Omega Playboy 2 I: No Stone Unturned
"Has the girl cleared the building?"
"We're clear."
Dan lay still as the fake EKG cables were cleared from his body. The heavy anesthetic was beginning to wear off, and the haziness was beginning to clear.
"Where am I?"
"Son, you're in a safe place. You're in a hospital. You're surrounded by armed guards. And your life is about to change."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, we can't have zombie fighters running around our town. So I'm going to have to make the biggest decision of your life. You can go with my plan and start a new life, far from here. Or,..."
The man in the suit held up a certificate. Dan's Japanese wasn't that clear, but he knew the word "Death" was in the far right corner.
"The doctors will notify the embassy in 30 minutes about your demise. Your final words will be conveyed to your parents.. Now we could actually send a body back to Canada, or you can tell me whether you want to become the richest gaijin in this town."
"And what about the people I know?""You're literally the last one we needed to talk to. Everyone else has been paid. Handsomely."
Dan looked at the check being handed to him.
"But I came here to learn SMA. Where else can I do that?"
"Oh that will be easy enough. Where you're going will already have an academy set up."
A second man in a suit entered the room, with a fat set of documents.
"You are welcome to read all the documents on our transaction. But let me sum it up: You will relocate to the country of Shambala. You will have a condo, a car, and a monthly stipend. In addition, you will be a student at the Academy until such time as you become a dojo yourself. The only thing we need from you is your agreement not to contact anyone in your previous life, especially relatives and natives of your home country, and not to travel out of the country for the first 20 years."
"Don't forget the medical requirement."
"Yes. We need some medical samples, just to ensure that the attack was not contagious to others. A nurse will be in here momentarily."

Akage had dressed up as a nurse before. But not in a regular hospital.
The real nurses had no problem with getting the other bodily fluid samples but all objected to the corporations demand for a sperm sample.
She was already getting her own space in Shambala as well: an authentic Japanese hot springs spa. The corporation now had to include another family sized hot tub. Not that she envisioned a lot of families sing it.
She peered through the window, and saw a familiar face. It was the crazy Canadian kid, who was trying to do magic tricks while they got it on. One look at her face and her red-orange hair, and he'd recognize her. Maybe she should go back to being a dirty blonde.
She turned back to the man in the suit.
"I'll need a surgical mask. And somebody else in there with me, to do the talking."
"Let's just say, we've met."

Officer Misao Oh also donned a nurse's uniform, tucking her black hair under a cap.. She attempted to calm Dan, as "Nurse" Akage removed his lower garments.
"Close your eyes, sir, and imagine something pleasant."
Dan closed his eyes, almost all the way. Through his eyelashes, he concentrated on the pretty face in front of him. As he glanced at her neck, he pictured her reaching for her shirt buttons, releasing her pert breasts. As the unsuspecting faux nurse continued to smile at him, he pictured her hands tracing little circles around her nipples.
The other "nurse" had begun stroking him. He imagined the cream on her fingers to be her tongue, rolling up and down on his shaft, occasionally stopping to give attention to his nuts,
"It's OK, sir."
The dark haired nurse was now grasping his hand in both of her hands. Ever so slightly, he started moving his hand back and forth in her loose grip. His fantasy started again, as his mind's eye dropped her uniform pants and his hand slipped past her pubic hairs to touch her sex. A real-life sigh came just at the fight moment as he pictured his knuckle bumping her clit as she opened for him.
He could feel the other nurse, pounding away on him below. His mind stripped her scrubs away; he closed his eyes as he pictured her mounting him, and bucking for all she was worth as he slipped through her folds. Her colleague turned and smiled at her; once their eyes met, the redhead's mask disappeared, and they kissed, while still keeping their furious pace. 
How long can I keep this going? He thought.
Soon he had his answer.
"Got it!"
The red-haired nurse bolted from the room, leaving the dark haired nurse with an embarrassed look on her face.
"Um, can I get you a towel?"
She came back in a moment, seemingly relieved that she had a towel to offer him.
"Do you need anything else?"
He offered his hand. She took it. For a moment, Dan's mind flashed back the daydream of her standing there, naked.
"No, thanks. You've done plenty."
  • Keiryu Awww. My useless boy is becoming a man...Well at least he got a handy and some wild fantasies which is already something. Still can't wait to see how this is going to turn out.

    Now just let me sharpen my knifes and my pink bastard sword and we can begin the zombie killing. ^_^
    • kotomifan I thought I heard a grindstone.

      Since Dan-the-man has a role in the new game, I had to reconcile his possible demise in "Omega Playboy" with his newfound status. I'm sure he didn't mind the happy ending.
      • Keiryu You gonna kill him here right? I am kind of expecting at least half the people to get turned.

        Then again you might also go the Lord of the Rings way and make 3 stories. With the last ending in everyone shoving the Douchebags into a volcano. :D