Ami marveled with how secure Sana was with her body. Gradually, she let go, too, and let the warm and cold currents challenge her body.
Sana motioned her to leave. "Now comes the best part." She charged out of the water and laid out on the sand. She made a point of positioning her body so that she faced the afternoon sun. She motioned Ami to do the same.
"Sunshine is the best cure for what ails you. Vitamin D, right on the spot. And the western wind purifies. Close your eyes."
Ami did. Within moments, she could feel the sun's rays light up her body. The wind dried the droplets from the lake, leaving her truly uncovered. Like two lovers, vying for her attention, the sun and the wind alternated, taking turns caressing her body, moving in waves from knees to neck. She relaxed, spreadeagle under the azure sky.
A voice came in one ear. "Lotion?"
She must have agreed, because her elemental lovers were joined by a third . The creme warmed her newly stiffened nips; it warmed her chilly tummy. She let the hand guide the lotion over the newly cleared territory below her navel, gasping as fingertips brushed up, against her clit, first one, than another. She squirmed, trying receive more and more of the sensation coming frim the dancing fingertips.
The hand vanished. She still had the sun and the wind in her body, but it was no longer enough. And now there was the sense that something was wrong.

Sana was on her feet, running toward a figure in the distance, seemingly unbothered by her nudity.
Ami felt vulnerable and drew her hands to her body. She gathered her clothes as she watched Sana pick up something and return.
"A spyglass. What, are we being spied on by pirates?" Sana handed the telescope to Ami.
Ami finished dressing, then looked at the spyglass. She knew this spyglass. And Junta's father would not be happy to know that it had left his den.
"You know, if the peeper had turned his attention to the city, he could have seen some pretty views from here."
"Can we still see the compass rose?"
"We can try. Mountain people close things early. If they are closed. I'll give you their number."
Ami stared at the spyglass. She had something far more important in mind.
  • Robin I'm ashamed to admit my lack of trust in people, but I actually thought this was so good I looked it up to see if you didn't steal it :p
    I could never write daily stories that are so entertaining and at the same time have a well-thought of bigger storyline.

    You could do this professionally :)
    • kotomifan Thanks! While I freely admit to having zero graphic ability, I do like coming up with and telling a good story.
      • Robin I can't write or draw, so... :p
        But everyone has their talents. A good writer doesn't have to be a good illustrator too.
        You can't have it all now. Leave some succes for the others :D