Ami's Sunrise Surprise- Ami Reveals All...?
Yep, just what I thought. Plausable explanation of the origins, construction, physics and moral ramifications of time travel may not necessarily get as much attention as a pretty girl losing her shirt and having drunken threesomes in public parks.
Lesson learned. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

I think I'm going to like it here!

I also found out that the original DNA2 manga time travel storyline seems to owe more to Michael J Fox than HG Wells, including the question of what to do if somebody in your family tree wants to cross branches. Sim Man, mucho thanks for not including that in the game.

So, what did you think? I tried to answer a few questions I've asked myself while playing this game. One was, where does the forest, the mountains, and the cinema go on the map?
Two was, why would Ami build a time machine, and how can I reconcile what she is building in her garage with the massive orb Karin uses in DNA2? That's what the graphic in VII is, btw; I confess that on my phone it looks like Ms. Pacman's corpse.
Finally, what would be another good reason to have Player date Ami in the game? Answer- on the surface; to get time machine items. But this way, you have to do more with Ami than just spend Sundays watching her work.

Final question. Would you rather see Kotomi learn to really move outside the school gym, Sana as a pawn in an espionage thriiler, or Karin, fighting to save both herself and the world she finds herself in when her mission goes horribly wrong? Or does it not matter as long as clothing is optional?

Let me know. Thanks!
  • Soham Banerjee SimMan has answered the questions related to dating locations here :-

    P.S. Read the comments
  • Robin I'd love to read about Sana. Always wanted to see a little through her mysterious self :)
  • Aetrun I would be interested in seeing Sana's story if that includes backstory on her. Otherwise I think I would want to see Kotomi grow a bit before we see Karin.
  • Keiryu Some interessting questions i am curious about some myself especialy the "Final Question" (More like Questions...) so yes very curious.

    also glad to see that you are still keeping it up hope to see more stories on your part...even though i still think you should change the name of "Player" BUTT that is just my view. ^_^
    • Robin Exactly what I was thinking :p
      What kind of name is Player. I'd go for an awesome name everyone likes, like... Euhm... Robin :D
    • Abubakr Galant Good point about the name change. I always use the name Hiro, How about you?
      • Keiryu I never focus on any special name recently i started using Keir (Name of my character here) other times it is Keiryu or even Junta and Primero(Actualy Primer never put the O) just for shiz and giggles when i was bored.

        But most of the time it´s Keiryu. Also i see what you did there Hiro = Hero very nice a name i use a lot myself when naming characters. ^_^