Dark Side of a Star: The Naughty List (se5revolution.s3.amazonaws.com)

Sana looked at the photo of Amy and started giggling.
"Can't you see, silly girl?"
Sana put the photo down on the counter.
"You're way better looking naked than that."
She walked to the steel grid and pulled it down. Then she came back inside.
"There now. Show me what you really got."
Amy swallowed hard.
"Let me pour you some liquid courage."
Sana found a bottle of sake and some paper cups. She poured a measure for both of them.
"Bottoms up!"
"What's that mean?"
"It just means you chug it."
Amy did chug it. By the third cup, the sake was having its effect.
"I...I should clean up first."
"No need for that."
Sana found a whipped cream can and put a dollop on her fingers. She approached Amy and fed her a lick.
"Do I get more?" Amy asked warmly.
"No, but I do."
Sana drew a line down from Amy's neck to her chest. She reached over and licked a bit off of Amy's chin. She put another dollop on her fingers.
"I can either put this down your shirt or on your body."
"It would stain my shirt."
Amy. Ever practical.
She reached down and removed her shirt and bra in one motion.
Sana drew a heart on Amy's chest, then dotted her nipples like they were punctuation marks. She held Amy by the waist as she sucked the cream from her nipple.
"What about your shirt?"
"Oh, right."
Sana stepped back, and stripped. Completely. Amy had just moments to view her beautiful body. She was breathtaking.
Sana stepped forward again, with one more dollop of cream.
"Where's that going?" Amy cooed.
She had her answer. Sana knelt and tugged Amy's pants to her knees. The coolness of the cream hit Amy's privates quickly, and melted just as fast; Sana's tongue had the more lingering effect.
Amy backed into a prep table. She hoisted herself up, and kicked at her pants until they fell away. Sana used her new position to deeper her tongue's thrust into Amy's pussy lips, who cried her delight for all the world to hear.

Korri, Alexia, and Bel met before school.
"We're going to need some more, dare I say it, manpower."
"But who are we going to get?" Bel asked. "The only ones who's said yes is Primero and...Benny."
"Benny?" Alexia scoffed. "He plays video games. What can he do?"
"Why don't we ask...him?"
Korri looked over at the solitary figure in the courtyard. LeRoy was smoking a cigarette, as if nobody would dare to stop him.
"No, Korri."
"C'mon. Worst he can say is no."
Korri came back quickly.
"What did he say?"
"Figures." Alexia rolled her eyes. "Did he say why?"
"Says it's not his territory. What does that mean?"
Bel shook her head.
"Gangs. People like LeRoy are tough, but they know to stay in their territory. When they stray, that's when gang wars start."
"Okay, then," Alexia said. "Who's the gang leader there?"
Primero approached.
"It's a no-man's land. None of the gangs go there. They say there's an army creatures under the arena, who pick the area clean after the lights go down. But I think I know somebody who knows them."
He shifted his books to walk away.
"Meet me here after school. We'll walk together."

"Who are your friends, Primero?"
"Korri, Lexy, Bel, and Tassy, this is SimMan."
SimMan seemed to recognize Tassy.
"I know you. Miss Rosebery winner."
Tassy scoffed. "Should I know you?"
"You should," he replied. "All the security in the stadium worked for me."
"So you know the arena," Korri asked.
"Most of it.  You see," SimMan pointed to the video board.
"I can only see what my cameras and my men are allowed to see."
"So there's parts you can't see?" Bel seemed relieved.
"The place was built over an underground sex club. Every sewer and drainpipe might lead to that place. But only a few actually do and nobody goes there. Except the one who lives there."
"Allow me to introduce you."
SimMan pressed a button. A single tone, not unlike a smoke alarm, could be heard on the speaker. A figure approached the camera, dressed in black, save a red stocking cap on his head.
"Got a minute?"
"Give me two minutes. OK, five. I'm about to show this rat bastard why I don't believe in Santa Claus."